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General Topic Discussion / Re: Right now I'm listening to...
« Last post by WhatstheUse? on Yesterday at 08:14:25 PM »

Remember when this happened?

Such a random, one time cover. I absolutely *love* what Trey does in the major-y, Bridge section.
The paug was getting a little quiet lately. This thread is just the rascal dog drivel we needed.
General Topic Discussion / Re: Helping Friendly Podcast (HFPod)
« Last post by rowjimmy on Yesterday at 05:20:17 PM »
Ep110 is the next part of our Tweezer exploration.
This time it's all 2.0 & 3.0.
General Topic Discussion / Re: Vinyl
« Last post by Augustus on Yesterday at 04:18:51 PM »
I've been hearing that all of the Pink Floyd REs from last year are now considered THE source to have.
Anyone here have these?
I'm curious how DSOTM stacks up against the 30th or MOFI.
But I thought that kRISHNA would grant me the power to annoy everyone... Where's my hoverboard? ( donkey-raping shit-eater )
words make sentences. sentences make paragraphs. unless you're this guy. then nothing makes any sense whatsoever.

naeei, You do know that when there is a red squiggly line under a word it means that you're misspelling it, right? That's a pretty good life lesson to learn and you'll do much better trying to pander your drivel on the next board you decide to infiltrate.

and if purpose of human life is drival then you are also the damn dead horse. that is all. ( son of your neigbour :wink:

Not drival, DRIVEL... spell it with me D as in "Dumb as hell", R as in "Really, Is he that stupid?", I as in "Ignorant as hell", V as in "Vishnu said you were dumb as hell", E as in "Enough of your inane babbling", & L as in "Look everyone, there's a profoundly stupid person inanely babbling over here who is not only dumb as hell but ignorant as hell also and Vishnu said so. Also, they have no idea how capital letters work ". (You mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries)
General Topic Discussion / Re: GDead Thread
« Last post by slslbs on Yesterday at 02:22:08 PM »
I usually don't like "best of" lists, this is a damn good one.
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