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Re: Glass Pony (my band!)
« Reply #30 on: January 28, 2019, 08:44:31 PM »
Okay so, fuck.  We aren't the Jauntee yet, but........ my band is getting good.  You guys have to listen to these please:

1/12/19 Parish Public House (SBD)

Highlights:  Bolly Golly and Blackberry Brandy with Matt Richards on keys (Formula 5).  Don't skip Hypnos and Portraits either, both original tunes. 

1/18/19 Low Beat (zoom H2 recorded in .wav - pretty great sound)

Highlights:  Swing That Maximus, Stardust, Walk Away (!!!!!!) - these are the first 3 tracks.  Also Blackberry Brandy -> Hypnos -> Blackberry Brandy was pretty hot.  The whole show was great. 

Would love to hear what you guys think, i feel like we've made some huge strides over the last couple shows. 

If nothing else, please listen to the 1/18 Maximus, Stardust and Walk Away and the 1/12 Bolly Golly and Blackberry Brandy (especially this fucking Brandy!)

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