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Re: Helping Friendly Podcast (HFPod)
« Reply #285 on: December 05, 2018, 10:44:45 PM »
New episode.
We look back at some sort of Phish concert that's 20 years old.
Dig it.

Nice episode.  I love that show.  Funny to me that you guys were somewhat lukewarm to it, but it sounds like you eventually all warmed up to it a little more.  Also, you guys were musing about why they would play Wipeout for the first time in 700 shows or whatever.  Well at that point, that's when the cat was starting to get out of the bag that the millennium show was going to be in Hawaii so that's why everyone in the place is going nuts.  This was before the Hawaii thing fell through and everything moved to Big Cypress.
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