Author Topic: R5/W06: 12-08-1995 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH  (Read 2441 times)

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Re: R5/W06: 12-08-1995 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH
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Oh shit, back from the dead chillin' on the beach down at club med!

Sample:  It's weird to think that at this point Hoist was still their most recent studio album.

Poor Heart:   :banana:

Simple:  Thought we might get some meat early, but this one petered out pretty quick.  Oh well, I still dig this tune and I like this placement.

Jim:  aka the bane of my existence. just kidding.  kinda.  Fairly uneventful for the first eight or nine minutes in standard Jim fashion, but it does finally heat up and rage pretty hard at the end.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear mid set, but it didn't kill the flow either.

Fluffhead:  Trey gets pretty lost during the Chase and sounded a little flat during Who Do, We Do as well, but from the Clod on it was solid.  Seemed like they took the Arrival around an extra time for Trey to trill the f out of that high note.  Cool.

It's Ice:  Cool version, with Trey and Mike doing some cool subtle stuff during the middle section where Page shines as usual.  He really tears it up once they go back into the composed section as well.  Sweet version. 

Acoustic Army:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Caspian:  Reeeeaaally short, I missed the reprise. Mike sounds sweet though, particularly during the intro.

GTBT:  Nice banter about the dragon pants.  teh usual shred.

hmmm, not much to really write home about, but some well played tunes for the most part.  Solid B set.

2001:  Werd. 

Tweezer:  Now we're talking, some 12/95 hottness.  It seems like Trey was just on the verge of a "Cocaine" tease in the early part of the jam, but he never quite explicity played the riff.  Fish is really pounding the skins hard, and he seems to be a bit more aggressive in his playing throughout the show, good stuff.  He's really hitting that snare like nobodys business when the jam breaks down around the ten minute mark, which also features some nice jazzy noodling by Trey.  I like the way they build it back up but it seems like the jam doesn't peak quite as hard as it should around the 13 minute mark or so.  It does rage fairly hard, its just not quite as transcendant as it could have been though.  Then Page moves over to the clav and things get kinda weird and dark, Page teases something and we go into:

Kung:  classic Phish tomfoolery  Is somebody using a pitch pipe during this?   :-D

Tweezer: aha, here's the peak I was waiting for!  I like the slow down ending but I'm always waiting for that short reprise they used to do back in 89-91, I wonder why that got ditched. 

Love You:  I guess, if we have to. 

Squirming Coil:  I had a "really?" moment when this started up, seemed like it was premature to be wrapping things up already.  But a very nice version with Trey hanging around a bit for the outro and Page taking his solo to some atypical places.  Very nice.

Tweeprise:  I paid my hard earned money to go see Phish and in return you f with my head, wtf!!!!!!!!!!

Antelope:  ahhh yes, the pay off.  The intro features some especially whack clapping though, what is up with that?  It takes a while to get there but it eventually brings it big time around the eight minute mark.  GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hmmm, I might actually take this as the set highlight over the Tweezer. . . 

Come Together:  Well played and a nice tribute to Lennon, respect! 

ADITL:  I like this in the encore slot, and paired with a one timer kick down they make for a pretty friggin' sweet encore.  Nice capper.

Overall I'm gonna give set two an A-, it would have been an A if the Tweezer had been just a bit hotter, but as it is it just can't quite compete with some of the other monsters from the month like 12/14 and 12/2.   So we've got an easy to rate B+ show here, it's no doubt a very enjoyable listen but gets knocked down a few pegs considering that this was a peak period for the band, although I've always found 94 and 93 too be a bit more up my personal alley, so to speak.  Thnx for the pick Dan! 


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