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Re: Healthcare Content (Protest Instructions) >>>>>
« Reply #690 on: March 30, 2017, 10:34:21 AM »
Yeah I did kinda co-mingle QE and the deficit my bad, although now that I think about it, we'll just do another QE and this time we'll make the banks service US debt, genius! 

You joke but some super serious people argued during QE3 just that: gov't should borrow long at historically low rates, fund infrastructure spending, and have the Fed pay kick the printers into overdrive to fund the debt. It's a tempting (if extremely shortsighted) proposition for sure, but it's led to ruin every other time it's been tried. Which is the logical conclusion; there's no other possible outcome of trying to pay for something with nothing.

As for some other currency replacing the dollar as the dinero fraca, I just don't see that happening anytime soon, who's gonna do it, the Euro? (lol!)

Not anytime soon, but in our lifetimes? Yeah, I think we will see that. And no, I don't think it'll be the Euro, but rather the yuan (China is set to overtake our economy in the next 15-30 years) or possibly a basket of currencies as a world benchmark.

Low interest rates were a very small piece of mortgage backed security shitstorm and let's be honest, those wolves would've underwritten shitty loans regardless of the rates and in fact many of the ARMs they sold did become outrageously high.

I'm not saying rates were the sole or even primary cause of the crisis; there's plenty of blame to go around and I don't think any one factor contributed more than the other. I was just disagreeing with your point the monetary policy "didn't really have anything to do with it." Monetary policy was the fuel (or at least one component of it); greed and the over-financialization of the economy (among other things) was the match.

I think a single payer system is the only real solution to the problem we face, and that's the system I would like to see our government pump money into. Oh surely there would be massive waste, but I have to believe it would be an improvement from the parasitic insurance industry literally sucking the life out of the populace.

As I've said, I think single payer is wrong and your view of the insurance industry obviously hyperbolic. However (to bring it back around to where we started), I would prefer single payer to the ACA. The system is broken and needs a full scale overhaul. Single payer would do that, so would elimination of tax favored/employer provided health care (which I favor). The ACA tries to put 1,000 band-aids on it and call it a day. Obviously a total upending of the existing system would be extraordinarily difficult/impossible. But that's the only way you get back to some semblance of sanity IMO.

I'll go on record and say that I want the government involved as little as possible in healthcare.
hell, wait and see what medicare is like 10 years from now.

I'll go on record and say that I want the grubby hands of the insurance industry involved as little as possible in healthcare. I've seen what the last 50 years of their bullshit has done to the cost trying to stay healthy.

50 years you say? Hmmm, what other monumental shift in health care happened around then? Can't quite place my finger on it. Oh well, it's probably nothing.
I'm drunk but that was epuc

fuckin banks man....  people use them shits like woah.

The Line still sucks. Hard.