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Title: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: emay on October 15, 2012, 08:19:12 AM
Have always been a fan of this show. Good setlist, and pretty solid playing all around. After the first time I heard it, I had it in rotation for months.

Boatyard Village-Clearwater, FL

Location:    Taper's Section
Source:    AKG 460s > Panasonic SV255

Conversion:   Archive Python DDS/dat2wav > .wav; no soundcard
Soundforge for resampling (*no DAE at all)
Louie Rendek

CDWAV used for tracking by Mike Woellert

WAV > SHN:   mkwACT > SHN: Mike Woellert

Disc 1
1. Halley's Comet    - 05:34.17
2. You Enjoy Myself >    - 18:19.23
3. Fast Enough For You    - 06:29.33
4. Scent of a Mule    - 07:11.09
5. The Sloth    - 03:40.23
6. The Divided Sky    - 15:06.37
7. I Didn't Know    - 03:35.36
8. Dog Faced Boy    - 02:08.40

Disc 2
1. Split Open and Melt >    - 10:24.40
2. Sanity    - 04:56.51
3. My Mind's Got a Mind    - 02:19.67
4. Llama    - 04:36.62
5. Set II Intro    - 00:40.14
6. Suzy Greenberg >    - 05:47.71
7. Maze >    - 10:45.20
8. If I Could    - 06:00.61
9. Reba    - 13:38.23
10. Fee      - 05:50.13

Disc 3
1. Uncle Pen    - 04:01.55
2. Mike's Song >    - 10:20.35
3. I am Hydrogen >    - 03:07.13
4. Weekapaug Groove    - 06:37.68
5. I Wanna Be Like You    - 07:18.04
6. Cavern    - 04:30.41
7. Encore Break    - 02:09.49
8. Fire    - 04:50.70

compiled by Mike Woellert on 10/25/01 

Another tasty show from a great tour!!!!
*-At about 50 seconds into Dog Faced Boy, there is some digi-noise, maybe some clipping, that lasts about
3 seconds.  Was on the master DAT, and does not detract from the show.

Thanks to Mark Lynn for the DAT, and Louie Rendek for the conversion!!!!!

Loosy: http://www.mediafire.com/?bpaewyam1m2i3
Lossless: Coming Soon
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: khalpin on October 15, 2012, 09:44:59 AM
Vanilla Ice!
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: emay on October 18, 2012, 07:51:15 AM
Sooo my pick gets the cold shoulder I see......
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: Augustus on October 18, 2012, 01:59:05 PM
We all love your pick!
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: whatapiper on October 20, 2012, 11:01:23 AM
Gave your pick a test spin earlier in the week!  First set has been reviewed and part of the second. Will get the review up this weekend.   This YEM into Fast Enough for You is straight money.
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: PIE-GUY on October 20, 2012, 01:17:54 PM
Been listening to nothing but Rachmaninov's Vespers this week. Sorry.
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: whatapiper on October 22, 2012, 01:39:21 AM
Gave this first set a test run earlier in the week, I feel like I've heard this YEM before but not sure about the rest of the show. 


Halley's Comet- Sounds fresh and bouncy with some tasty licks from Trey, short and sweet with a quick pause >

YEM - A warm welcome from the crowd being so unexpected early in the show.  A little extra love from Trey at just under 2 minutes after some slightly loose playing.  Listening to this has me pretty bummed I can't make it to MSG, fuck!   Big time Page in the eight minute range as he lays it down on the Hammond.   Fish just had a way to follow Trey in 94/95 not present in any other era and this is no exception.   This amazing little jazzy like jam comes out of nowhere before Mike throws out this insane vocal jam.   Page follows Mike but only with his piano instead.  No real vocal jam and >

FEFY - Wow that was a really cool segue.  Love this one and I've only seen it once!  Played with all the heart I could ask for.  Quick transition to >

Scent - No problem with an early show Mule.  Aside from that pretty much standard fair.

Sloth - Liking the song selection thus far.

Divided Sky - The above trend continues.   This is how it's done, absolutely smoking version that honestly could never stop. 

I Didn't Know - This set has just about everything.  Fish on washboard

Dog Faced Boy - Still chasing this one.  A regular in 94 when it was first played so not quite the fanfare it receives today.

SOAM- Seems a little slower than usual?  Love where it gets around 6 minutes in with perfectly controlled chaos at a moderate pace.  Some freaky "Yee hAws" and then the jam gets to a really interesting place they could have pursued longer.  Instead we somehow get to Ice Ice Baby teases however before dropping unfinished into>

Sanity- If your not going to finish split this seems a descent enough reason.  A lively version and first time played since 5/17/92, 201 shows.

My Mind- Yep

Llama -  Short and sweet with Page getting a chance to blow off the roof. 

Suzy - Apparently  Page was not finished yet. Really cool transition into >

Maze- Tightly packed version with more big work form Page, I'm liking the trend here.   

If I Could - Another one I have yet to catch.  A regular at this point and it shows, absolutely beautiful and who doesn't love Page on the grand?  Just before you think it could be over Trey lays in with a perfect little solo. 

Reba - This setlist is pretty nuts.  Composed sounds just fine to my ears.  I'm really a sucker for Reba's from 94, running through this one was like riding a bike for them and each version really show variation.   It's all Trey now slowing things down then speeding up with everyone in hot pursuit.  First big peak at 10+ and it doesn't stop from there.  Monster finish and even a Simpson's signal before whistling! 

Fee - Setlist gets better and better.  A mainstay in setlists of this era and filled with whimsey.  Megaphone seals the deal along with anytime Page's fingers run across the grand.

Uncle Penn- More knee slap and perfect bathroom break song before…

Mike's Song - A rock heavy version right from the start and Fish just sounds possessed tonight with all those sinister screams of his.  Trey is a master of stringing us along like a puppet master and we all too willingly oblige.  7 plus and a nice theme develops and a well done transition into >

Hydrogen - About perfect

Weekapauag - Takes Mike a second but then he lays it down.   Trey whips us around again taking no prisoners in this short but blistering version. 

I wanna be like you > HYHU - A bit of a throw away

Cavern - Tried and True

Fire- Pretty much sums it up

Overall, really fun show with an eye popping setlist.   I'll definitely keep this one in rotation. 
Title: Re: R16/W05: 04/29/94 Boatyard Village, Clearwater, FL
Post by: Augustus on October 22, 2012, 10:09:39 AM
I always thought that they were either really high or tripping out for this show.
Or both.
I still feel that way.

Halley's - Page playing during vocal intro. Hadn't opened a show since its debut in '86.

YEM - Hadn't appeared in this slot since 04-16-1991. So, the set is already weird looking. Noisy nirvana section. Composed parts are pretty up and down throughout. Page controls the beginning of the jam. There's a sweet percussive/delay section that pops up and then it just kinda noises out for the next few minutes. Return to the funk @13:15 which then turns into a tripped-out jazzy jam with some extra vox thrown in. They then toughen this thing up with some louder vox. Page mimics vox as the rest of the guys follow. No vocal jam yet melts into >>>

FEFY - Pretty good version with a confident solo.

Scent - Short. Pre-duel days.

Sloth - A little rushed during the ending, but they make it work.

Sky - Super echoed vox. Mike is pretty lost before the jumping section and might have thrown Fish of there for a second. Mike actually misses a lot of stuff throughout this one. The jam is pretty happening, however.

IDK - Appropriately titled after that version. Washboard and megaphone solo.

DFB - From the album "Jingle Dogs."

Split - Well played composed sections. They hit on a tight groove right outta the box. Bluegrass feel at the 8 min mark with some yee-haws thrown in. Ice Ice Baby tease with a Vanilla Ice introduction. Jam kinda fades and Trey just starts up >>>

Sanity - 1st since 05-17-1992.

My Mind - Mike having fun with the vox.

Lllama - In the rare 1st set closer slot. Ultra noisy Trey solo. Works well to cap off the odd set.

Suzy - Brief DDLJ beforehand. Page hits the Rhodes for his 1st solo. Spacious and atypical breakdown section with Fish being pretty active.

Maze - They keep trying to en Page's solo and they wind up just being lost. Trey picks up where his Llama solo left off. Noisy and tension-filled.

Could - Still early, but sweet without the killer guitar solo.

Reba - Show highlight. Composed is great. Jam is patient and soaring. Just a tight '94 version that steals the show.

Fee - Trey has some sweet fills during the intro. Megaphone to please the crowd. Fish even hits the china after the "astonishing speed" line! Playful outro.

UPenn - Nice one. Better than Dick's.

Mike's - Page supplies the TINKLES. Meaty Animal Unleashed section with some more vox. Major key progression during the F section is smooth and the return back to the AU is solid.

H2 - Well played.

Week - Short and full of notes (on the recording.)

Like You - I don't know...this one needs the horns. Seems late for a Fish tune, too.

Cavern - The Set Closer!

Fire - Good one.

Setlist looks great, but the playing is a little loose.
I'll give it a B+/B for the Spring.