Author Topic: 2016/10/21-22 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park - Alpharetta, GA  (Read 1523 times)

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My mom and I got lawns for Saturday! Stoked for this!


I had a buddy that was supposed to fly down here from Maine for the shows but it ended up falling through.  So now my wife is coming with me to Friday's show. Her very first show.  And she pretty much hates Phish.  Should be an interesting night.  :|

whoa, just make sure she doesn't eat any edibles;)  have fun man.

Someone's leaving early tonight...

Good luck.

Keeping in mind, she hates Phish - she hates all "jam bands", doesn't understand the concept of improv, jamming, etc.  The following is an actual conversation we had yesterday morning.

Wife: How long will they play for?
Me: The first set should be around 70-75 minutes or so. Setbreak will be around 40 minutes or so. The second set should be around 90 minutes or so. Oh, and they will start the show 30-40 minutes "late."
Wife: Oh. Ok.
Me: The first set will have more songs. There will be more singing (lol). The second set, not so much. Fewer songs. Less singing. More jamming.
Wife: Would you be offended or upset if I went back to the car at some point and slept?
Me: Nope.

This should put things in perspective for you.   :laugh:
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