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R6/W10 7-31-03 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ
« on: February 23, 2009, 08:41:51 AM »
This is one of my favorite PH shows, despite the Friday, with solid type II playing throughout.  Big thanks to ClancyWiggum for hosting the show for me.  It should be up and running by this afternoon.

However I dont know if I will be able to SS the show, as everytime I go into SS and upload this show (and anything else) my computer has a "Thermal Event" and shuts down.  The wife is getting really mad at me, asking to me stop looking at pron, which honestly, is not the problem.  I am sorry to be the slack w00kie, maybe I will just silently observe next time... :frustrated:

Tweeter Center
Camden, NJ
July 31, 2003 (Thursday)

Source: Schoeps mk4v > kcy actives > VMS_5u > modSBM1 > M1
(FOB - sec 102, Row V, seat 16)
transfer: DAP1 > Echo MIA > Soundforge6.0 > CDWave > MKWact

Set 1
1. Llama
2. Moma Dance
3. The Divided Sky
4. Dirt
5. Seven Below
6. The Sloth
7. Water in the Sky
8. Wolfman's Brother
9. Possum

Set 2
1. Piper
2. Mike's Song >
3. I am Hydrogen
4. Weekapaug Groove >
5. Free
6. Friday

1. Harry Hood
2. Frankenstein
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Re: R6/W9 7-31-03 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2009, 08:51:33 AM »
I can get the lossy up for you tonight if it doesn't happen before then.

Oh yeah, and it's week 10, btw.

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Re: R6/W10 7-31-03 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2009, 07:36:34 PM »
thank you!!!

I just added the bt link too

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Re: R6/W10 7-31-03 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2009, 07:40:02 PM »
AKG is the source you want for this night...

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Re: R6/W10 7-31-03 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2009, 04:43:05 PM »
This is a first listen for me.

Llama: Great opener.  Some nice licks in here.  I like the way it's kicking off.

Moma: So far, so good.  I feel like I'm walking on eggshells listening to PH right now, after watching that Coventry video this week.  I'm waiting for a train wreck, but this is nowhere near that.  Good stuff here.  Makes it's way into a nice groove.  Page throws in some "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" sounding effects, or is that Mike.  Nope, it's Mike.  Actually, a top notch version of this one.

Divided Sky: Very well played.  Lovin' the pace so far. 

Dirt: Whenever I hear the opening notes to this, I think "Bathroom Break", but I always end up enjoying it after a minute or so.  (Like...if you had to go..go..this is your song, but if you didn't have to go, it didn't suck either)

Seven Below: Not too familiar with this one.  Pretty good jam comes out of it.  Mostly just Trey tearin' up the fretboard.

Sloth: Nice, I like.  Trey had a little trouble in the middle, but nothing too bad. 

Water in the Sky: Not too smooth to start it out but they settle in.  Fish gets a bit ahead of everyone else at the end.  Otherwise, a nice version.  I enjoyed this.

Wolfman's Brother: Here's some jam potential.  And a nice one it is.  Not mindblowing or anything, but a nice, solid jam.

Possum: Some tasty licks there in the beginning there from 1:20 - 1:30 (on the sbd).  Nice jam, too.  This here's a nice Possum.  Good way to close out a nice set.

Piper: Wastes no time lifting off into a driving jam.  This doesn't let up.  Finally simmers down a little and veers away from that steady, driving jam into a more exploratory, keyless jam.  This goes on for a couple minutes and it slowly peters out till it's just Fishman and some sound effects.  Trey picks it back up ~16:00 and it turns into a dark, swaying jam with Mike using that "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" effect on the bass again.  Eventually fizzles out.  This one started out hot and heavy, but I wasn't much of a fan of the second half.

Mike's: Trey starts out in the wrong key and Page corrects him.  Good jam.  Well played.  I love it when they finish it the traditional way and go into:

Hydrogen: Yes.  It's a shame that this actually became somewhat of a rarity.

Week4paug: Good version, nothing crazy, but it has a post-Sharin in the Groove refrain jam that lasts a couple minutes and contains In A Gadda Da Vida teases.  Then goes into:

Free: Some of the vocals are a little rough, but it goes into a pretty cool D > Bm jam there for a couple minutes.  Slowed down version.

Friday: I mentioned before that I wouldn't be upset if I never heard this song again.  Apparently, I'm not that fortunate.  The second half is certainly tolerable, though.  It reminds me of that old Genesis tune, Afterglow.

Hood: My favorite Phish tune.  About 10 minutes in, it veers off from the typical Hood progression.  Pretty cool jam.  ~20:00 it goes back to the Hood jam and finishes out.  Not one of my favorite Hoods.

Frankenstein: Good tune for an encore. 

Better than I thought it was going to be.  Pretty good setlist.  Pretty good flow. The only thing is none of the second set jams were really extraordinary.  I'll give it a B with the highlight being the Moma.

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Re: R6/W10 7-31-03 Tweeter Center, Camden NJ
« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2009, 06:03:51 PM »
llama - while not the tighest, it was still pretty ragey.

moma - this has a nice summer night vibe to it, chunky and funky.  nice page breakdown with mike accompaning him nicely.  cool, chill ending.

sky - fish is making his drums his bitch.  really good stuff.  tight. me=impressed.

dirt - nap

-7 - lo0ve this song, and its played real well this night.  hope to see it this summer.?

sloth - real ferocious and tight.  good sloth.

water in the - beginning flubbed, middle played ok, ending flubbed.  not good.

wolfmans - really love this jam and it gets pretty crazy toward the end.  I believe it was this song that had a real sudden stop, but i dont have it here to double check.  anyway, if it was this song, it was on the money.

possum - eh, lots of flubs.  not a very good possum at all. 

piper - the opening climb is real nice, and the jam starts out hot with all 4 tearing it up.  settles down for a bit before becoming real dark.  good communication going on.  almost sounds a little tower jammish at times.
pretty good piper.

mikes>hydrogen>paug - i was gonna review them seperately, but i think i feel the same about the whole trio.  it really lacks heart, they seem to just being going through the motions, and the paug is one of the boringest ive heard.  the in a gadda tease is this trios only redeeming quality.

free - eh.  this is def one song that needs the loop jams and effects, and should get real dark and intense.  this one doesnt have any of that, and just seems to jam aimlessly.  what they played was ok, but it wasnt free

friday - ugghhhh

hood - this is a perfect candidate for why the shorter hampton type playing may be a good thing for now.  this goes on forever, going nowhere.  page tries his best at a few points to add some excitement, but it never happens.

franken - always fun.  hope to catch one or two this summer.

set one of this show really went way beyond my expectations.  set two however, did not.  they really seemed to fall apart there.  set one gets B+ and set two gets a C- for a grand total of.....

thanks for the show, and thanks to everyone again for the whole round!  it was great to intently listen to some shows again.  i stopped doing that for a long while. 

now if someone would just cross my damn name off W/6&7..........  :evil: