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Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion
« Reply #75 on: July 27, 2018, 03:15:11 PM »
yeah, just reupped my netflix and saw they had it.
thought about whether i wanted to watch it agin or not.
i saw it in theatre and then when it dropped on digital a few months back.

bottom line is its pretty messed up that just thinking about this film gives me zero inspiration to watch it again.
even the prequels which i rewatched dozens of times that i came to hate b/c of Hayden's acting i still get motivated to skim through.

Thinking of rewatching this film on the other hand led my brain through most of the major sequences and each one comes up stinking of hot garbage... not the good kind either like the trash compactor from the Death star.
I literally cant think of a single scene that didnt let me down in one way or another, or at the very least pass as inconsequential filler.
---well, maybe exempting the scenes with Chewbacca, -cause wookies, but that only probably adds  up to 10 minutes... :shakehead:
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Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion
« Reply #76 on: July 27, 2018, 10:13:00 PM »
I just don't get the hate towards this movie.  I feel like everyone drank the Kool-Aid from the Russian bots trying to sink Disney... and it proves that they're still just as powerful as they were in 2016. 

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Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion
« Reply #77 on: July 28, 2018, 05:38:00 AM »
Watched this again the other day. Still good.

Now that it's on Netflix and I have the house to myself on Saturday, I plan on finally giving it a second viewing. I haven't yet decided if I'll fast-forward through the whole 'Finn on the gambling planet' scene, but it is a thought I have. I just felt like that scene did nothing for the movie.

The message of that sequence is one of the primary themes of the film.

Ah, maybe I'll have a better appreciation for that scene on my second viewing.

I drank way too much bourbon-barrel aged beer last night and my hungover ass is definitely just going to be lying on the couch, smoking, and trying to recover. That's the perfect setting for a Star Wars day.
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