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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt Univ, Nashville TN.
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2009, 03:00:10 PM »
Set I:
Simple- interesting opener.  Not something that happens often.  Also an interesting story by birdman which would explain it.  Solid, short, version.  Cool to hear it in it's beginning stages.

My Friend- and there is the opener.  Love this song as an opener, so I will look past the Simple and still love it.  Cool vocal outro, kind of creepy and out there.

I Didn't Know- and now you do know.

Poor- of hte heart variety.

Stash- maybe my favorite song of all of them.  Great version.  I like the scary/evilish sounding jam.  And my answer to "maybe so or maybe not" is always YES!

Tela- nicely done.  Page sounds very good.

Ice- tight version.  The jam section was tasty.  I like the jam back into Ice.  Agreed with khaplin that it sounded almost botched, or like they wanted to go further, but decided to get back into Ice.

Guyute- it's the pig.  Composed section was good.  Nice early version.  NOt a big fan of this song, so it was nice to have...>>

Divided Sky-  This is what the set needed to finish it off.  Played nice and tight.  Trey was so on in these old versions of Divided Sky, sustain was great.

Amazing- graced us with it presence, but it was too quiet for me.  I am sure it was good. :)

Set II-
Bowie- this is what Bowie should be.  What a great opener.  Gets going and never stops.  I like the darkish jam that evolves.  '94 Bowie is the shiznit.

Horse/Silent- nice placement.  Funny that Trey does something different at the end of Horse. Almost sounds like he messes it up and then goes with it- and it works.

Reba- and this is what makes this set AWESOME.  There is a moment during the jam in which I was fully intending to hear them go off and never return to Reba.  It didn't even sound like Reba, but it worked.  Lovely.  Highlight of the set for me.

Scent- good version cuz of Bela.  Smell my mule.

LIfeboy- I love this song.  Great version with Bela.

Old Home Kane- nice bluegrass mini-set.  Great addition of the banjo.

Llama- this is the next best song from the set for me.  Great transition from that acoustic to electric.  And they rip it up.  One of a kind version.

MSO- encore is kind of 'meh' but it works with the bluegrass.

Great pick.  Both sets offer great songs that do unfamiliar things.  Bela adds to the 2nd set.  I give it an A.  Another great fall '94 show!
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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt Univ, Nashville TN.
« Reply #16 on: January 11, 2009, 07:53:01 PM »
simple – works great as an opener, surprised it isnt used more, short but sweet

my friend – a welcome addition to any show for me, the “lights the fuse” section here is a face melter

i didnt know – yes, yes

poor <3 – page starts his show take over

stash – shred fest here,  the band is tight tonite

tela – jewel

ice – one of my favs with the baddest bass line ever.  this one is for all the page doubters, gave me the chilly willies

Guyute -  fun to hear some of the subtle differences in these early versions.  Great observation by august about the crowd reaction before/after the collective

s/k/y = about as tight as a band can get

grace – nice set ender

what else could you want from a set I?

bowie –  great version, a tight dark rocker

horse/silent – im sure horse isnt easy on guitar by any means, but the guy who’s been playing guitar all might should be able to handle it, at least trey throws some humor into his f’ups, silent continues the tightness of this show

reba – beautiful – this and the 7/16/98 version make me even happier to be in the show club, actively listening to phish again

mule – for the laser pointer a-holes, bela is at home trading riffs with the phish, loved it

lifeboy – the other tune bela contributed to on hoist (besides rikers), makes sense and sounds right with him

home/mountain/Nellie – good stuff….for 5 guys not from Kentucky

llama – (beginning not on the board, nother reason to listen to the aud) fantastic, raging acoustic/electric llama, proving bela is one of the more fitting guests

mso – any song by fish is a friend of mine, works tonite as a closer

wow, this show proves that phish deserved the hype
page is the winner tonight imo, and the guest spot is great
thanks for the pick birdman!

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #17 on: January 12, 2009, 01:41:27 PM »
Set I:
Simple- this can be such a rockin' tune if they let it.. and here they do, in the beginning. i'd love to hear this played as the opener at Hampton, IF i get to make it there....  great move into.. >>>

My Friend- nothing really stood out here, except for the vocals... fun, super creey, tune, always makes 'halloween' pop into my head... yet another good move into.. >>>

I Didn't Know- what a great way to sneak that one in there.. i dig  a ccapellas just about anywhere... good version.

Poor <3- i could sit through an entire show: boys and bluegrass.... so gooooooood. short and sweet version.

Stash- they continue to hold true on the creepy theme they pulled out in my friend.... typical of this time-period, imo, how together this band can be...  good good. trey seems to be having a great time playing around....

Tela- B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Ice- i LOVE mike.... do i really need to elaborate on this, here? .....didn't think so.  page starts to shine to here.....

Guyute- i listened to the album version last night on the way home from work for the first time in a LONG time...came up on shuffle...
its' really fun to hear early versions of this and how new of a song this was then... audience proved that, good observation, aug....

Divided Sky-  what a great way to begin the break down of set I... concentrated phish, just add audience....

Amazing Grace- and the set closes out... nice one, boys....

Set II-
Bowie- great way to bring the rock right back out in set II.... the creepy theme continues....

Horse/Silent- it's a good thing when you can laugh at yourself for f'ing up what you practice.. but do it so gracefully and then proceed to take me into a completely world... such a mammoth, cool down 1-2....

Reba- VINTAGE reba :) so meaty about 9 or so minutes in.... there arent' many versions that bring bigger smiles to my face for a multitude of reasons.... ;)

**fair warning... i love me some phish bluegrass***

Scent- such energy from beginning to end... Bela's sound is magnetic, pulled me right in...

Lifeboy- such a beautiful tune, raw stylie... the banjo makes it so much more bare-boned.. simply beautiful.

Home/Mountian/Nellie- just because you're not from the south, doesn't mean you can't make incredible southern music... i could leave these on repeat all day :)

Llama- great changeover from bluegrass phish back to rockin' phish... Bela takes this to a whole'nother level... way to pick the special guest, guys!!! nice placement.

MSO- aaaaaaand we flux back to the bluegrass for one last tune... classy way to close up a pretty marvelous night....

Birdman- you couldn't have picked a better show... kudos for the bluegrass theme and i am completely jealous you witnessed it...
i was what? 12 at this point in time ;)  12 and half, to be exact....

had a blast... listened 3 times... couldn't find one thing to take away the + i'll give with this A...

honest to the point of recklessness...

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #18 on: January 19, 2009, 10:17:00 PM »
set I:

Simple - wonder why this wasn't used as an opener more often...vocal ending leads right into

>My Friend - a guaranteed ass kicker.  Trey goes beserk here and I especially liked the tripped-out MIFE section.  they perfectly segue their vocals into

>I Didn't Know - it is what it is.  wtf @ Ron Jaworski on vaccuum

Poor Heart - nice mix of tunes early on

Stash - time to get serious.  jam is nasty from the get go, spooky-like.  lots of different themes going on from there with a HUGE finish.

Tela - I love this Gamehendge song.  94 versions crush and this is no exception.  everybody nails it.  Tela needs to be revived

It's Ice - another Page tune and another tune I love for the first set.  they break into a sweet jam in the middle.  nice version of It's Ice

Guyute - look at the n00b!!  must have been something if you were hearing it for the first time.  and this version here packs a punch.. love it or hate it Guyute is a hell of a composition

Divided Sky - nearly flawless like most these days.  Sweet combo right there

Amazing Grace - cool way to close out a perfect set I.

Set II:

David Bowie - wow not wasting time with this to open the set.  a bit of a hiccup between verses but it's irrelevant due to the energy thats pumping.  Bowie jams are among my favorites and this one is evil and beautiful at the same time.  killer Bowie

Horse>Silent - not sure what happened at the end of The Horse..good song good placement.  I've always been a fan of this

Reba - !! they get through the sections with such ease.. it starts out with a beautiful Reba jam then all of a sudden they lock into some weird thing that evolves into a whole new jam just like that!  one of the most unique Reba's I've heard.  hard to believe they can top the Bowie two songs later.  they find their way back to Reba and it rages hard from there..

Scent - with Bela Fleck.  fantastic version with a real sweet jam in there.  there's a lot of really good music being played tonight

Lifeboy - questionable placement, but Bela adds a nice touch to it.  love the ending of Lifeboy

Old Home Place - little tough to hear

Beaumont Rag - ditto

Nellie Cane - yeah

Llama - starts out acoustic..too bad it's not amplified cause you can vaguely make out some great playing.  they eventually wind up back at their instruments and it's on from there.  One of the craziest Llamas ever


My Sweet One - fits with the feel the show veered into after Bela's appearance.

I loved this show from start to finish.  Great song selection throughout and numerous sick jams--each one better than the last.  When Bela Fleck came onstage it definitely changed the vibe of the show but not in a detrimental way at all and the stuff they played with him had it's own unique feel so that worked.  Great story Birdman, and a killer show!  A+

and I had a real nice Fall '94 all queud up for my pick but now I'm not so sure I want to put it up against this...I might need to rethink my strategy

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #19 on: January 26, 2009, 10:30:44 PM »
Reba - !! they get through the sections with such ease.. it starts out with a beautiful Reba jam then all of a sudden they lock into some weird thing that evolves into a whole new jam just like that

it's basically a vortex.

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #20 on: January 29, 2009, 08:36:56 AM »
i am having some difficulty converting this from shn.  something is wrong with sanity.  i will try the spendspace option instead

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #21 on: January 29, 2009, 08:45:06 AM »
i am having some difficulty converting this from shn.  something is wrong with sanity.  i will try the spendspace option instead
They didn't play Sanity.  Maybe that's the problem?

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #22 on: January 29, 2009, 09:11:02 AM »
that might be it? maybe it wasnt this show then.  i dl'ed so many to try to catch up.

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
« Reply #23 on: January 29, 2009, 11:51:22 PM »
Simple -- Wow... this is deffinatley one of the sickest openers I've heard.  As khalpin said, I love stories like that... and mike seemed to be on the ball this night
I never really thought about this for an opener, I love how trey just starts it out... its a good seuge from nothing :).  Lyrical ending is really on as well, and nice transition into

MFMF -- I always enjoy the opening of this tune and how it switches into the lyrics...  This source sounds great right now aug!!!  You can really hear everyone pretty well... and they are all On the bAll.
Excellent tension created by trey with the loop/pitch shifter or whatever that was... chaos.  Then just some pure ripping...  Another beautiful ending with a slight vocal jam... Holy shit.  That is top notch
Best version i have ever heard. Period. (waits to be corrected, hopefully ;))

I didn't Know -- Excellent placement, I always love to hear this song. And some roge Warski?  This is just plain WILD at this point,, Whoever hit that high note at the end... i would like to know? because it was perfect.

Poor HEart-- Plain H33t... enough said.

Stash --- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaa.  Excellent Composed sections, cannot complain at all. now this is jamming, serious Improvisation.  I love how phish really stepped out of the boundaries at this pont in their carrer... That thrashy line that starts to go on is ballz nasty... You can almost headbang to stuff like this. (wait for me to rip out the headbang at alpine :D)

These are the times that i say Phish is the best Band/musical group Ever to Exist.  Beautiful peak after that chaos, woaaaaah... now more chaos... mmmm tasty.  During these early years, phish could go whatever direction they please and make it back to where they are supposed to be in the perfect form of tension, contrast, and composition.

Tela -- Beautiful

It's Ice -- Still got the heat gong right now, really sweet jam

Guyute -- Wow! I can actually really enjoy this one now that its pre 97, great stuff all around..

Set II

Bowie -- Solid Version, kickin off the second set right... teasing key changes in the jam and around 8 mins or so treys line takes it off... mmm, tasty.  Back in to bowie, now at 10 mins this jam is becoming a savage once more... beautiful minor-major switch around in the later part of the 10 min mark... awesomeness.  Ripping version all around... great start to this set

Horse/silent -- Excellent placement IMO... Beautiful chill out after a raging bowie

REBA -- Probably one of the best rebas, my favorite as ive told many here before...  Lyrics worked out fine... sounding great already: even with these entirely obscure lyrics... composed sections, spot on.  Jam:  Every note at the beginning here is perfect... absolutely perfect, its very hard to explain beyond that... dynamics and expression are already amazing from all four and pages electric piano or whatever piano that was is sounding beautiful... The stuff going around 7:50 is already picking up momentum and sounding really tight...treys line at 8:11 is so beautiful its unreal... what is also so beautiful is the accompanyment going on... amazing... 8:33 page plays a line on his electric which sounds like a hallucination in the woods or something... like the stories you would read when you were little and the imagination you had of nature and the world...9 mins, could this be any better?  hints on what i just said previously about the forest on a beautiful sunny day... dissonance then it gets dark... well maybe trippy... not the scary trippy but the good trippy like when you have a really wierd dream and you knew it was wack but not scary.  Mike coming in with that line around 10:07 or so to fit in to treys amazing lines, Mike coming in with that major bass note at 10:49 chills my soul.  This is why mike is the fucking best bass player ive ever heard.  1 fucking note and he chills the soul. Now we're twisting and turning back into the reba jam key here... Just like any strange comes out glorious in the end.  12:00 in trey plays those simple semi distorted notes  accompanied by the whole band to just bring out the amazing feel and life-loving groove.  12:27 trey plays those simple sounding major chords that are just fucking glorious.  12:30 trey... in a way this is like the end part of the ROses jam in which it slags at first and its kind of "lagged" in the sense that its trying to get a point across and then just bursts it that drunken ambition. amazing, just god damn amazing. The band winds back into some dissonance and are really proving this to be a legendary jam. 14 mins winding into something ---> 14:49 its time for trey to bring it home this is a phish jam that can draw a tear to my eye... this ending solo is so fucking beatiful... Energy guide awesomeness to add some serious tension... then oh man, trey really peaks it out here...  15:59 that line and on till the end of the jam is just indescribible... the joyous feeling it gives me.  This jam is a life changer. Whistles.. i guess a reminder of what song this was for some newbies... but i could really care less for whistles at this point.... they should have ended it on the high note.

Scent -- they should be more excited about it than us... but i was equally excited. Jesus, this is a spot on version... it's not a mumbled mess whatsoever and you can hear the lyrics very clearly and cleanly. 
Bela is really helpin the boys with the heat, but what do you expect from the great himself?
Probably the best version ive ever heard.

Lifeboy -- Oh god, thank you for the chillout... and what a perfect song for that.  One of my favorite slow phish songs and an excellent version to say the least.

OHP/beaumont/nellie -- Great banjo... what did you expect from fleck?  Such a great guest

Llama -- Breakdown style... amazing bela work... he is just so fing good... really got trey fired up for his part though.... he has something to live up to now ;)  This turns into a tit ripper and fast ... Taboot taboot some phish crazyness going on around 8 mins and awesome stuff going on around 8:15 with page on the organ... wierdness kinda killed the peak around there though

MSO -- alright... keeping up the fast tempo, ill accept it

This show gets a P: Placement, playfullness, and perfection

No really though... how could anyone who likes phish give this show anything less than a super solid A+

Great pick birdman!!! u da man!!!

I've been racking my brains, running through my record collection in my mind to tell you what records are my secret shame and I've decided i have none. I love everything I own and am proud of it. Music should bring joy, not guilt.

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Re: R6/W03: 10-18-1994 Vanderbilt Univ, Nashville TN.
« Reply #24 on: June 12, 2009, 04:27:02 PM »
Maybe I'll seed the AUD (which I feel is better than the SBD) tomorrow...
I have the sbd source. I remember when I was listening to it. I was stuck at a girlfriend's family's house on Christmas. That might have dampened the mood for me.