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Random Conversations / Re: Random Picture Blowout 2017
« Last post by ph92 on August 21, 2017, 07:08:54 PM »

Just like the amnesty box we need to place next to the entrance of a show.
General Topic Discussion / Re: Right now I'm listening to...
« Last post by susep on August 21, 2017, 07:05:51 PM »

Ian McLean's Farm
Hebron, NY

Source:  Sennheiser 441 & Sony TC-D5 > Nakamichi Cassette Master > DAT
Transfer:  DAT(c) @ 48kHz > Tascam DA-20MKII > Canare Coax > Korg MR-2000S > Kimber USB 2.0 > Samplitude Pro X Suite v12.5.2.284 > TLH v2.7.0 (flac 8, ffp) > Foobar2000 v1.2.9 Live Show Tagger

Recorded by Howard Kunz
Transfer & edits by Jeff Mitchell (
Seeded to etree 2016-05-02

Set 1:
s1t01 - Intro
s1t02 - Dog Log
s1t03 - Peaches en Regalia
s1t04 - Divided Sky
s1t05 - Funky Bitch
s1t06 - Technical Difficulties
s1t07 - Harry Hood
s1t08 - Clod
s1t09 - The Curtain With
s1t10 - Dead Air
s1t11 - Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
s1t12 - Marley
s1t13 - Shaggy Dog
s1t14 - Wilson
s1t15 - Camel Walk

Set 2:
s2t01 - Mike's Song >
s2t02 - Hold Your Head Up
s2t03 - Harpua >
s2t04 - Bundle Of Joy >
s2t05 - Harpua >
s2t06 - Golgi Apparatus >
s2t07 - Sparks
s2t08 - Flat Fee
s2t09 - Fee
s2t10 - Dead Air
s2t11 - Skin It Back >
s2t12 - Low Rider Jam >
s2t13 - Back Porch Boogie Blues >
s2t14 - The Sloth

Set 3:
s3t01 - Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars
s3t02 - Dead Air
s3t03 - McGrupp & The Watchful Horsemasters >
s3t04 - Stir It Up Jam
s3t05 - Makisupa Policeman Jam >
s3t06 - David Bowie >
s3t07 - Sanity
s3t08 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Sneakin' Sally through the Alley tease in Harpua
La Bamba quote in Low Rider
Tom Sawyer tease in David Bowie
Trench Town Rock, Jingle Jangle Jingle, Smoke on the Water, Slipknot!, and Whipping Post quotes
Dave's Energy Guide tease in Mike's Song

30 years ago today. 
General Topic Discussion / Re: Vinyl
« Last post by Buffalo Budd on August 21, 2017, 06:38:49 PM »
I wrote a blog attempting to justify my vinyl addiction:

Awesome dude, a few tidbits in there I didn't know about, especially in regards to sound.

And my copy of the Miles Davis 2017 RSD came in and sounds mint.
Totally my favourite era of Davis, thanks again caravan for the heads up.  :beers:
Entertainment / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by mistercharlie on August 21, 2017, 05:31:31 PM »
Now I really want to read the Young Adult book GRR Martin wrote long ago called 'The Ice Dragon'
Politiw00kchat / Re: Political Vids/Images
« Last post by runawayjimbo on August 21, 2017, 05:07:48 PM »
At least she's more of a looker than Sarah Huckabee I guess.

Mike Huckabee/Bernie Sanders' love child isn't going anywhere: Hope is the Comms director, not the press secretary.

I agree with your premise tho.
Random Conversations / Re: Today I like..........
« Last post by runawayjimbo on August 21, 2017, 05:01:39 PM »
the solar eclipse...just don't go looking without the iso-12312-2 approved glasses. otherwise you'll never enjoy ck5's lights again!

/friendly reminder


this is murica, dont tell me what to do science boy!

Those eye doctors are all the same:  don't stare at your compuiter screen for more than 30 mins, don't look at your phone in bed in the dark, don't look directly at the solar eclipse. Suck it, gah, I'll burn my retinas whenever I goddamned want to! What did those stupid things ever do for me?!?!

ETA - eclipse was cool, but I'm sick of all the pics/vids of every locale in the path of totality already
Random Conversations / Re: Today I like..........
« Last post by PIE-GUY on August 21, 2017, 04:36:08 PM »
Traffic in the path of the eclipse today... crazy!

Politiw00kchat / Re: Political Vids/Images
« Last post by mehead on August 21, 2017, 04:12:19 PM »
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States:

Not using them fake glasses.
Entertainment / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by tet on August 21, 2017, 04:09:41 PM »
Random Conversations / Re: Today I like..........
« Last post by gah on August 21, 2017, 03:58:03 PM »

fucking hell, is that real?  do i really have to ask that?

Awesome! That dude....he's the best!  :hereitisyousentimentalbastard :hereitisyousentimentalbastard :hereitisyousentimentalbastard :hereitisyousentimentalbastard

I've used a lot of words to describe this moron, today I'll add imbecile.
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