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yo allen, was just wondering....

Were any of the old forums database able to be saved? Specifically my psuedo Skerik torrent project listing. I shoulda been smart and archived it myself, but you know how that goes. As it stands now, i cant for the life of me remember what shows i had seeded. While i may not be able to jump back in on a monthly basis right now i'd at least like to hit you/dan up with a "donation" sometime soon and start seeding again (my own bandwidth, or if limits allow, through the server). Ive still got a few of those uncirc'd Critters shows on my hdd that need to be ran through SF and CDWav and let loose upon the masses.

Nothing left of those forums, the hdd they were on was fried.   :?

yeah...i loosely remember the hdd turning into bacon...but just wondered if you had backed any of that up...but now that i think about it i remember you being pissed that we lost everything in the forums. damn. that sucks. :(

EDIT : just remembered that all the torrents posted under my name on bt.etree are saved in my profile there. I may start rebuilding that on here and start by reseeding those and then moving on....that cool with you cats?

WORD :idea:


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