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On PHISH Tour / Re: 2018 Summer Tour
« Last post by emay on Yesterday at 12:24:38 PM »
Ill also have some of these Tiny Treys at Gorge/LA if anyone Rick and Morty fans want one

General Topic Discussion / Re: Last Show Attended?
« Last post by Caravan2001 on Yesterday at 12:02:42 PM »
yeah, i saw the wheels of soul tour stop at wolf trap (beautiful venue) wednesday this week.

my assessment follows sls's

marcus king...the real deal, get there early to check him out, only a 30 min slot
dbt - meh, good chance to grab some food and hang, although they got a full 60 min set
ttb - faaaaaaaantastic. and always getting better.

Went to Saturday's show at The Fox and agree w/ the both of you regarding MKB and DBT. DBT was fine but a full hour set felt waaaayyyy too long.

TTB was great as always. Highlights were Leaving Trunk, Lord Protect My Child (not sure I've heard anyone cover this Dylan tune before), Midnight in Harlem, Down In the Flood and then to close the set Jimmy Herring came out for a 20 minute Elizabeth Reed. That was killer, obviously. 

On a side note, I can't remember the last show I was at where there was so much talking. All around me for the entire night. It was insane. It was also kind of funny to watch people trying to decide whether they should sit or stand. Because the crowd for TTB shows are generally older, they all sit but once that first group of younger folk stand up it just turned into a domino effect. Really, most people wanted to sit but couldn't.

That's always so awkward.  One time at a Dylan show (in a coliseum) my father in law went down like 20 steps and made an entire section sit down.  He literally got like 50-75 people to sit at once by yelling at them. Not something I would ever do in a million years, but  I was laughing my ass off.
On PHISH Tour / Re: 2018 Summer Tour
« Last post by Caravan2001 on Yesterday at 11:59:34 AM »
Why is the Gorge roll call thread locked?  Did my witty banter send the server into a tizzy?
General Topic Discussion / Re: Helping Friendly Podcast (HFPod)
« Last post by Caravan2001 on Yesterday at 11:57:51 AM »
New HFPod went up yesterday
dig it.

Nice.  Gonna have a few hours on the way to and from the Gorge to catch up on some episodes.

Think of me on your drive up.
When you hear this intro, you'll know why.

Entertainment / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion
« Last post by tet on Yesterday at 11:43:10 AM »
Watched this again the other day. Still good.
Roll Call! / Re: 2018/07/20-22 The Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA
« Last post by emay on Yesterday at 11:37:37 AM »
Whens everyone arriving?

Looks like gonna be getting there about mid day Friday and we will be in Premier
On PHISH Tour / Re: 2018 Summer Tour
« Last post by emay on Yesterday at 10:11:19 AM »
 :rawk: :rawk:
Roll Call! / Re: 2018/08/11-12 - Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
« Last post by emay on Yesterday at 10:09:12 AM »
leaning on coming to Saturday night...will finalize plans in the next weeks or two though....put me down as a ?

Hope to see you there!!
On PHISH Tour / Re: Curveball - 08/17-19/18 Watkins Glen
« Last post by mehead on Yesterday at 08:44:05 AM »
Wristband and camping pass now in hand.

 8-) :beerbang: :rawk:
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