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Didnít know French spam was a thing.

Thought the frogs were more into foie gras. 
Donde esta la zapateria?
Also, that's some fucking OG Jauntee right there.... :beerbang:
Si.  Como tambiťn. El carro esta en la cocina.  Cuidado, no ve a los arboles.  Se rompe la pierna.
On Some Other Tour / Re: Ghosts of the Forest Spring 2019 Tour
« Last post by pcr3 on Yesterday at 11:11:41 PM »
We can solve this. Which one(s) you looking for? I can certainly try to grab more during the regular onsale if you need help. Between me and my BIL Kevin, we grabbed 3 pairs for Boston and may have an extra or two if we strike out...

Note to future self: you told your wife about getting tix for these shows tonight, so she canít say you never told her.  8-)
Vous ne savez pas comment m'aider? En ce qui concerne les connaissances que je recherche, je continue ŗ partager ces informations.
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