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No, not that CCCC show.

December 8, 1999
Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME

(FOB) Schoeps mk4 > kc5 > cmc6 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony D-100 (@48kHz)

Sony D8 > M-Audio MicroTrack > CF Card > WaveLab 5.01b (fades, resample to 44.1kHz) > CD Wave v1.94.5 > FLAC (level 8)

recorded by Dave Flaschner
transferred by Jason Sobel (
seeded 10/18/05

48kHz FLAC files of the original DAT transfer have been archived, and are available upon request

Disc 1 - [75:22]
Set I
01 - [08:57] - Limb by Limb
02 - [05:18] - Back on the Train
03 - [15:30] - Down with Disease
04 - [09:29] - Fast Enough For You
05 - [14:49] - Ya Mar
06 - [00:45] - The Horse >
07 - [05:34] - Silent in the Morning
08 - [15:01] - Run Like an Antelope

Disc 2 - [44:54]
Set II
01 - [18:11] - Sand
02 - [04:33] - Dirt
03 - [19:35] - Piper ->
04 - [02:35] - Dog Faced Boy

Disc 3 - [45:52]
Set II continued
01 - [11:24] - Lizards
02 - [21:25] - You Enjoy Myself *
03 - [03:52] - encore break
04 - [04:41] - Golgi Apparatus
05 - [04:31] - Tweezer Reprise

* with a cappella "Tweezer Reprise" vocal jam

short static sound during YEM at 12:10.  This was on the DAT, and is not from the transfer.
I had patched this short static segment with the circulating (FOB) B&K 4011 source.  However,
I decided that the change in sound due to the different recording interuppted the "flow" of
the music more than the inital static sound that I was replacing.  Because of this, I decided
to keep it as-is, and you will hear the minor static that I'm talking about.

MP3 -
FLAC - soon

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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2012, 02:12:44 AM »

Set I

Limb - Great opener and more common than I thought.  Trey comes through nicely on this FOB as he whips the crowds energy up with this ripping version. 

BOTT - Getting played to death at this point.

DWD - Poised to jam things get off to an early start.  7 minutes in already and Mike is obliterating the arena.   After Mike lays back Trey starts in with some of his summer licks reminding us of the big open jamming from a few months earlier.  Slowly this disease builds to a gorgeous finish before returning to the original theme.  Spacey outro with loops before >

FEFY - Sweet!

Ya Mar - Typical until we reach 9 minutes in when Trey and Mike just take off.  After finding some footing and sticking to a catchy enough rhythm Trey takes another direction around 13 in killing the jam and leading to what seems an early finish.

Horse> Silent - Dig it and just enough time to get in line before the closer

Antelope - Big fan of some of these 99 Antelopes and this one included.  The laid back style suits me allowing Mike to really hammer it home.  Big time finish to get the crowd buzzing before setbreak.
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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2012, 02:27:03 AM »
WoW, how has this show not yet been reviewed by the show club? Solid pick T.
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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2012, 04:51:00 PM »

Set II

Sand - not much of a crowd reaction and a slower tempo than versions of this era.  4 minutes in and Trey lays back letting Page throw out some nice effects to get the jam rolling.  You can definitely hear bits of Big Cypress here as things develop.   Staying true to the sand theme, Mike and Fish let Trey go nuts bringing everything to a frenzied effects laden finish. 

Dirt - Not my first choice in the 2nd spot here.  I have always liked Trey's solo though.  Page even tossing out some effects ala 99.  Some nice interplay with Trey and Mike similar to Roggae for a bit there.

Piper - A big year for Piper, Intro already getting shorter from the previous summer versions.  Heavy shred him before a refrain in the chorus and then Fish is off again like a man possessed.  12+ minutes in and an Page is getting in there with some Japan like effects pushing this jam into psycodelia.   Jam finishes with Mike getting in on the spotlight leading a  long ambient jam intoÖ

DFB- Sweet Kickdown, first version in 66 shows and only one for the year.

Lizards- Great placement and song selection after that monster piper into dog faced boy combo.

YEM - Monster set, Trey gets a little lost in the composed but flawless Nirvana section. After tramps it's all Mike all the way laying down some nasty beats to keep the Civic Center rolling strong.  Love the lead into the vocal jam and the tweezer reprise references as well!

Golgi- Love it here in the encore slot.

Tweeprise - How could they not?

Really solid show, the second set will stay in rotation for sure. Good highlights in both and I love that they really capture some of that great sound from the summer as well as hints to summer 2000 ahead.  I had a ride to the show but decided to stay back and see furthur instead. Still kicking myself in the ass for being outside of more shows that fall than I went in.
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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2012, 11:15:44 AM »
Limb - Not my 1st choice for an opener (or anywhere), but this one actually rages pretty hard with some cool backwards leads from Trey throughout.

GBOTT - Still waiting for this show to start. Just a boring version compared to what they've done with it recently. I guess they didn't really figure out where this could go until 02-28-2003. This is just chug-a-chug Page on Clav.

Disease - Nice composed and played fast like a lot of other '99 versions. Great build at the 7 minute mark with some more backwards leads from Trey. They bring it down a minute later and hit on that Classic December '99 sound. They attempt to bring it back up at 11:30 but they're just kinda stuck there, tho. Trey lays down some loops and hits some high-pitched keyboard before returning to some more backwards leads. Nice return to the ending.

FEFY - 1 of 3 from '99. Weird that it was only played 5 times from '97-'99. I like the loop during the intro. Some sour notes and some fishing for notes during the solo.

Ya Mar - One of the few versions where they explored it for a bit. Sweet modulation @ 6:15. Trey loops a la 07-25-1998. Another seamless modulation at 8:50. Pretty good return to the main theme, too.

H/S - Fish's drums sound really crisp.

Antelope - Loop to start the jam and then they really bring it down low. Really love Mike's line here. They start the climb upward at 6:30 in. More backwards leads before 1st peak. Some fantastic tension going on that just goes and goes and goes...It would be SICK if they actually nail they end, but they don't. Fish drops out too early, then comes back in awkwardly and then they all kinda miss the big drop. There is some cool chording by Trey during the outro section, however.

Sand - Still fresh and raw. AND...he still sang the "Have myself to blame" line like a normal person! Huge bends and tension throughout. I really love these '99 versions where it just gets louder and louder and more chaotic even though Mike doesn't move one bit. You're just waiting for it to peak and it never really does, which kinda adds to the madness. Just loops and noise and madness. Love the '99's. HATE the 2000's.

Dirt - HOLY SHIT! Elements set?! Nice placement. Starts off sounding patient and rehearsed, but they do hit some rough patches along the way.

Piper - Ehh...Kinda wasn't feeling this one at all. Standard wank for the first half of the jam and then they hit on that BC/Japan 2000 space for the last 5 minutes. You'd think a nearly 20 minute jam in '99 would have some more substance.

DFB - Emerges from that space nicely. Only version of the year.

Lizards - 1 of 4 from '99. Composed is pretty rough from all the guys except for Fish. Page almost makes up for this paper-thin version during his solo. Almost.

YEM - Passable composed sections. Start/Stop during the jam with Mike laying down the "Groove is in the Heart" line. No DnB section, just straight to the vocal jam.

Golgi - Played well and Trey kinda got the ending lick?

Reprise - WITHOUT TWEEZER! WHAAA?! And my roommate likes Ratdog!? WHAAA!!! Nice bonus with the extendo Trey "wave your axe in the a-yare like youze a true Jedi playa" feedbeck thingy.

Pretty good representation of December Tour. Ups and downs, jamming, flubs and some other stuff.
Never was the biggest fan of the CCCC shows...I'd give this a B for the Tour.

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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2012, 03:37:58 PM »
Set I
01 - [08:57] - Limb by Limb - I like this tune - great start. Trey locks into a couple of spots in the solo that really get the crowd energy going. I know Iíd just be happy as hell to be in the CCCC as the band warms up with this tune.

02 - [05:18] - Back on the Train - Mike starts with some ďtrain whistleĒ sounding chords on bass. I dig it! Otherwise, standard fare BOTT.

03 - [15:30] - Down with Disease - I actually love the way Trey was using his delay pedal in 99. He gets these swirling patterns going over the top of himself. Itís funny, because I get the sense that he felt the whale call was his next cool trick like these delay pedal jams were once his trick.

04 - [09:29] - Fast Enough For You - Not sure the DwD was intense enough to deserve a chill-down FEFY, but this is a beautiful version. It really is.

05 - [14:49] - Ya Mar - this song can make winter in Portland, ME feel like summer in the Caribbean! Whoah - almost 15 minutes of Yamar? very nice! I mean, longer isnít necessarily better, and this doesnít really go anywhere special, but itís not boring either.

06 - [00:45] - The Horse > yup

07 - [05:34] - Silent in the Morning - uhuh... again, not sure the intensity of Yamar was enough to earn the Horse-Silent breather.

08 - [15:01] - Run Like an Antelope - super-intense as all Ďlopes were in the late 90ís. Not my thing, honestly. the peak of these Ďlopes might as well be the craziness of a BBFCFM. Meh.

Set II
01 - [18:11] - Sand - Yawn. Iím 10 minutes in and there are 10 minutes left. This is why I defend 3.0. This is going nowhere fast. Iíd kill for a ripcord right about now. This is a Trey wank-fest with Mike just sitting there bored to death. Iím with him. I would be antsy waiting for something else to pop up. Anything else.

02 - [04:33] - Dirt - Again... did they earn this one? Things are falling apart here.

03 - [19:35] - Piper -> - This is actually way more interesting to me than the Sand. Itís slow, but itís at least interesting. I donít know. Iím not a huge fan of long jams with no purpose. This one fizzles, but it held my interest for most of it.

04 - [02:35] - Dog Faced Boy - again, did they earn this? Iím sensing a theme here.

01 - [11:24] - Lizards - I miss this song. Iíve seen like 30 3.0 shows and only one Lizards. It has been absent for the most part. Nicely played here. Page owns.

02 - [21:25] - You Enjoy Myself * - couple of oops moments from trey in the beginning. Typical. Wait, did we just skip Treyís solo altogether and get right into Mikeís? Nope. Just some good olí fashioned stop start jamming. Wait - yeah, no Trey solo in this YEM. Huh? ok. Did I blink and miss it? Nope. Itís not there. At least the vocal jam tweeprise was sorta cool.

03 - [03:52] - encore break - yup.

04 - [04:41] - Golgi Apparatus - yup

05 - [04:31] - Tweezer Reprise - yup.

So, this show didnít do much for me, other than bolster my argument that 3.0 is better than most of 99-2004. I know itís not a popular opinion, but itís mine.

This show is filled with long jams that go nowhere. The LxL may be the highlight of the whole night, and thatís just sad. Itís not really true. I mean, I like the Piper and the DwD alright, but the Sand, Yamar, Antelope, and YEM did nothing for me at all.

i give it a C - a bouncy C.
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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2012, 01:29:04 PM »
LxL- Dont really like it as an opener too much, but this one is pretty good. Trey does some nice work in the jam.

BOTT- Pretty standard version for 99. Page and mike are the MVPs of this jam. Page is ragin that clav!

DWD- Early DWD, hellz yeah :rawk: trey does a nice job on the first solo. And then tears the disease theme up! I like the way this jam goes right from the start! All of them seemed to be locked in and carry this jam very well. Pretty soaring jam for early first set. I like it. Trey nails some staccato notes while mike starts laying down some awesome bass lines. The jam starts to slow down and gets spacey. Trey comes in with some nice modulation work while mike intertwines with some stellar bass work. fish holds down a nice beat. They are feeling IT. Mike starts to take over the jam. They sink back into the disease theme nicely and cap it off. 

FEFY- Fuckin love this song! esp comin outta a jam like that disease. Transition is smooth and they slide right into it. Great!  :music: Nice calm version. This jam is spectacular. Mike does a great job and trey and page create a beautiful musical landscape.

Ya mar- Bringing the groove back. Sweet placement. Mike holds down this jam very well and they sink into a nice 99 space funk jam. Evolves into a sickk dark jam! and then back into ya mar. That was a great 1-2-3 punch with the dwd > fefy > ya mar.

Horse > Silent - Pretty standard.

Antelope- Sweet intro! Some nice Mike/trey Interplay. space lope! nice loop from trey. Mike and trey hold down this jam real nice. Nice tension peak.......wo0o0o! up and up and up! Mike carries this awayyyyyyy Air gordon! Sweet wah from Trey before rai rai rocko. A litte off on the ending but its all good.

Will review set 2 when I get home.

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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2012, 08:14:09 AM »
This and the next night were the only 2 indoor shows I ever saw.
Quick story about set break.  We were right on the rail and my buddy was rolling.  Security comes up and loses it and tries to grab the bag from him, something about them filming the show.  So he drops it and kicks it behind him.  Well, each person continues to kick it back so security couldn't get it (unbeknownst to us).  A few minutes go by and we thought that was it, it was gone.  We're walking back through the crowd and some dude comes up to us and says 'I believe this is yours' and hands us the bag.  Very cool.
At my age I probably couldnít do better than that.

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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #8 on: October 13, 2012, 08:57:07 PM »
A little behind on the reviews but wanted to dedicate a good chunk of time to review this one. Looks like a good second set.

Here we go!

Sand- Mellow, precise start. I like it. Solid loops from Trey to start the jam off. Mike does some good bass work and Trey comes in some nice modulated licks. Some sweet spaceship noises from trey and then he launches into a nice jam. Trey holds that modulated note while page takes the jam higher! Jam gets pretty rawkin, then comes back to the sand theme. Good version.

Dirt- Nice placement after a trip through out space.

Piper- Nice slow spacey intro. Sick jam after the verse. Building up the tension and ready to take off! Jam def takes off, Trey hits some nice trill notes! Awesome jam, gets pretty wild and then nice transition into some space funk!  :music: and then a nice enlightening jam evolves, mike holds down some sick bass lines while trey goes hard with the high notes. Then back into some dark phish! I am loving where they are going with this jam! wow this jam goes hard! Mike sounds like hes driving a spaceship! Spaceship comes back to earth and then

Dog Faced Boy- Have always loved this tune. Starts out very nice. Great placement.

Lizards- Crowd gets pumped about this! Treys playing is very calm and precise this set, dig it! Standard version. No flubs. Page does a beautiful job with the piano solo. Wonderful outro! One of my fav pieces of Phish music.

YEM- Great launch into YEM. They are on point! Nice space section. Page does a great job with the blissful section after space. Sick wash uffizi section, smooth and groovin. Nice jam, trey does some good rhythm guitar and then they let mike break it down! multiple times! wooo! awesome YEM jam. Page and Mike take over the jam and straight slay it! Vocal jam comes in. Very nice.

Golgi- pretty standard.
tweeprise- crazy that they play this without a tweezer either night, rawk!

Some good jams in this one. Id give it a B+
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Re: R16/W03: 12-08-1999 - Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
« Reply #9 on: October 20, 2012, 07:03:49 PM »
I *REALLY* wish there was an sbd of this show just so that I could hear the Disease from 6:03 - 7:33.

That has to be one of the coolest minute and a halfs ALL year.  That shit was so fucking cool, with Trey using the backwards guitar to sustain some notes and layer and build, not just wank.

Love the downshift 8 minutes in.  This Disease has covered so much ground already, and we're not even 10 minutes into it.  Fishman on ride cymbal means everything is okay. 
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