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R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« on: January 19, 2009, 09:19:21 AM »
Charlotte Coliseum
Charlotte, NC

set 1 (~65 min.)

disc 1
Julius, Cars Trucks and Buses, Wolfman's Brother, Reba, Train Song, Character Zero, It's Ice,
Theme From the Bottom, Sample in a Jar

set 2 (~87 min.)

disc 2
Down with Disease, You Enjoy Myself, Sparkle, Simple, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters,
Waste, Run Like an Antelope*, E: Fire (encore tracked at the end of disc 1)

*Dedicated to Fishman's cousin, Jason Roberts for winning a guitar competition and with
"Star Spangled Banner" and "Spooky" teases.

source: akg460b/ck61>b18>SBM1>D7, by JK
transfer: DAT(1)>cd(1)>eac>cdwave>flac, by john m 2007-08-07


Submitted Reviews

Mr. Minor
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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2009, 01:55:36 PM »
I don't remember the SSB and Spooky teases, but I do remember HEAVY Voodoo Chile Quoting after the first "gear shift" in the Antelope.

This was a FUN show.

Edit: Be sure to listen for Pages McGrupp teases during the simple!

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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2009, 06:46:39 PM »
i was at this show... cant to review

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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2009, 02:08:32 PM »
Julius - Really rockin' version. Love how you can hear their confidence.

CTB - Trey on mini kit and then he teases Sex Machine when he gets back on the guitar.

Wolfman's - I like these older ones.

Reba - Virtually flawless composed section. Rebas just didn't sound like this after '96. Great interplay and very relaxed feel throughout the jam. Fish is droppin' stutter beats below as they build it up slowly. With whistling section and a funny mess up during the last few measures.

Train - Song

Hero - Tons of fills by Trey in between each verse. VERY high energy version with the vocal fade out. My favorite Tour for this tune.

Ice/Theme/Sample - Close out the set nicely. Nothing too crazy, but all pretty solid.
Your standard Fall 1996 first set with a bunch of BB tunes and one big jam tune.

Disease - Doesn't really rage, but moves along nicely. ~9:15, Trey build it up with some hammer on/pull off action.

YEM - Pretty OK composed section. Good version, but nothing to write my Mom about.

Sparkle - The Laughing song.

Simple - Eh...Most of the jammed out, mini kit Simples from this Tour don't do much for me. This is one of them.

McGrupp - Two in a row! Solid version, but kinda kills whatever flow they had going on.


Antelope - One of the top versions. Extremely ragetastic with obligatory Voodoo Chile teases. Great way to save a meandering set.

Fire - More Hendrix shouts.

I always felt that October 1996 was the warm up for the rest of the Tour.
A few highlights throw into some very solid shows.
I'll give this one a B/B+

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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #4 on: January 26, 2009, 02:44:04 PM »
Julius: Great opener.  Serves the same purpose as Chalkdust, but I much prefer Julius over Chalkdust.  I love the swing feel to the rhythm.  Nice version.

CT&B: Page gets a spot to shine.  And shine he does.

Wolfman: Trey welcomes the crowd.  Not something that happens often, apart from event shows.  The pre-funk Wolfman's don't get too much love, but while not much of a jam vehicle, it's still solid.

Reba: The meat of the set.  Tight composed section.  The jam section is light, airy and very friendly.  Gives you a floating feeling.  It gradually gains some intensity, but for the most part it's very laid back.  In a good way.  Whistling ending.

Train Song: I'm not usually a fan of these slow, acoustic numbers, but this one I like.  Plus it's short.

Character Zero: Serves the same purpose as Chalkdust, but I much prefer Chalkdust. 

Ice: Always a welcome addition to any set.  well played.

Theme: Early version before Trey started playing that ascending riff (anyone know when that started off the top of their head)  Solid version.

Sample: Set closer.

A nice, solid first set, albeit with only one real jammed out tune.  It's a good setlist in my book and all was well played.

DwD: Good way to kick off a set.  Trey is pretty reserved until about the 8 minute mark.  Then, of course, the hammer-ons that aug mentioned, although they didn't really nail the peak coming out of the HO/POs, but the intensity level goes up for the remainder of the jam/tune.

YEM: Not too tight for the first 10 seconds or so, but the rest of the composed section is solid.  Super-sweet solo 5:15 - 5:35.  Trey jumps on the wah ~12:00 to add a nice flavor to the jam, which gradually gains intensity.  Standard B&D segment > vocal jam.

Sparkle: Is what it is.

Simple: Typical Simple jam for a couple minutes and then Trey goes to the mini-kit and Page starts with the effects.  This one is really a Page festival, as he gets to play with various synths, samples, etc.  Although, I'm assuming that's Page doing all that.  For all I know Trey could be the one doing all the fiddling around.  This jam is more atonal than most Simple jams, as even Mike seems to be playing through a bunch of effects and it's somewhat of a free for all.  Crazy, for sure.  I'm very curious to what the light show looked like during this.

McGrupp: Quite a change of pace after that jam.  Something happened ~4:30 that made the crowd quite happy, although I'm not quite sure what it was.  Another Page song, as he gets to have some fun in the second half.

Waste: Not a good spot for this even though it's a good version.

Antelope: Shout out to Fish's cousin.  Then with a Star Spangled Banner tease to kick it off.  Then a Voodoo Chile tease later.  This one's a rager, for sure.  Definitely the show highlight.  "Thanks everybody.  We'll see you....uh...Whenever."   :lol:

Fire: Closing it out with the Hendrix.  A fitting end.

I found this show to be the highlight of the string of shows leading up to Halloween.  I was very close to picking 10/23 for this round because it's such an interesting show, but I thought this one was just a better show overall.  Anyway, great pick!

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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2009, 09:36:11 PM »
julius- i like julius as a high energy opener to a set, and this one doesnt disappoint.  trey is really swinging, hard to hear mike in the mix

ctb- nice way to keep the energy going, page is in fine form tonight

wolfmans- short but sweet, with inklings of the funk monster it will become

reba- super chill and dreamy as a reba should be, sounds like fish is on brushes during the jam (anyone?) and is very active. flubbed by almost starting back up the end. nice reba!

train song- keeps the brushes in hand???  my fav of the acoustic bb songs

0- my least fav of all the bb songs, although the jams are always rockin, as is this one.  cool vocal ending

ice- love it, long spooky jam by page.  almost sounds like michael myers "stalking theme" at one point near the end

theme- keeps the dark vibe going which is ok by me, really powerful jam outta this one!

sample- in a jar

dwd- usually a god way to start a set, but this jam goes nowhere, trey tries to fake excitement hittin the high notes, but he doesnt fool me

yem- decent composed section, page really rips up the tramps jam however.  some real bluesy dirty guitar by trey follows with a dirty, long bass solo by mike

sparkle- meh

simple- pretty flawless begining, goes into a really chill, heavily paged jam.  he really takes over and the jam gets real trippy with page using about every tone at his disposal  :lol:  this one goes 80 different ways and was definitely interesting

mcgrupp- played well

waste- took a piss

antelope- nice voodoo chile teases, then this one takes off and really rocks!  tight rockin too, sometimes antelopes get a little too muddled for me, but this one smokes fer sure

fire- nice nod to fish's cousin and a nice closer

good show!  not a whole lot bad to say about it.  thanks for the listen!

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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #6 on: February 08, 2009, 05:14:19 PM »

Julius - a solid choice for show opener and Trey rips this one up. 

CTB - not a fan but at least they get it out of the way early..

Wolfman's Brother - also not a fan of the main section of Wolfman's, and lacking the monster jam this version has little to offer me, but it is played well.

Reba - finally they bring a Reba which they nail and features a chill jam that picks up steam nicely.

Train Song - cool Mike breather tune..

Character Zer0 - I love when Character Zer0 is in the mid-set slot instead of the inevitable closer.  this one still has the early feel to it and it rocks

It's Ice - we seem to get a lot of these in the club although I never tire of it myself. I really dig the song and the middle section, which is nuts tonight.  killer Ice

Theme - love Theme and this version is rock solid.  everything you'd want is there.

Sample - meh but rockin'

Nothing crazy here just some solid playing this set.


DWD - trippy intro to start the set.  the jam feels very uplifting

>YEM - right out of that sweet jam they crash into YEM. that's a nice combo.  true to form this night, it's played quite well and the jam is nasty

Sparkle -

Simple - I really love the way some Simples start.  Page is all over the jam on piano and his other toys.   loved that jam!

McGrupp - cool.  we take a detour to Gamehendge with McGrupp--another song I like a lot.  it helps that they're so on tonight and the sections are all nailed.

Waste - one of the best ballads and I approve of the placement

Antelope - excellent choice to close out the show.  it's a rager...even Rye Rye Rocco rages.


Fire - not really a fan of this tune regardless of who's playing it but it does what it does.

Solid is the only word I can come up with to describe this show.  The first set I thought was just well played but the second set was packed with big guns.  Nothing out of this world in either set but the songs were just about note perfect.  a solid B

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Re: R6/W05: 10-26-1996 Charlotte Coliseum Charlotte, NC
« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2009, 02:40:03 PM »
Set I:
Julius- nice rocking opener.  Great way to start with a groovy dance number.

CTB- keeping hte dancing feeling alive.  Always fun to boogie to this song even though it pretty much the same every time.

Wolfman's- I like this song and when they do it well it's got some nice funkiness to it.  Nothing way out there, but nicely done.

Reba- and here we go.  Solid version.  Great composed section adn the jam gets a nice floaty, light, and lifty (is that an adjective?) feeling.  I like the feel of this version.  Highlight of the first set, but then again, Reba is always a highlight for me.

Train- I like Mike.

Zero- too early for a closer and they rock it out pretty well.  Nothing over the top, but tight and ripping.

It's Ice- love this song and they do not disappoint.  Great version, nice composed section and great Page jam.  Sounds a bit longer than usual and is well done.

Theme- solid version.  Great feeling and I always love the build that theme gives.  Good example of a 96 theme.

Sample- good closer.  Direct and to the point.  Good energy.

Set II
DWD- great start to any second set.  Nice intro and it wants to get going, but they miss it.  Still good energy.

YEM- maybe this is a make-up for the miss in DWD.  VERY nice jam, Mike sounds nice, Trey has a cool tone going.  Good way to keep the set moving.

Sparkle- it's sparkle.

Simple- Page sounds great.  Trey on the mini-kit is totally '96.  They def have a distinct sound to these jams.  Page does get the highlight in this version and brings it together.

McGrupp- always love it.  Page does a great job and they nail it.

Waste- a quick breather before 

Antelope- great ripping version.  Nice Voodoo tease.  They kill it the whole way through.  This makes up for the meh-tastic second set with a terrific closer.

Fire- the Voodoo tease prepared us for this one.  Nice tight rocking encore.

Pretty solid show, nothing too crazy.  The Reba and the Antelope are the highlights of jam, but some of the other highlights were the well played McGrupp, Ice, Theme, etc.  I liked it.  Straight B.