Author Topic: looking to trade for gd archive shows  (Read 969 times)

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looking to trade for gd archive shows
« on: November 21, 2005, 01:18:04 PM »
until i get a bigger hd, most people think im crazy that 380gigs is not enough space, i just cant keep up with the phish projects and get what i want off archive.  all the dead i have is in audio and i have no sources :-(  so im looking to rebuild my collection(i think i have around 250 shows) at a lossy standpoint and be able to archive to dvd. 

so this is a trade offer, i have/will have  all of 93-98, most of 99, 1/3 of 92 and a bunch of randoms along with some dvd's.   pm as well to ensure i get any messages. thanks :-D
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