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******gd1974.10.17.GEMS.SBD in 16 and 24 bit******
« on: May 17, 2009, 08:40:31 AM »
Yes, I know it is unbelievable but Christmas is early this year. If I could ever go back in time and see a run of shows it would be these five nights. The omnipotent Grateful Dead for five nights at the fabled Winterland supported by one of the greatest systems of all time............the Wall of Sound. The highlight of this show, aside from a quality that has to be heard to be believed (except for the opening promised land during which a speaker melts down), is the melt of He's Gone>Other One>Spanish Jam>Mind Left Body Jam>Other One. On a final note, beauty of the recording is the 24 bit transfer which allows Phil to steal your fucking face. 

24 bit 
16 bit

The Grateful Dead
October 17 1974
San Francisco Califorinia

**24 bit source**

Black Maxell UDII reel tape @ 3 3/4 ips.>Akai GX 636>Apogee Mini Me(24/96)>Apogee mini DAC(monitoring/mastering)>Lynx One soundcard>Wavelab 5.0>DVD by Matt Smith

DVD-Audio 2496>DVD-A Explorer>Wavelab 6.1>GEMS Edit Station
Weiss Saracon for POWr3 Dither 24bit/96 kHz by Jamie Waddell

TradersLilHelper for FLAC8  SBE Free  Tag&Rename for MetaData   

Edit notes: These reels have been mastered for better tonal balance.  Phil's bass was the center point of this multi track mix down.  It was a tad too much to begin.  A different feel than the standard vault reel master reel. The highs originally were VERY buried and or decayed and i returned them to a better position in the mix, albeit still a tad distant.  This edit was in the works for a couple of months.  Lots of our ears LListened as we came to the best balance for the edit. I'm sure you will enjoy.- j.w.

Matt said...  "I think people will love the 10-17-74. I would put the lineage as 16track>2track for Jerry>?>R(WB@3 3/4 ips.)>DVD/CD.  These 10/74 reel copies made by Will back in 1979 were most likely 'work tapes' used by Jerry for production work for the "GD Movie".  all the following shows are complete including all the 'seastones' sets so more cool things on the way.  Yes, i know there have been multiple versions of these shows but IMHO, these are unique versions that were Jerry's own copies that were dubbed from by Will.  Basically these versions were never copied by anyone in will's circle since everyone already had them via rob bertrando and no one at the time bothered to investigate them.  Remember, this was 1979 and the GD were still a great behemoth of a touring machine so everyone was more concerned with taping new shows.  There is no cassette gen with these as they were straight reel copies that i know for sure so these 24 bit versions esp. are really nice.  Whether Jerry had a master of a 2 track mixdown or a copy will never be known for sure but these really do sound fantastic regardless.  Much more of a "being there" feeling IMHO..  ENJOY!! ....Stuff from the debbie stash is hard to explain at times and nailing down exact lineages is even harder.  either way they all sound fantastic!!!  It was the kind of deal where Will suddenly found out about all these reels/cassettes that Jerry "left" there so he copied as much as he could w/o any concern of the exact source.  There were TONS of stuff everywhere strewn all over the house.."

a **GEMS** Production   May 2009

-Complete Seastones
-listen for a fan scream for mexicali before they play a note of it
-Last two minutes of rider patched with alternate aud
-Huge Thanks to Matt Smith for the Transfer work and Deadication.
-big Thanks To Todd Evans for Project GEMS...

  " Helpin' to dust off those reels just one more time!!"

   ~~Set 1~~
01.BG Introduction   
02.Promised Land   
03.Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodleoo
04.Black Throated Wind
05.Friend of the Devil
06.Jack Straw
08.El Paso
09.China Cat Sunflower >
10.I Know You Rider
11.Me and My Uncle
12.It Must Have Been the Roses
13.Weather ReportPrelude >
14.Part 1 >
15.Let it Grow
16.Phil Lesh and Ned Lagin - Seastones
   ~~Set 2~~
17.Scarlet Begonias 
18.Big River 
19.Ramble On Rose
20.Mexicali Blues
21.He's Gone >
22.The Other One >
23.Spanish Jam >
24.Mind Left Body Jam  >
25.The Other One >
26.Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia(missing)
Casey Jones (missing)
US Blues (missing)

We actually have the last three tracks, the same aud used for the rider patch, which was a work of art to get it even that close, LOL.  We may release the aud if we can get it to sound listenable.  Hopefully those tracks will surface elsewhere.
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