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Netflix Recommendation Thread

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I know a bunch of us here use netflix for instant streaming. I thought it might be nice to have a thread dedicated to giving recommendations for things to watch that are available to stream instantly online. TV shows, documentaries, movies, etc...

I watched "Revolution" last night... it was ok. Pretty cool documentary with first-hand footage of hippies. Not super well done or anything, but def entertaining.


Got nothing to do tonight, and looking for another recommendation. Hit me!

The Thing.



--- Quote ---The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

Filmmaker Adam Scorgie explores the illegal marijuana industry in British Columbia, revealing how the international business is most likely more profitable than it would be if it was lawful in this enlightening documentary. Marijuana growers, law enforcement officials, physicians, politicians, criminologists, economists and celebrities -- including comedian Tommy Chong -- shed light on this topical subject in a series of compelling interviews.

--- End quote ---

A little long thorough, but very informative

If anyone is looking for a new show to follow (comedy, think: The Office, but with struggling actors in LA working the catering business), watch "Party Down". First two seasons available for streaming. I watched the first season in almost one sitting. Nothing super brilliant or new, but definitely entertaining.


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