Author Topic: Cheap Verbatim discs.  (Read 769 times)

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Cheap Verbatim discs.
« on: June 02, 2005, 08:48:12 AM »
After rebate... $21 + $5shipping - $9rebate = $16

Just what I was looking for! I just polished off my last 100. I think I finished them in 2 months. That's averaging a disc and a half a day! I really gotta get the iPod going and quit it with these aud discs!

I realize these are valuelife not datalife discs...  I have recently made the switch, saved money, and after 200 burns, still not one coaster with a verbatim disc.  I am moving my collection to dvd so I no longer want to spend the extra cash on aud discs.  I will, however, keep my loyalty to Verbatim.

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