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help -trey princeton U 11-14-2005
« on: December 28, 2005, 10:35:34 PM »
hey now I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a bt.
ive been offline since summer when I lost my dsl.

I now have cable and cannot figure out how to forward my ports and/or make a static IP.
Ive been reading

I have my tape I transfered recently from Trey at Princeton U, I now have a stealth setup and
I recorded FOB. There was only 1 other source for this show, and was taped from below the balcony

Id like to get this FOB out there...
Anyone have a server I could upload to
Im also looking to figure out how to seed now that Im on cable, Ive got some tapes of Claypool and more...

I want to upload this to someone to host for me, and deal with trouble shooting later.
thanks for reading and such

Trey Anastasio
McCarter Theatre
Princeton, NJ

Source: Sony ECM-MS907 @ 90 degrees > Sony D8 (mic in hat) @44.1
Location: FOB Row E Far Left of Center 10' from the stack

Taped and Transfer by kkaye:
Sony D8 > Oade 7pin> Delta DiO 24/96> Soundforge 6.0> CDWav> FLAC Frontend
Fades were added to the beginning and & of the set in Soundforge.

01. Banter
02. Sleep Again
03. Wherever You Find It
04. Dark & Down
05. Sweet Dreams Melinda
06. Night Speaks To A Woman*
07. band introductions
08  Pebbles and Marbles@
09. Wading In The Velvet Sea@
10. banter
11. Grind@$
12. Limb By Limb@$
13. Lawn Boy@$
14. Waste@$
15. Character Zero@$

01.  Goodbye Head >
02.  Mr. Completely^ >
03.  Low^

04. Crowd Noise
05. Come As Melody

^with Russell Remington on saxophone/flute
and Jennifer Hartswick on trumpet
@Trey acoustic
$Tom Marshall on vocals

Notes: This recording is incomplete.
This was my 1st time using this setup and taping FOB.
There are some issues with the first few tunes,
so those were not included with this transfer.

I was 10 feet from the stack at the far left end of Row E.

*Slight level increase during the song