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Greetings All
« on: May 17, 2006, 11:30:48 PM »
Howdy folks
I`m the new kid.I`ve been trading quite a while but I am new to this phine community.
As a way of saying "Hi" to everyone,I`d like to offer an open b+p from my list for any and all members.
It`s gotta be snail mail,I`m not "broadband challenged" but over the years never really held on to many shn/flac files,so I can`t really seed anything without eac in it,and that`s a no-no.
But I do know bittorrent protocol and will keep my windows open for as long as possible,and now that I have a computer that doesn`t suck,maybe I`ll hang on to some of those shn/flac files.
So any way,check out my list and drop me a line,trades are welcome also.