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Cutting the Cable... Advice sought on getting rid of Cable TV

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My wife has asked me to look into getting rid of our cable TV and getting a Streaming service instead...

Few questions:

1.  Is a media PC better than a Roku/AppleTv/etc.  If so, should I upgrade my vidcard/soundcard/etc???  If not, which box should I get?
2.  Which service do you use?  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, what else?
3.  Monday Nite Football - does ESPN stream this?  How about other NFL games???  I was thinking of using an HDTV antenna for the Sunday Games - what do you use???
4.  Ease of use for kids - I like being able to turn on Nick Jr. and having it baby-sit my son for the 30min. after dinner when I bathe my daughter and my wife cleans the kitchen... 

Any thought, recommendations, stories of total failure and success, things to avoid, things to make sure I do, etc...  Hit me with your best shot!!!


If you want live football, get an antenna or head to a bar.

I use Netflix via my blu-ray player. This unit also connects to both network and USB attached storage. This covers most things except for Hulu (which requires a sub to watch anywhere but a computer) and shows purchased via iTunes. I'd use AppleTV but my old HDTV does not have hdmi.

I've saved a ton of cash not paying for television to the point that paying a la carte for some shows is way reasonable.

This is something my wife is wanting us to do also. We already have Netflix and I have an Amazon Prime account. Plus we have to use in order to watch our Game Of Thrones. I know that this would save us a lot of money, but I've been a cable addict for so long now that it is going to be hard to kick the habit.

ESPN3 does not stream Monday night football.  NBC does stream Sunday night football if that helps any.

I've considered this as well.  I haven't done the research yet though.  They've inflated cable prices way too much.
there is something coming t Boston soon which is like $8/month and somehow restreams some channels, mostly a few local channels.  it has successfully withstood some court challenges thus far.  I forgot the name of it but will try and look it up.

Elgato makes a cool product called EyeTV which has a PVR type interface for OTA TV, just connect your coax off the antennae, then USB into the computer. You can then convert the recorded files to Apple TV format, sync those onto all your devices too.

I cut the cable in 08 and haven't looked back. Lots of shady streaming sites for sports, as well as legit services.


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