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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #30 on: May 22, 2006, 06:16:37 PM »

Alright.  I've finished with this weeks listening assignment, and I'm ready to report on it.  11-10-95.  The Fox Theatre.  A three show theatre run on the east coast.  The only thing the band attempted like it afterwards was in 2000 when they played two nights at Radio City and then a third at Roseland.  Tickets for these 95 shows were SCARCE, as the band had gotten to the level where they were selling out hockey arenas across the eastern seaboard (Winston Salem 95, sold out before show time and there were actually Fake tickets floating across the lot).  I'm sure these shows were bad ass to attend (the audio sounds great)...and I wish I had had the fortitude in high school to come along with my friend Jason, who went to these three shows, the charleston and charlotte shows.  (I only did Winston-Salem).  Anyways...onto the show.

This show opens up with Bouncing!!!!

Did I mention how much I love Bouncing openers?  Such a cool way to start a night off.  This one definitely sets a mood.  I hope you guys notice how the musicianship on this song suffers when compared to the 93 version.  The harmonies are slightly rusty as are the harmonics...oh well...just a good way to start a show off.

A song that WAS NOT RUSTY is the Runaway Jim that follows it up.  1995 Runaway Jims are so gosh darn fly, it is retarded.  Extended or not, these Jim's are bad to the bone, and this one doesn't dissapoint.  Listen to the end of the jam section....SWEET JESUS.  Way to open the show up...Bouncin, Jim is a good opener in my sweet ass opinion.  These two didn't drive too far out the edge...but the Jim was so effing tight, it's retarded.  Great, not epic Jim.

Up next is Fog That Surrounds...and I'm not a huge fan of the Fogs.  I like Taste (I) and Taste (II), but the Fog phase of the song, was one I could have done without.  They had yet to iron out the harmonic dissonance between Trey's and Fish's vocal parts, and because of that, Fish ends up singing a little too much (imo).  The jam on this one is nice, culminating in Trey's use of the leslie which I thought was nice.  But, this is nothing like the 97 Tastes (which were SUH-WEET...see raleigh and the gorge).  But, this still kept the energy nice and high...for....

Old Home Place.  Short.  Sweet.  Trey bails Mike out early in the lyrics section which is cute.  It's home place...I think they like playing this one in atlanta.

Then comes It's Ice!  Great version.  The spacy section is cool, because Trey unleashes some midi licks that are very Garcia-an in tone.  Typically great tight version.

Then comes Dog Faced' faced boy... nothing compared to the sweet ass 11/14/95 version...but it suffices.

And back out to rock with Maze.  This Maze was pretty fantastic.  But again doesn't have shit on 11/14/95...which is a RAGER.

Guyute Blazes!  At this point they weren't entirely comfortable yet playing Guyute, and it does show...but it is a VERY VERY energetic version, and made me remember why I loved this song in the first place... and then to close the set...they play...

Cavern.  Ugh.  I like cavern a lot, but by this point, Cavern set enders became the groan that Character Zero would become in 1997.  Good version.  Nothing spectacular.

My thoughts on this first set, is that it started off SO AWESOMELY.  The Bouncing, Jim opener set up my expectations for a KILLER SET.  Then the set lost momentum...and the big songs were some of me least favorites (sorry, not that big of an Ice or Maze fan).  I would have preferred a Stash or Fluffhead or Antelope or Possum or something to keep the energy level high.  I did thoroughly enjoy the Guyute too...but the set construction suffered...imo.  I feel like this set is deserving of a 5.5 on the Scott Jordan pool.  Averagely great phish.

The second set opens in GRAND fashion however...with FREE!  A great 10 minute 1995 Free!  Such a great effing tune.  And done effing well.  Killer second set opener...

Which is continued through the Scent of a Mule.  Cool duel.  Trey singing along to his guitar.  Mike singing along to his bass.  Lazer beams being fired at our heads.  Great stuff.

And then they blast into YEM!!!!  The opening is flubbed to hell.  Way flubbed.  But that's alright, after the spacy ass pre nirvana section...the band erupts with a vengence.  FUNKY fucking opening.  Mike blasts away!  This YEM is Mike's YEM!  By the time we get to the BOY!!!!! the opening flubs are long forgot.  This tramps is so god damn funky.  This is the DEEP FUNK.  97 ain't got shit on this YEM.  And the jam section opens in spectacular fashion...with Mike blasting away at the nether regions of the universe with his samurai 'doc style...and then Trey layering overtop on his surfboard like 'doc overtones.  Great opening to YEM...the jam just soars!  I would have loved to hear this live.  As the jam sounds like it's dying out, Trey starts chording the chords to Crossroads, and it sounds like its going to be a sweet ass segue...but he's going too slow...and fishman speeds the beat up...and it sounds...ugh.  It could have been sooooo smooth.  But Fish speeds the beat up too quickly.  I'm sure some of you love this segue...but it is NOT SMOOTH.  The Bathtub Gin-->The Real Me from 12/29/95 is smooth, the 11/18/95 YEM-->Brickhouse is smooth.  This YEM-->Crossroads is NOT SMOOTH.  The version of Crossroads is pretty good, however, and then as Crossroads is can hear Fish try to kick in the YEM beat...which would have been AWESOME.  Fish was ready to rage it.  Nobody else picks up on it, tho, and Fish joins the others in finishing Crossroads properly...again, another smooth segue aborted.  This time it's everyone BUT Fish's fault.  Fish tried to make that shit smooth, but Trey either didn't hear it, or wasn't letting it happen.  Either way, the segue out isn't horrible...but again is NOT SMOOTH.  The YEM jam doesn't rage out from the beginning, and quickly dies out, like the Bass and Drums segment is coming...but what's this?  Trey starts BUILDING THE JAM UP AGAIN.  The whole band is into it, and at 19:20...this YEM EX-FUCKING PLODES.  THIS IS HOW YOU CLIMAX A YEM.  In the last 2 minutes of this YEM, you can hear the seeds of the 12/9/95 monster.  This climax jam, is that good.  HOLY FUCK IS THIS SWEET AS HELL.  The YEM climaxs...and Mike does AN INCREDIBLE job during the Bass and Drums segment.  This you enjoy myself is a bumpy ride...and the segue into and out of crossroads isn't the greatest...and the opening is HORRIBLY FLUBBED...but man is the YEM climax so fucking good.  Definitely a classic YEM, imo.  I probably enjoy this one a little more than I like 11/14's and I LOVE THAT ONE A LOT.  Make sure to listen to Mike througout...because Mike plays his ASS OFF throughout this YEM.  Great shit.

Oh yeah.  The vocal jam was gay like most 95 vocal jams were...but who cares.  I would have needed a break after dancing my ass off.

And the best post jam song ever comes next...Strange Design.  The 1995 Strange Designs are like butter.  My favorite break song...hands down.

Sparkle!!! Yay... Again, Like Bouncing...not as good as the 1993 version we just listened to...but I always will have a soft spot for Luce and Lil.  Fun. Fun.  Fun.

And then comes what I think is the unsung hero of this show... AC/DC Bag!  This AC/DC Bag explodes out of the gate...and features one of the single TIGHTEST Bag jams that I've ever heard.  The use of tension/release is so tight during this jam it's retarded.  This has become my new favorite Bag!  I do love the extended Bag's...but that's for their improv, not their "Bag-gage"  This Bag is everything you would want out of a Bag and more.  It's great.  This was one of my first favorite Phish songs and man...does this one remind me why I like this so much.  Great stuff.  And as if that wasn't enough...Sweet Adeline follows it up...

Sweet Adeline (micless I suppose) shows off why I hate the Phish crowd.  The shhers.  I love the one guy that tries to scream throughout.  I don't know why, and I'm sure many here disagree...but that's what Phish is about....the rude guy...interrupting the serious with silliness.  I love the rude guy, and hate the shhers.  It is amusing to hear the crowd shhhh on a dime tho.  Oh yeah the Adeline is good too. 

But yeah seriously.  This second set smoked throughout.  Loved it.  The second set gets probably a 7.0 on the Scott Jordan poll...bringing the whole show up to somewhere around a 6.5.   And as everyone who uses the Scott Jordan poll knows, a 6.5 is a DAMN GOOD show.  If I didn't think the first set was as weak as I did, it would have been a bit higher.  Btw, I'm listening to the Bag right now, and damn is it good!

You might notice that I haven't mentioned the Hood yet...but I assume it smokes.  I will get to that after this Bag.  God, I love how the Bag falls apart at the end so well.  And comes back together...I love that so much :)
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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2006, 07:31:57 PM »
     First things first...I picked this show because it represents the fall 95 sound so well. Just about everyone has heard the 11/11 show but few people ever talk about this one. The first set is pretty average (read: Rocking), which is why 11/11 gets the nod as the best of the three nights. But the second set is magic.
 The Jim is hands down the rager of the set and has you hoping for more. Maze is typically tight. I was pumped for guyute because it was only the 2nd version since 12/29/94 and I thought it had gone the way of Destiny.  Now the 2nd set is a whole different beast.
  The Free opener is a wonderful way to get a dance party started. Mule is generally Mule, but this may be my favorite one ever..I would soon get so sick of hearing though.
 Personally this was my favorite of all the six Nov. 95 YEMS that I saw.I LOVE the crossroads segment...maybe not the smoothest transition, but damn ROCKING. Trey had his short, Eric Clapton haircut (think unplugged) and there were numerous Clapton teases throughout the tour. This YEM was also the first after the Halloween show.
    The ACDC Bag is out of this world tight and the jam just flies higher and higher. You have got to love when they play Bag this late in the set as well.
  Now Im surprised no one has mentioned the Hood.... :? :-o
Personally I believe this to be one of the best they ever played along with 12/30/95, 12/21/95, and 12/31/93.   They move confidently through the first few sections adding a lil spice here and there but when they get to the jam....I love how after they begin the jam, trey just quiets the song down. Slowly unwinding and breaking down to just very soft guitar notes. I remember barely being able to hear them playing from the front row of the balcony...then they build it back up slowly, methodically. Not rushing and letting the groove carry them off into that wonderful place. Building always into a  TREMENDOUS climax. Stunning phish, pure hose.
   That why I love this show. Its not in my top 10 but its up there. The YEM, Bag, Free, and most definately the Hood make this a show that everyone should hear at least once.  If I could have I would have picked the whole run for this weeks discussion....But thats onother thread.

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #32 on: May 22, 2006, 07:55:09 PM »
First things first...I picked this show because it represents the fall 95 sound so well. Just about everyone has heard the 11/11 show but few people ever talk about this one.

which i believe is the objective of this weekly series.

anyway......GREAT you said, birdman, typical first set for a 95 which equates to full on rocking.the only bad part for me was the flubbed guyute.but yes, it was rare then and was still a treat.

the jim killed it!really just ripped non stop!i love this version.

fog- i, too, am not a fan of fog.i dont care for any arrangement of taste, either.the only fog i saw was 12-14-95, but this one was actually very caught me off gaurd, because the jam section was really kicking.but i do agree with the composed section, too many vocals.

homeplace/ice/dfb- the ice space segment was really cool.really tight version.trey almost lost it at the very end with the descending D shape, but recovered nicely.and i liked how trey took one of mikes verses to help him out!where was mike during PH!

maze-ripped it! both page and trey tore up their solo's .a real meaty and fierce maze.loved it!

guyute/cavern- ^^^ .and cavern is cavern.

first set was super be honest, i would love to have a super tight set than one that has a few highlights sprinkled in with some misses.....

free-i cant express enough how much i love the 95-96 free with trey on the mini kit!
awesome version, nice and spacey, even though these versions dont vary much, they are consistent in this trance-like groove that i just love.

scent- pretty cool.not a fan of the mule, but liked them back then, especially the scat trey was doing alot back in 95.good version.

YEM- yeah, beginning of it was botched, no biggee.the beginning of the jam is so funky, with mike laying down such a sticky groove!he has agreat effect going that isnt too prominent, but just the right amount that really adds to this jam, and brings it into Crossroads......i think the segue into it was better than the segue really wasnt that bad.years ago, it would have killed me, but i have learned to except phish's little mistakes, especially on a leap like crossroads was short but cool...back to YEM....i love when they slow the jam down where fish is riding on the cowbell!great slowdown (i.e 12-3-97)....and the mike/fish segment was extra long with some more mini kit by trey.but mike really is tearing it apart.and i agree, this truly is mike's YEM.

design/sparkle-both well played breathers.

ACDC- really fantastic version.really peaks.....

adeline-personally, i hate the screamers.i really do.

hood- the highlight for me from this show.such a long intro and jam portion.also this was  a treat as an encore, for the last time it appeared in this slot was over a year before this.beautiful version....

GREAT SHOW! like i said earlier, i dont need all the bell and whistles in  a show, just solid playing.
anothe B+ from august.
 great pick birdman!

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #33 on: May 22, 2006, 11:02:42 PM »
Bouncin'>"autobiographical" welcome.

TOHP>great tune.

It's Ice>jam ice space>Page wintery scape>Wentianesque>John Medeski influence>nice!

Dog>nice one.

Maze>smoking beginning>more Medeskiesque Page>Trey funking underneath>dialed in>pace increasing>Trey dances around>video game sounding>Fish responds>nice peak action>Stash like ascending runs>solid version.

YEM>17:08 back into YEM groove>more funkier>1/2 time into cool jam>funk out by Mike>Trey tripping out>into heavier series>preety improvisational version>19:57 Mike funks w/ Trey soloing hard underneath>Mike's descending progression slows it down>b&d

Hood>variation of time>Mike laying down nicely>very collective>subtle Page>fantasy island>quietness of Fall '94>Trey picking up steam>theme repeated/jammed.  Jam opened beautifully but closed rather reduntantly imo.

Decent show
Some good moments:
YEM>after YEM set 2 petered out.

grade: B


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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #34 on: May 23, 2006, 11:25:48 PM »
Funny story about this show.  I downloaded the mp3s but didn't get a chance to listen.  Then, I'm in my car on the way home, listening to a show (I have a backlog of over 100 shows that I've downloaded but haven't heard yet, and I just go through them one by one) and I hear a Mule where Trey's singing along with the guitar...  I know he does this fairly often, but I remembered that it was noted for this show.  Lo and behold, I check the date and there it is, 1995-11-10.  I started listening to it yesterday, just by chance.  Crazy.

So I'm into YEM, and I personally thought that the segue into Xroads was pretty good.  I'd blame the too quick transition on Trey over Fishman, but I thought it fit just fine.  Going back into, yeah, Tubbs tried but nobody else was ready.  Next measure.  Although I liked this YEM, I may be in the minority saying that to me it was in the top 30th percentile or so.  Free was good, and I remember commenting to myself on how Guyute almost sounded new still.  It's Ice was also solid, but nothing mindblowing IMO.  Personally, I'm not a fan of bouncin'.  I can do without.  It's okay as an opener, just to get it out of the way.  Still have a bit more to listen to in the morning...

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #35 on: May 24, 2006, 12:19:19 AM »
Good, solid show
Set 1 - as a whole, didn't make me feel like getting up and dancin', but had it's moments
Bouncin- I like this song
Jim- very good jam, picks up the last 2 minutes or so. wish it kept going.
Fog - OK, prefer taste
Ice - good version, some early phunk
Maze - loved both Page and Trey's solos

Set 2 - definitely picked it up here
Free - great start, short but tight jam section
Scent - loved this version, especially the trey singing over guitar
YEM - nice. strong jam section Crossroads was good, I'm partial to 5/8/93 Mikes>Crossroads>Mikes. By now I'm up on my feet. Agree- Cactus all the way. Great 95 phunk
Strange Design - Love this song, liked the placement
AC-DC- Great jam, one of my favorite Bags. Really dug the  almost stop-start feeling (not sure how to describe it, but you know what I mean). Great placement. One of my top 2 songs of this show
Hood- The other top 2 song of this show. Great, spacey intro, great jam section as usual. Never dissapoints.

Overall, enjoyed the show, especially 2 set. Would have been very happy to have seen it live. On the other hand, it's not one of those I feel bad about missing.
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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #36 on: May 24, 2006, 03:17:02 AM »
i like this show.
second set rocks all the way through.

first set i liked Jim and It's Ice more than anything else.
not so fond of Fog. a song still under construction.
Maze wasn't bad.

but it's all about the second set, which works all the way through.
the Free is hot for the old style Free. big surprise, i like what it turned into starting in '97.
but the spacey freak out Frees are cool, too.
though i just listened to the 33 min. version from 11.22.95 and was seriously underwhelmed. some nice moments, but it goes NOWHERE.
so this 10 min. version sounded just perfect, lengthwise.
Scent of A Mule, as everyone has noted, is hot.
YEM, obviously a monster. fine, the segues aren't dreamily perfect, but they don't bother me at all. i think the whole song works. did someone already mention the Gin->Real Me->Gin? same vibe, i thought, though yes, the segue is smoother in the Gin.
Strange Design only works for me when it's in the right spot and when Page's voice is on. both criteria met in this version.
Sparkle's not my fav, but what the hell. it works here. they play the hell out of it, at least as much as can be played out of this song.
AC/DC Bag rocks.
Harry Hood does, too.

as it happens, i haven't heard the 9th or 11th, which everyone seems to feel are way better.
be that as it may, i like this show.
good choice.

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #37 on: May 24, 2006, 06:13:55 AM »
   I should clarify that I personally like this show over 10/9, which is a great show. But this 2nd set really gets me moving more than either of the other fox shows. I should note that I love the Gin from 10/9, easily my favorite "short" Gin 8-). The jam is very melodic and .02

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #38 on: May 24, 2006, 09:51:49 AM »
I did forget to mention Mule in my review:

The scatting was very cool indeed.

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #39 on: May 24, 2006, 10:30:17 AM »
This was a decent show, yet nothing out of the ordinary for Fall '95 IMHO. I think I would've enjoyed it more if this recording didn't suck so bad. Sorry, I'm just not a big fan of Linda's recordings. Highlights included...
A rippin' version of Jim
A psychedelic Ice
Nice Maze
Nice versions of Free and Scent
Cool YEM - My favorite section came after Crossroads
Hot Bag!
You Can Feel Good About This Hood!!!!!! :mrgreen:

Nice show, Hood was definitely my favorite part. I'd give the show a 3.5 out of 5. Thanks for the pick birdman! :-D
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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #40 on: May 24, 2006, 12:41:44 PM »
ok, i havnt read anyone elses reviews so i stay true to my own opinion...

i have only listened to the 1st set and as far as YEM in the 2nd.

to start off, i give the quality of linda's recording a C+, not to disrespect anyone for spreadin the love, i just thought how much more enjoyable it would have been with a better source.  until that better source comes around, thats all i have.

bouncin= :banana:
jim= classic fall 95 sound, rough around the edges rockin jim.
fog that surrounds= i think the fog/taste's from fall 95 were just about my favorite, i know alot dont like fish's voice but i thought he sounded good in the right places, fog was one of them for me.  good page work and all around well played
old home place= nice work by page again
its ice= not my favorite song anymore as the years have passed.....
dog faced boy= nice song, not the best place in the set imo
maze= great version, everyones on fire, my favorite maze's are from this era, i just love how page rips up his section, i dont think maze was the same after 96....
guyute= hadnt reached its prime yet, very rough around the edges...didnt sound very tight imo.
cavern :banana:

overall set I is well played yet very standard for the time.  song(s) of the set for me were maze and fog.

Set II
Free= what can you say, free was so wicked back then, i love the free's from fall 95, out there, tripped out to another dimension.
scent of a mule= very nice, well played, page is rippin this show apart.
YEM>crossroads>Yem= CRAZY yem, deserves the hype, mike's bass is nasty and page again is the star.  transitions to and from crossroads dont sound forced imo, smooth, nothing wrong with bringin down the house while your already bringin down the house!  i like the vocal jam on this one as well. 
strange design= just listened...
sparkle= just listened... :banana:

i will get to the rest later, so far the 2nd set is on fire!!
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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #41 on: May 24, 2006, 01:01:15 PM »

I assume that :banana: is the highest compliment a song can receive?

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #42 on: May 24, 2006, 01:17:48 PM »
No.  :banana:  :banana:  :banana:  :banana:  :banana: out of  :banana:  :banana:  :banana:  :banana:  :banana: would be the highest.

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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #43 on: May 24, 2006, 01:20:04 PM »
please save us from the banana!
Much Respect
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Re: Week 2: 11-10-95 Atlanta, GA
« Reply #44 on: May 24, 2006, 01:23:34 PM »
i am with you. jedi.
i will NEVER use that thing.