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Caspian is rad, you guys.

Wow, this Mr. Completely is some serious business!! Gold, Jerry, GOLD!
Jealous of the spacious behind the stage section, Jeff.
I enjoyed what I heard of set two last night and am just getting into a proper listen from the beginning now.
Mr. Completely brought the goods, no doubt.
So, Come Together isn't a Beatles cover? You know Trey and Tom had to know there was already a song called Come Together. I'm sure they've heard it once or twice before.

Why isn't the song called 'Rise Up', I'm sure there are songs called Rise Up, but none as popular as Come Together.
Listened to second set 3 times already.  Some really great stuff.  Come Together is awesome.  I knew they wee bound to bring back Mr. Completely.  It's so good too.  Killer Mercury.  I find it hard to believe they won't play another DWD or Ghost or any of the new songs again at MSG (especially the new songs) but who knows. Even 5 shows with no repeats great.  This is the strongest overall start to a recent tour that I can remember,  MSG is gonna blow doors.
Hell yeah JJ!
so this Tube is pretty good!  But it's soooooooo slowwwww.  Fishman's classic drumbeat is all but unrecognizable :(

Sometimes phish plays tunes fast, sometimes they  play slow.  Thinking fishman cant keep up anymore is dumb.

I'm actually not hearing what you're hearing gumbo.

This tube was a bit slower than usual, yet, still the same drum beat as usual. Same with the DWD you mentioned last night, sounded 'average 3.0 slow tempo' to me. Nothing outrageous.

Also, Fishman never counts off the songs, its generally Trey (or sometimes whoever wrote the song) but either way, it's not Fish's 'fault' for the sluggish tempos.
Missed the show tonight, but I'm hearing good things!

What's up with this caspian?!? Jammed out Mr. completely bustout! Oh hellll yes!

Also...... no repeats....
This Caspian f'ing rages! Holy smokes. Mike bombs everywhere got me going  :crazy:
Something special is going on here.  That was an unbelievable 5 nights!  I spent tonight behind the stage in a section that would be a killer msg Paug section, except I was the only person in this section!  Kuroda is moving sections of the lights up and down to coincide with the jams.  I didn't really notice it the other 4 nights, but it was tripping me out back there.  So cool!  Mid second set I spot a couple just going at it in the back row of "my" section.  Unfortunately they got busted by security and most likely arrested.  Love is in the air I guess.  Can't wait to get hammered on my couch for the next 2 weeks before I do it all again!!
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