Author Topic: R14/W07 6-16-90 Townshend Family Park, Townshend, VT  (Read 1635 times)

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Re: R14/W07 6-16-90 Townshend Family Park, Townshend, VT
« Reply #15 on: March 22, 2012, 10:33:18 AM »
6/16/1990 Townshend Family Park

DC Bag- Upbeat Bag to get the show going and everyone sounding nice and loose.   PA issues also seem to energize Trey further in his blistering solo.   

Divided Sky- Extremely tight to say the least and pleasant on the ears despite more PA issues.    Man that was beautiful! 

Wilson- Energy is up but the recording really hurts on this one.  The whimsy seems effortless, love it.

Reba- Drool over these early versions.  Definitely not "perfect" but exciting to hear.  Short and sweet with a toned down peak and whistling!

Horn- interesting version that very quickly jumps to>>
Uncle Penn- like candy from a baby

Bouncin- yep

Timber- Page having a little fun on the intro but overall sounds flat.   Stash like tension on the solo

Lawn Boy- Page sounds so so nice

Possum- More huge tension from Trey, great and unexpected version.

Golgi- slight bumps in the composed but Trey can really bounce back, love the finish.

Esther- Audience is definitely digging it, did Trey sneeze just before Page's solo? Great interplay with Trey and Page. 

Tweezer - a little extra something in the intro.  Having a little too much fun with the vocals!  Crazy jam with everyone following Trey's lead, live the old school ending.

MSO- mixing up the set, vocals here really show how young the boys are. 

Gin - getting back to the meat, old intro before the grand.  Where's Mike?!  Short and similar to the Tweezer in terms of jam success.

YEM - Trey seems to just nail this, hard to imagine he wrote this so many years ago.   Page gets a nice tinkly organ solo that seems to bring out Mike's bass a bit.  Trey comes in nicely and pulls the whole band together for a really strong finish, and finally more Mike!

Lizards - always been a sucker and this is no exception.   

Antelope - heavy Trey shred with everyone holding on for dear life!  One of my highlights.

La Grange - caught one of these at Vernon downs.   Blistering solo and tight overall.

Yamar- birthday wishes and a needed break.  Nice work by Page, fun and loose.

Foam - slow intro and everyone seems to nail there parts, just can't hear Mike.  Near perfect, easy show highlight for me.

Oh Kee Pa- sets up >

Suzy - Page gets his moments in an era dominated by Trey. 

Fee- no megaphone?!   Sounds good to me. 

Rocky Top - it happens

Caravan - very cool and dig the placement.  Sounds different and Wedge like during intro. 

If I only had a brain - Henrietta being called out! Good stuff and rolls >

Mike's - playful intro and extremely loose from there.   Wouldn't mind hearing a better mix.

Hydrogen - as purdy as ever with a slight church feel from Page in the beginning. 

Weekapaug - Complete Trey shred whoa.  Faces melted.

Contact- this set is $$, love me some Contact although Fish sounds a little too excited.

BBFCFM - this show has everything, wonder what Todd was thinking about now?

GTBT - as nasty as one would expect.

Sickness, and especially more do your first show, hook set.  Highlights were Antelope, Weekapaug, Foam and really that third set as a whole.
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