Author Topic: R9/W09: 04-10-1994 Alumni Arena, Amherst, NY  (Read 1571 times)

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Re: R9/W09: 04-10-1994 Alumni Arena - Amherst, NY
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2010, 11:55:11 AM »
Jim - This one peaks nicely. Fish is quite active throughout and serves well as the opener.

Ice - Good composed section. When I think of '94 Ice, I always think of the ultra funky Summer versions. This one was OK.

Sparkle - From the album ::no notes::

Split - Some meat. Mike pretty much points this one in the darker direction ~5 in. Gets really evil 6:20 with the band clicking together rather well.

Esther - Some Simpsons SL during the intro. Some Trey flubs throughout but nothing major.

Chalk - Serves well as a pick up after Esther. Standard Spring version.

IDK - G. Fizeek.

Scent - Some "Hey Ho" during the Russian part after the Duel.

Disease - Still ultra-new. Rocks out pretty hard and concise.

I actually how this this set rolls out, even though I'm not totally digging on it.

My Friend - Acoustic intro. Inside My Heart "jam" during the outro is what makes this one notable.

Ya Mar - Pretty sweet version, but nothing that really sets it apart from other good ones.

Antelope - Again, Fish is really acative for this. Gets interesting ~7:10. Pretty good return to the main theme considering that it was a bit out there. Trey then pan-sears your face with some fluid 32nd notes. Trippy Marco section but they miss the key change after the "Man"

Fluff - Good version. I'm wondering if Mike jumped alone for these...

Ginseng - The band is playful during the washboard solo.

Be Like You - The Fish Tune of the Month. He rocks the looow solo on this one. I caught the next version with the horns... :wink:

Hood - Was really hoping this would kill. Fish misses his big fill during the odd-time section. The jam has a nice, slow buildup. ~9:25 Trey holds a note for 15 seconds. The hit the old school peak with that huge bend that Trey always used to close out the Hood jams with. I wouldn't mind if they brought that back every single night. But wait...32nd notes are back and Fish is mimicking them with a long-ass snare roll which leads to another BIG release. Great version and the meat of the show.

Bouncing/Golgi - Both played well. Where's my In A Hole kickdown?!

Eh...Aside from the Hood, this one didn't stand out much for me.
I give it a C+, but appreciate the pick.