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People need to realize that the Makisupa "keyword" is a song lyric, not some admission of drug use from Trey.

Seriously.  There's only so many ways that Trey can make a joke about "waking up in Whitehall" or "pissing in a cup for his probation officer".  The joke can only stay fresh for so long.

there are fewer drug references in Phish songs than there are in Paul Simon songs... /just sayin'.

Well, we all know Paul Simon has problems.  I mean, he totally married Edie Brickell for the contact high, obviously.

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I think his musical ideas are proof enough he's dead sober.  His playing is the antithesis of psychedelia these days.  He no longer has the Jedi-tone, or is in touch with that dimension.  When Phish does venture into psychedelic territory, Trey always seems to be the one that is lost (even in that 12/30 Tweezer).

I've said this before, but John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis and others have proven that it is possible to be creative, jam, and improvise after one stops using drugs.
All you need to do is practice / rehearse
more recently-
George Harrison stopped using acid in 67, before Abbey road and before All Things Must Pass
Pete Townsend stopped before Quadrophenia.
Phil Lesh stopped a long time ago - not sure when, but I suspect before he married Jill
and Zappa never used, but his music is among the most far out there I've heard

Far out, man.

Phil Lesh still smokes pot Steve. I smoked a bowl with Phil and some other people in '99. And at the Phil and Friends shows at the Beacon after 911, Phil was puffing a small bowl behind his amp and effects stack. Although the bowl could of contained tobacco, I'm pretty sure Phil doesn't smoke cigarettes. Now I know this is not psychedelics, but the brother still gets high  :mrgreen: But I do agree with you that you need not do drugs to get out there. I think you also need to add John McLaughlin to that list.

I guess I meant more "powerfull" stuff, but  your right it is a substance still

anyway, I think we tend to focus too much on that stuff

as long as Trey (and Phill) stay healthy
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This show is absolutely mind-blowing; so much greatness, especially Walls, Crosseyed->Twist, and SIMPLE!!!!!!11
"Just drink some water, and breathe through your nose."  -Slim, 3/7/09

%% with alternated lyrics about a 1995 jeep cherokee that was also sacraficed on this tour.

I think I got it but he's such a spaz he'll probably never open this thread again

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This show is absolutely mind-blowing; so much greatness, especially Walls, Crosseyed->Twist, and SIMPLE!!!!!!11

Gumbo IS drugs.

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For the record I'd like to see Phish play more shows like this for the duration of 2013.

They are just so relaxed and letting the music just HAPPEN during this second set, and that's the x factor that's been missing IMO. 

The Simple aside there is a ton of sweet highlights:  Reba, yes the REAL Reba was at this show!  Twist, C&P, Sally, Makisupa, all are just flowing out of the boys and have that unconscious quality to the playing.   

Bring this type of shit to the Gorge next weekend Trey.

k thnx bai.
Quote from: Trey Anastasio
But, I don't think our fans do happily lap it up, I think they go online and talk about how it was a bad show.

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I was at this show.  for me it was the ending of a great week.  xmas with family, major snowstorm and ddn't go to work that Monday (12/27), phish on monday and tuesday, moe. on thursday and Friday and Phish on Sunday (hope my days of the week are right)

I didn't go back and read my review so ia m sure I will contradict myself from what I said before.  I liked the show at the time.  it looks even better looking at it on paper right now.

iirc, bowie was the only repeat in their 5 night new years run.  they played bowie a lot in fall of 2010.
I liked the Jim.  Jim in MSG always gives me a special feeling.  it just feels so right int hat building.
Round Room was great to hear.  think reba>walls should have been good but I don't specifically recall.

crosseyed was a nice start and I think the consensus highlight was the simple in the 2nd set.  I always love a sally and fee.

this is actually one of the shows I used to go back and listen of the ones I went to in 3.0 but it has definitely been a while since I listened to it.
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This is definitely one of my favorite attended for 3.0, the vibe was so relaxed after New Years the night before.

Love the set list and my first Fee with magaphone since 96
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i haven't listened to this show since attending, i remember walking around a lot and hating on it at the time but maybe ill go back.
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