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R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« on: September 24, 2012, 12:47:57 AM »
Enjoyed this show immensely and will always remain a top attended for me.  Ride Captain Ride was at the top of my want list at that point and was a cherry on top to the opening sequence thus far.

August 3, 1998
Deer Creek Music Theatre
Noblesville, IN

Schoeps cmc6/mk41 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD-1000 > Tascam DA-P1 (@ 48 kHz)

Tascam DA-20mkII > Marantz PMD-661 > SDHC card > usb 2.0 > pc > r8brain v1.9 (resample to 44.1 kHz) > CD Wave v1.98 (track splits) > Samplitude SE v9.1.1 (fades) > FLAC v1.2.1 (Level 8)

transferred by Jason Sobel (
seeded July 21, 2009

FLAC tags added with metaflac v1.2.1
The original 48 kHz files from the DAT transfer have been archived and are available upon request.

Disc 1 - [63:52]
Set I
01 - [07:36] - Rhinoceros *
02 - [20:13] - Halley's Comet >
03 - [03:40] - I Didn't Know
04 - [05:29] - Ride Captain Ride
05 - [05:26] - Cars Trucks Buses
06 - [10:47] - The Moma Dance
07 - [03:09] - Strange Design
08 - [07:31] - Character Zero

Disc 2 - [76:06]
Set II
01 - [01:09] - set 2 intro
02 - [16:54] - Gumbo
03 - [04:26] - Axilla >
04 - [11:43] - Limb by Limb
05 - [04:32] - Meat
06 - [01:01] - HYHU >
07 - [04:37] - Bike >
08 - [02:11] - HYHU
09 - [05:30] - Tube
10 - [05:26] - The Wedge
11 - [01:57] - encore break
12 - [04:56] - When the Circus Comes
13 - [11:45] - Run Like an Antelope

* debut (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 02:09:45 AM »
I know I never participate in the show club, but I want to say that this is one of my favorite shows I attended. And as an added bonus it was the first night my mom and I split a bag of mushrooms.

That opening sequence (and by that I mean all of set 1) was awesome! Oh, and I think they played Gumbo too.
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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2012, 11:44:00 AM »
Rhinoceros- Sweet cover! Would have really been diggin this tune if I attended. Watched the interview with Trey and Page from Roseland Ballroom 00' and one thing they said was in 98 they would be listening to the radio before the show or after or on the bus and hear a song that just came out and they would all learn it at setbreak or before the show on the bus. They said thats how they did Gettin Jiggy With it in Hampton, bet this tune was a result of that kind of practice style too.

Halleys- This Halleys slays!!  :rawk: Love the licks trey throws out there in the beginning of the jam, fish and mike carry the groove well...and then here comes the funk! trey starts a nice groove with some wah/rhythm chords. Page and  mike lock in on the groove as well while fish holds down the beat. Trey gets the mod effect going and starts shreddin it. Jams start gettin twisty and turny as mike and fish hold it down and trey and page take us to outer space. Jam starts slowin down...good patient jam here from the boys. Trey starts throwin in from wah trills. Page gets on the piano and trey starts hittin some mod notes and this jam turns into a slowed blissful trek thru the sunbeams! Good slow jam here. Everyone is hittin notes and tones that I really like. Mike hits some killer low notes. People in attendance could prob feel those bombs through their whole body. Jam fizzles out and trey puts on some space loops and then hits some more high modulation notes. Then oozes into...

Didnt know- Standard version. "that far gone" part gets a rawkin response from the crowd.

Ride Capt Ride- Another great cover. Love the placement. Gets crowd even more pumped. Page throws in some nice Rhods work too  :clap: Sweet jam in it too.

CTB- Love this tune. Always love hearing this tune.

Moma- Instant funky groove. dig it. Love what mike is doing in the intro. Trey plays along with some funky wah. Love this jammed intro. Trey throws in some nice licks right before the first verse.  :banana: Almost halfway through before they start the first verse! this is my kinda moma.

Strange design- nice version.

Character 0- :rawk:

Set 2 after lunch

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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2012, 04:30:25 PM »
Set 2

Gumbo- Starts off pretty standard. Jam evolves really nicely. Manteca teases. Mike carries the jam for a little until trey comes outta left field with a nice manteca-esque themed jam. They sink into a beautiful jam right after that manteca jam.  :music: All of them sync in wonderfully. This jam is a perfect example of some Mike/Trey interaction. Trey plays a nice open theme while mike fills in the gaps with some great bass playin. Then trey slips back to the manteca teases for a little, and then comes through with some slow, very open themed jam. Beautiful. Mike fills in the gaps agian very well. Nice quiet jam  :music: :clap: sick transition to

Axilla- Good, rawkin version.

LimbxLimb- Nice start. Jam starts nice and quiet and soars to a great LxL jam. and then fizzles back down.

meat- Standard and funky.

HYHU > Bike > HYHU- Good fishman banter/pretty straight forward version. Crowd gets pumped

Tube-  :banana: sweet placement! Awesome funk jam too. page and fishman kill this jam! The funk is strong in this one.

Wedge- Great version. Kinda weird closer.

E. When the Circus Comes- Fuckin love this song. Wish they would play it more. Dig it as slot1 in the encore.

Antelope-  :crazy: I would have been freakin out if I was in attendance for this.
2 nice heavy jamz and an antelope encore! Fiya! Machine gun trey comes out in this jam! Trey and Mike are on point on this jam! Awesome Marco Esqondolas part. Page does some nice clav work before "marco". Great way to end a show.

This Halleys, Gumbo, Antelope, and Tube are some standout versions for 98. Id give this show a B+/A-

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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2012, 09:56:06 AM »
Rhino - Was kind of out of my mind for this show. I remember this opener vividly, tho. Big Pumpkins fan, so this was a treat for me. Thought they did a pretty good job with it, too.

Halley's - Still a treat then and was actually explored. Standard jam until about 6 minutes in. Nice, funky start to this jam. Jam continues for a bit and then they effortlessly transition into major key territory. At 11:30, there's a great, trippy slowdown. I love when they get dark early into a show. 13:30 features some Huge synth from Page. Some fantastic percussive work beneath. They emerge from the darkness @15:30. Slow outro for the next 4 minutes.

IDK - No Fishman introduction. Only version of the year.

RCR - HUGE Kick. Not played since 12-30-1992. OK version with Page actually missing the most amount of work.

CTB - Page makes up for the last tune with this, showcasing his grand work. Extra tinkles!

Moma - Wrong key to start. Otherwise, pretty standard for the Summer. I do like the longer versions from '98-'00. After the beefy 1-2 combo to open the show, they really start to lose their flow.

Design - See what I mean? Only played twice during '98, so I guess it was a treat...

Zero - Pretty short set. Standard, rockin' Zero closer.

Gumbo - Coming out with another big one. Jam takes a dark/funky turn at the 6 minute mark. Page on clav. Fish introduces the cowbell and again, is laying down some intricate percussive work. Super brief Manteca tease by Trey. Major key modulation at 10 minutes in. The funk continues in this fashion until they break it down with around 3 minutes left. Some great key changes going on between Mike and Trey here. Best section of the entire jam. Goes out hard, too.

Axilla - Another one started in the wrong key.

Limb - Kinda losing me, but I was stoked to hear the new change they added during the Europe Run. Actually a pretty solid version with a little extra from Mike at the end.

Meat - The one new tune I really wanted to hear. We had a few sets from Europe before we left for Columbus, so we were stoked up to hear this one.

Bike - Another vacuum tune? Flow was not a priority this night. It was a kick, tho...not played since 11-07-1996.

Tube - Good way to bring it up. Pretty short version for '97-'00 standards. Kinda hard to top that Riverport version, tho.

Wedge - 1st time used as a closer of any set. Still the only time used as a 2nd set closer. Played well, but does seem like it should come before the closer.

Circus -

Antelope - Pretty cool in the double encore slot, but maybe a little too late...

I've always preferred the 2nd to this show and I used to like the Halley's much more.
I'd give it a B- on a Summer '98 scale.

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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2012, 11:18:28 AM »

Rhinoceros- Sweet! Used to be a big Pumpkins fan and felt like one of the few appreciating this one.  I like how they really take their time going through this one.   

Halley's - 20 minute Haley's in the 2 spot? Yes please.  Trey ripping through the composed then jam starts in around 6 plus with some nice work by Page on the clav.   Mike and Fish sound like one and the same with candy galore from Trey at 8 minutes in laying down some nasty dance beats.   Every minute seems to be getting better with Mike laying a nice foundation at 11+ before Trey again steals the show.  This recording is nice and crispy showcasing everyone beautifully. Love the spacey lead into the 16 minute mark when Trey finds his voice again.  Limb like jam before a breathtaking finish.

I Didn't Know- Pretty diverse set so far and this delivers that "phishy" factor.

Ride Captain Ride - At the time this was at the top of my cover wish list and after that monster Halley's this sealed the deal on a first set I would never forget.

CTB- Always a good time and sadly rarely played these days.

Moma - Seems odd this is the only time these two were paired together.  Opening was off but some solid summer 98 funk then Trey takes it a step further with a solo reminiscent of the the Walnut creek Ghost of the same tour.     

Strange Design - Not a favorite of mine but nice enough and hopefully setting up for something big.

Zero- Not my first choice for the closer and already a common occurrence.  Having said that this version smokes with more amazing work from Trey.   Short set at just over an hour.

Gumbo - A monster version and the only appearance as a second set opener.   Jam develops into that sticky hot summer98 funk then Manteca teases!  Love Page's work throughout the underlying theme.  9 minutes plus we are getting serious now with theme after theme better than what came before.  A quick rocking finish closes out this unique beast.

Axilla - Awkward start and seemingly out of place after that Gumbo. 

Limb - Always a fan and an extremely solid finish.

Meat - Doing it's thing on American soil although I was clueless about this song at the time.

HYHU>Bike>HYHU- Surprised at another vacuum song at watching this set slide a bit.

Tube - Extra funky breakdown and some much needed energy.

The Wedge -  Always welcome and well played.  Seems odd in terms of placement.

Circus - Nice enough

Antelope - Gotta love getting this as the second encore, fiery version on par with others from the summer.

Overall I still really love this first set but the second not quite doing it for me anymore.  It's been a long time since I have listened to this one in its entirety and the disjointed nature of the show will keep me from a full spin anytime soon.   I will however keep the first set around and pop that Gumbo in from time to time.
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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2012, 04:46:51 PM »
I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time. I will stay on top of show club this time.

Set I

01 - [07:36] - Rhinoceros - literally the first time Iíve ever heard this song... ever... interesting song with what I can only assume is a better guitar solo from Trey than there was on the original... I was already on Phish tour when the Smashing Pumpkins hit the big time. I remember a girl I was sleeping with in College got all excited that they were coming to play. Thatís the extent of my knowledge of the Smashing Pumpkins... that, and I know the lead guy is bald these days.

02 - [20:13] - Halley's Comet > How did I get 10 minutes into this thing and forget what song they were playing? Iím such a newb. Dig this. A little leftover 97-style funkiness into that chill 98 ambient sound you know and love. This is a really cool Halleyís. I should really listen to more 98 shows.

03 - [03:40] - I Didn't Know - is this  picture of Otis Redding?

04 - [05:29] - Ride Captain Ride - Love this tune - especially when Phish plays it.

05 - [05:26] - Cars Trucks Buses - groovy - not out of the ordinary, but groovy nonetheless.

06 - [10:47] - The Moma Dance - I love how the last 3 minutes or so just become a big rock jam here. You can tell that this song was just so strongly in the pocket for them at this point. Like it was just designed for Phish circa 97-99.

07 - [03:09] - Strange Design - ahhh. a perfectly placed lovely tune sung well by Page. Canít beat it.

08 - [07:31] - Character Zero - Rocking set closer. I never got sick of this tune until very recently. I dug it.

Set II

01 - [01:09] - set 2 intro - yeah

02 - [16:54] - Gumbo - early on there is a theme I recognize from lots of jams... is it Manteca? Yes. Yes it is Manteca. Groovy! This jam is mellow as hell. Not that thereís anything wrong with that. Itís just not particularly energetic. But it grooves right along. I dig it.

03 - [04:26] - Axilla > starts rough - love the ďIIĒ ending

04 - [11:43] - Limb by Limb - Treyís playing is sublime throughout this mellow Limb... It actually gets pretty intense, too. Wow. Great Limb. Probably one of the best Lgroobimbs Iíve ever heard.

05 - [04:32] - Meat - groovy... so groovy

06 - [01:01] - HYHU >

07 - [04:37] - Bike > I have it straight from the source (the horseís mouth?) that this is one of the very few Fish songs Fish actually likes to sing. Really, itís this and the other Syd Barret tunes and nothing else.

08 - [02:11] - HYHU - ďBob Weaver, ladies and gentlemen. Bob Weaver.Ē

09 - [05:30] - Tube - short - did people bitch?

10 - [05:26] - The Wedge - Iíve only seen this song a handful of times. I always dig it.

11 - [01:57] - encore break - woohoo

12 - [04:56] - When the Circus Comes - I like this song and would have been happy, provided it wasnít the only encore tune - fortunately...

13 - [11:45] - Run Like an Antelope - Now this is how you send em out wanting more!

Overall, a great show. I havenít spent much time with this era of Phish. Itís pretty great. Trey, especially, is playing with such fluidity... never boring... always exploring. The funk is still there, but they have moved on from it in a lot of ways. The Halleyís, Moma, Gumbo, and LxL are each worth the price of admission on their own. Add them together and sprinkle in some classic flavors and a couple of left-field spices and youíve got a helluva show!

Solid ďAĒ from the Pie-Guy!!!
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Re: R16/W02 : 08-03-1998 - Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN
« Reply #7 on: October 06, 2012, 07:01:19 PM »

rhino - whoa, so out of left field.  still my fav summer 98 cover...well except for terrapin, maybe. played really well.  i remember reading this setlist and thinking it had to be a mistake.  i was and am a huge pumpkins fan.  have i mentioned that billy lives in my neighborhood and takes the bus?  no shit.   i would give the pumpkins a shot pie-guy.  they have 3 really great albums. (gish, siamese dream, pisces iscariot)

halleys - this file is missing from the mp3 and there are no seeds on the flac so....... haven't listened in a long time so... i hear it was good.

i didn't know - yep

ride captain - fun!  massive bust out.

ctb - sweet.   great summer vibe so far.  shame this has been so rarely played in 3.0. gotta make room for alaska, i suppose.

moma - keeping the chill vibe going.  nice long intro.  nice groove emerges which builds to a subtle peak

strange design - its fine, its fine

zero -  standard.


gumbo - fun bouncy/ bubbly jam.  nothing shocking.  gets better as it goes.  very melodic.  manteca teases are nice.

axilla - messing around with the speed/ key in the beginning, on purpose?  prolly not but they went with it.

limb - really like this dark chill jam.  they are really jamming well as a group.  nice speed noodling from trey.  kills one from '12 that everyone was jazzed about.

meat - right up there with dog stole things as my least favorite phish tune.  some of the worst lyrics eva

bike - right up there with love you as my most favorite fish tune.  some of the best lyrics eva

tube - cooking!  could have stretched it out, but they get 'there' quickly.

wedge -  love wedge.  kinda a rare tune and it is always welcome in my book.  doesn't exactly end the show on a high note....but something s coming......


circus - 4 awesome covers tonight!

antelope - fuck.  this antelope smokes.  where has this energy been all night?  been listening to some killer antelopes lately, and this is one of em.

definitely a high 'fun' factor for this show.  its totally mellow, as a nice summer show should be, but could have used a little more oomph.
i listened to this over the course of multiple days, so maybe that had something to do with not thinking it was all that.
squeaks away with a B.

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