Author Topic: 06/10 - Susquehanna Bank Center - Camden, NJ - Post-Show Discussion and Review  (Read 4504 times)

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there were a few songs during the first set that were over 10min,(which i wont complain about, jsut means they're jamming.) but for some reason, songs just felt so short, along with other shows this summer, i feel like songs are being cut short. Probably because of the lack of jamming.

As far as music goes, it was nice hearing Curtain With to finish off the first set. Second set i found was good, some good choices in there. Possum, Big black furry creature, bowie....
Personally i think the best part was the beginning of second set. As much as people are loving first set, which i also did, i still think that Down With Disease-Free-Possum-Big Black Furry Creature, was good.

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I think the BBFCFM was my favorite part of the show. It was pretty mindblowing at the time.