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Mission statement
« on: September 02, 2005, 09:24:32 PM »
Well I tend to think of myself as a writer so i thought maybe I'd consider undertaking writing our basic mission statement for the wiki.
This can be used on the main page (or abbreviated for it if i get wordy and then the full thing could be buried on an 'about us' page.) It could also be a useful source doc for our introductions to owners of other resources out there that we might be linkin to or whatnot.

So before I write anything, I'd like to know what you think we're doing here. What is the ultimate goal?

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Re: Mission statement
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2005, 09:48:38 PM »

well, i think the best i've heard so far is that we're trying to tie the almanac & companion together.  to add them together into the most comprehensive site for phish historical info.
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Re: Mission statement
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2005, 12:43:29 AM »
Well, I'll try to answer the last few things I've seen posted in the various forums... edit: I mean threads

1.  Is wiki the way to go?  When I first started thinking about it, I brought up the database thing in my own head...  One set of data in a wiki, doesn't feed off another or a master table like a database.  That sucks.  On the other hand, I look at my trusty Almanac.  The data there doesn't feed off of anything either.  Each list is its own.  And once the format of the wiki is set, and if templates work, data entry can be done by anyone, and it will not be tedious in the least bit.  And in addition, I would rather be entering setlists into a wiki than working.

2.  Vandalism.  I agree that it shouldn't be a problem.  Worst case, we've got a backup.  I think we just need a disclaimer at the top of each page that says something like.
"If you are editing a setlist or song information, make sure that your data is verified.  There are plenty of discussion boards to discuss additions/subtractions/modifications"  Then list the URLs of week4paug and wherever else may be pertinent.  Maybe just week4pag.

3.  Mission statement.  To provide the Phish community with the most extensive, and correct information about the band and their music.  That would be my general statement, of course I'd expect a great elaboration as well as something about being by phans etc.

Well, those are my thoughts.  I am off to learn about templates and if they can be applied to ensure proper user entry.

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