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Been up early the past two days to watch WBC games from Asia.  Tons of fun.

I've been doing the same.  having work done at the house this morning so I am able to stay home a little later to watch this Cuba vs. Japan game.
I've been dying for real baseball much sooner than normal this year.

So it's safe to say you're fans of the baseball classic?

I honestly haven't made up my mind yet, but I know I'd have a big problem with my franchise player getting hurt in a bunch of games that mean absolutely nothing.

Guys get hurt in Spring Training too. WBC is a better as an idea than its execution but still fun to watch International "best-on-best"

there are pitch counts for pitchers.
it gets players to get more focused for playing games right now and ideally make them more ready for the first week of April.
it can also open up a chance for a younger player to get more Spring Training action with your team if the normal position player is off playing for Team USA or whatever team.  more games = more people playing.

injuries are a concern but as a fan, these are enjoyable games to watch.  it's just extra baseball for me to watch.  I'll never complain about that.


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