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Roll Call! / Re: 2018/07/20-22 The Gorge Amphitheater - George, WA
« Last post by anthrax on Yesterday at 04:32:26 PM »
It's an interesting move doing 3 nights out there.  Do you all think it will help them draw more people?  The amount of extras on the internet is nuts, but I guess the gorge is always like that.  Does anyone sell out the gorge??
General Topic Discussion / Re: Right now I'm listening to...
« Last post by VA $l!m on Yesterday at 03:05:52 PM »
starting my 20th anni listen thru of summer 98 today.  Though it takes me about 4 days to finish a show so it'll prob last me the rest of summer, lol.

starting the 1st set today i REALLY liked the 1st NA moma. Extremely tight and sublimely funky version.
Entertainment / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion
« Last post by antelope19 on Yesterday at 02:45:25 PM »
First- I loved the movie and think itís a fantastic step for the franchise.

That said, this movie is far from perfect.

My issues with the movie-

Leia into space and then coming back
Yoda all of a sudden being like nah, fuck it, Luke. Sheís good. Those Jedi texts are Boring as fuck anyway.
Luke, in general. Winking at C3PO, dusting his shoulder off, etc.
Complete and total dismissal of Ackbar. ďOh by the way, that guy diedĒ.
Plot line of letís just wait until they run out of gas is pretty weak, IMO character development and killed way too easily. He clearly has a lot of respect for the history of the dark side(or maybe just Vader?) and is pretty powerful. Cool side note: his ring is made From obsidian cut from below Vaderís temple.

Just watched the movie for the third time, first outside of the theaters. Itís amazing how much the movie has grown on me. The initial shock of some of things mentioned above has waned and I still feel this movie is great. Iím even more excited for the next movie.

Still need to see Solo.
On PHISH Tour / Re: 12, 13, 20 years ago we were .....
« Last post by VA $l!m on Yesterday at 02:02:08 PM »
7-15-98. Portland.

Can't believe its been 20 years since my summer 98 trip began.
I drove out from VA mostly with the intention of moving to Portland and with no plans of hopping on tour, but plans changed, and the next month+ i would catch alot of phish and further shows all the way back across the country to Va, up to Maine for the final shows and finally sutmbling out to CO by late August.

I always look back at this show as a big soundcheck for the tour.
Laid back west coast crowd, new songs- many 1st time played in the US,  the California jam a sign of of covers to come for the rest of tour (-did Trey think they were in CA?)... and really its was not until the nice HEavy Metal Wilson encore that they seemed to finally get goin. Perfect warm up for the Gorge double dip to follow.
General Topic Discussion / Re: Live Bait Vol. 14
« Last post by VA $l!m on Yesterday at 12:30:49 PM »
finally!  i can't wait to crank this hood and see if i can hear the sound of hard plastic smacking against heads!!

Those big glowsticks?

F'ing painful.
The chumps on the lawn claim revenge on the fans with the good seats.
social justice
General Topic Discussion / Re: Last Show Attended?
« Last post by Buffalo Budd on Yesterday at 07:39:23 AM »
So I caught the War on Drugs with Alvvays opening on Wednesday night in Halifax.
Alvvays were a major meh but I may have been in the wrong frame of mind for their set after popping a bunch of boomers. They just seemed to be going through the motions, no energy whatsoever.
The War on Drugs came on just as it was getting dark with a thick fog overhead, which totally added to the light show. They absolutely killed it. Granduciel was incredible and really blew me away. Highlight of the night was the Neil tribute to close the show. No encore was a bit of a bummer but I think there was a strict curfew since it was outside and in the heart of downtown Halifax.

An Ocean in Between the Waves
Strangest Thing
Arms Like Boulders
Eyes to the Wind
Red Eyes
Lost in the Dream
Holding On
Under the Pressure
Like a Hurricane
General Topic Discussion / Re: Live Bait Vol. 14
« Last post by rowjimmy on July 14, 2018, 08:34:45 PM »
i thought this was interesting.  some guy over on PT spend a lot of time organizing this...

TheRealMrCompletely said:
"Bait and Switch" version 1

A chronological playlist-style FLAC compilation of all the Live Baits and similar bonus disk releases (those composed of various tracks) including So Inclined, I-90s, Left Nuts, Wisconsin Edition, Road to Vegas and maybe another one I'm forgetting. I retagged them with the date as the Album, sorted them by that column, redid the track number tags into that new order and renamed the tracks to match; then went in and adjusted several places where tracks from the same show were in the wrong performance order, then finally re-cleaned up the tags and naming.

Obviously if you have all this it's redundant. I just like listening to them this way and thought some others might as well.

186 tracks, 15.8 gigs

due to a flaw in Google Drive I recommend DL'ing in multiple zip files, perhaps 25ish tracks per zip

I'm going to go through the FTA FLACs I can find at some point and see if they sound good enough to add in, maybe so, maybe not

if you find errors or have anything I'm missing in lossless that should be in here, let me know.

thank you to the poster(s?) in the previous thread who provided missing material to complete the project along with voopa and sumodie for further assistance
Thanks for the heads up, I was just thinking about buying the Live Baits I missed over the years

Thatís weird behavior.
Entertainment / Re: All Things ViDEO GAMES
« Last post by VA $l!m on July 14, 2018, 07:23:21 PM »
so since Absolver is the free ps plus game this month i decided to get back on and abuse some noobs this week. havin alot of fun and finally ran into a super high rank dude for a challenge.
ended up taking him out, pretty sweet fight, check it out:
General Topic Discussion / Re: GDead Thread
« Last post by VA $l!m on July 14, 2018, 04:17:19 PM »
finished up my fall 72 listening today.
i'd already been enamored with the Otherones from the winterland shows  in mid december, but had forgotten how absolutely epic the 31st version was.
Truely put the cap on a sureal year. wow.
General Topic Discussion / Re: Last Show Attended?
« Last post by danje on July 14, 2018, 01:34:38 PM »
busy week
7/07 and 7/08 Wheels of Soul: TTB, openers Marcus King Band, Drive byTruckers

7/12 Neil Young solo acoustic

TTB was great. Each show had a different feel, only 2 repeats. Highlights of Saturday were Tell the Truth, Idle Wind with Sahib Teri Bondi jam, and The Storm > Whipping Post. Sundays highlights were Anyday with Blue Sky jam, Shame with Afro Blue jam, and Little Martha > Midnight in Harlem

Marcus King is the real deal. They only played 1/2 hour each night, both sets were different. I could have heard more

Drive By Truckers was meh. The second night we just sat outside and grabbed some drinks and a sandwich

Neil Young was - Neil Young. If you read his book you could have predicted how the show would go. He had about 5 acoustic guitars, an electric, 2 grand pianos, 1 upright piano, an organ, a banjo, a ukelele, and several harps. He would walk around in between songs, look at his instruments, and then decide what to do. Sometimes he would strum a bit, then put the guitar down and go to another one.  In between he would sip on a beer and tell stories. Total stream of consciousness. In the beginning, people were screaming songs, and he said yea, I'll get to it. last night (also in Boston) I played the requests from Detroit. People kept on shouting requests and he would say - OK, that's another I won't do tonight. After a while, when someone screamed out a song someone else would yell out "Shutup!!!"

His voice is still the same. He played for about 1:45. Highlights - On the Way Home, Long May You Run, After the Goldrush (organ), Ohio (on electric), Needle and the Damage Done, Tonight's the Night (piano) adn a few others I can't even remember at this point. A true living legend

ETA - found Neil's set list

On the Way Home 
Long May You Run 
My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) 
Already One 
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Mellow My Mind
There's a World
Horseshoe Man 
Are You Ready for the Country?
After the Gold Rush
Speakin' Out
Tonight's the Night
Angry World
Love and War
Peaceful Valley Boulevard
Out on the Weekend
The Needle and the Damage Done
Heart of Gold

I was at this Neil show as well. Highlights for me were Ohio and Love and War. The opener, William Prince was really great too.
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