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On Some Other Tour / Re: Jazzfest 2019, or the all things NOLA thread
« Last post by PIE-GUY on Today at 05:25:05 PM »

Roll Call! / Re: 2018/12/28-12/31 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
« Last post by PIE-GUY on Today at 01:44:11 AM »

I suck at the internet recently but I seem to be seeing phish soon.  If you're inside MSG on the 30th look out and say hello.

Dude. We better hang pre show and catch up. Been waaaaay too long.

I suck at the internet recently but I seem to be seeing phish soon.  If you're inside MSG on the 30th look out and say hello.
General Topic Discussion / Re: GDead Thread
« Last post by VA $l!m on Yesterday at 03:59:51 PM »
been listening to alot of spring 90 again the last few weeks.
the shit is ridiculous.
Sports Talk / Re: !!!NBA!!!
« Last post by VA $l!m on Yesterday at 03:40:23 PM »
Denver was sef lookin nice. -- Milsap broke his toe last night appparently though. tough loss if so.
General Topic Discussion / Re: Some questions about liveness for fellow fans
« Last post by ytowndan on Yesterday at 11:53:12 AM »
I know this could be considered beyond the scope of this forum, but I have a few questions for everyone about their experience/opinion of Phish livecasts. Before I get into the meat of it, a little about myself: I am a dedicated Phish fan of 17 years (I am 32) and a PhD student in the music department of Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York. I plan on writing about the phenomena of Phish in my dissertation (from both the music theory and ethnomusicological points of view), but until I get on with that I must finish coursework. With this being said, I am writing a research paper on the changing perception of liveness with the growing popularity livecasting, specifically pertaining to Phish shows. I assume we have all experienced a couch tour or two, or three, or more in our day and have considered our experience of the music as being live-even though it is highly mediated by numerous technologies. To get to my point...I have 5 questions for consideration, and hope to receive your reply. No need to reply to all questions unless you feel up to it, I know this is asking a lot. A huge thank you in advance!
1. When engaging in a livephish webcast, or any other (in this case free) streaming service such as mixlr, how do you think of the experience in regard to immediacy, do you feel the event is unfolding as you watch/listen?

2. How close do you feel to the music as it unfolds? Do you experience it differently than live, if so, how?

3. Do you feel engaged by the music, specifically the improvisations, and does participating in live forum add a dimension of communal experience?

4. During the show, do you feel as if you are a participant/were there? in what capacity?

5. After the show, in what capacity does it feel like you were there? Do you reflect on the show?

1. Yes

2. I feel very close to the music as it unfolds.  The live stream is, for me, 100% about the music, so I'm very tuned in and paying very close attention, more than if I were there, if only because there are fewer distractions (as awesome, and preferable, as those "distractions" may be  :wink:). 

3. Yes to both.

4. Definitely not like I was there, no.  But depending on how you define "participant," then maybe.  I suppose in some abstract way, pertaining not to the meat world, but only to the ones and zeros of couch tour, I may be persuaded to say that I'm a "part" of it.

5. I do reflect on the show, but it's entirely about the music and/or any visual "gag" (basically anything that transpired on stage). 
1. No.
2. Entirely different. I am having breakfast while they are playing.
3. Some LST might be happening which helps a bit.
4. If they play well, yes. If they suck, they suck and my mind wanders off to more interesting things like having another coffee, reading the paper and yell at my cat who wants to sit on said paper.
5. Post-show bitching and complaining on the 'paug.
Politiw00kchat / Re: Have you heard about...? (Politics edition)
« Last post by gah on Yesterday at 09:17:11 AM »
"Individual 1" is fucked.
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