Author Topic: iPad as studio - some help if anyone knows  (Read 596 times)

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iPad as studio - some help if anyone knows
« on: August 15, 2012, 07:50:08 AM »
So I generally love the apps for music creation I have on my iPad, including:

nano studio
meteor studio
beatmaker 2.0
DM1 drum machine

...and numerous others.    If it is a synth, a drum machine, a DAW, groovebox, studio app or guitar amp app, I have purchased it.     Where I'm getting pissed off is in the fact that none of the amp apps for my guitar are capable of recording directly into another app.     I want to go through Jamup or AmpKit into Meteor or Garageband (I really hate the GB amps) or Nano or Beatmaker and it just doesn't seem possible, or I'm totally missing the boat somehow (which happens a lot).

Other than running my guitar into my iPod, then into JamUp, then into my interface on the iPad and using a mic/line-in on one of the apps (which I grant is a decent solution), I know of no other way to record thru any guitar amp app into any of the i-studio-type apps.

Has anybody run into this or is there a solution I'm unaware of?