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Auto Downloads from Etree
« on: October 28, 2005, 09:41:36 PM »
I always try to write some scripts when I find myself doing something repetitively. I thought some people here might find a use for this. It saves me a lot of time. I have attached two files that can help you automate downloading of files from etree. I made them for my own use but don't see any reason that a computer-friendly person can't make use of them with some minor modifications. Here is what they're programed for right now (change it any way you want):

 - set up to check the etree list for phish shows only
 - it checks to see if you already have the show by the shn id, if there's a post with no shn id, you'll end up downloading it
 - the script is pretty specific as to where everything needs to be installed...again, you can edit this

As-Is Requirements:
1. Python 2.4
2. Windows XP
3. Azureus installed at C:\Azureus
3. The included files in your C:\Azureus folder:
4. A list of your shows on

1. Edit the files for your purposes
    a. line 3 in replace phishdisc with your etree list ID
    b. any other modifications you want to accomodate your files, system, tastes, etc.
2. Create a file autoAZ.txt in your C:\Azureus folder and insert the following info from the last torrent you downloaded from in this format:
    aa,,bb,,cc,,dd,,e,f,g (at the end of this line hit return once and save)
    aa = the month the file was added i.e. 01 or 03 or 10 etc..
    bb = the day the file was added i.e. 04 or 05 or 24 etc..
    cc = the hour the file was added i.e. 01 or 09 or 15 or 22 etc...
    dd = the minute the file was added i.e. 01 or 05 or 34 etc...
    e = the complete text from the show field i.e. Phish 12.12.99 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
    f = the complete link to the torrent i.e.
    g = the shn ID number (or unknown if not given) i.e. 26560 or Unknown
    remeber to hit return at the end of the line and save
2. Run (Can take a long time if your list is extensive). You only need to run this file 1 time, then you can delete it if you want.
3. Schedule some tasks using something like cron or Windows Scheduled Tasks. Here's how I set this up and got it to work:
    a. Set an auto task for windows to run every 30 minutes (8:00, 8:30, etc...)
    b. Set am auto task for windows to run btetree.bat every 30 minutes (8:15, 8:45, etc...)

What it does:
1. makes a .txt file in C:\Azureus called SHNIDlist.txt. will chack this list and not start any downloads if you already have it
2. accesses the (phish) page (again, you can edit this to whatever you want), finds all of the shows you haven't downloaded, and starts them with Azureus

post any questions and I'll try to answer them, I hope someone finds all this useful.