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Strawberry-Mustard BBQ Sauce
1-1/2 cups

2 cups strawberries, washed, hulled and sliced
1/2 cup Dijon mustard
1/4 cup ketchup
1/2 cup raspberry vinegar
1/2 cup loosely packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup molasses
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pot and simmer for 20 minutes. Cool slightly and carefully transfer the ingredients to a blender or food processor, and puree until smooth, 2 minutes. Transfer to a clean, dry container and chill completely. Use for chicken, ribs or on mixed grilled vegetables. This can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week in a covered container.

Great on chicken or pork.

Meredith Viera showed me her delicious Chicken Cutlet recipe!


I just found this and will try it in the next month. Sounds awesome.

Acadian peppered shrimp

3lbs shrimp in shell
3/4C Butter (sweet cream, salted)
3/4C Olive Oil
3cloves garlic minced
2 bay leaves
1/2t rosemary
1/2t oregano
1/2t cayenne
1/2t salt
1/4t nutmeg
1/2t paprika
5t black pepper (suprisingly, cooking with black pepper adds a ton more kick than adding it after.  this ought to add a very nice punch)
2t fresh lemon juice, not that canned shit you fucking fascist (Will anyone get this reference?)

melt butter in heavy frying pan and cook over medium heat until sauce is a light golden color (I'll use a wok).  Drop in shrimp and cook for about 6 minutes per side (Just until they're pink).  Serve at once as peel and eat, and spoon leftover sauce on each portion.  Serve with french bread to sop up the sauce.

I can't wait.  Results to follow in a couple weeks.


Five-Spice Flank Steak

cup   soy sauce
    cup   rice vinegar
   2 tbsp   sugar
   2 tbsp   five spice powder
   2 tbsp   minced fresh ginger
   1 tbsp   toasted sesame oil
   5 cloves   garlic
    teasp   asian chile paste, optional
   1 lb   flank steak
   2 tbsp   toasted sesame seeds
   2 dozen   crisp butter, bibb letuce
   4    scallions cut inch long

Stir together marinade ingredients in a small bowl.  Set aside 2 to 3 tablespoons of marinade.  Place steak in a ziploc bag and pour marinade over it. 
Marinate 30 minutes to overnight.
Let sit at room temp for 30 minutes.  Prepare grill for cooking over high heat.
Grill steak well-seared on the surface but still pink at the center, about 3 - 4 minutes per side.
Let steak sit for 5 minutes, then slice across the grain into 1/4" strips.  Cut strips into thirds.  Toss steak with reserve marinade.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds and scallions.

Use lettuce leaf, scoop in rice, top with steak.  Wrap up and eat.

another great thread!  this will be stickied!  i love the above recipe!  soooo good!

Thanks jedi, I've been looking for a good 5-spice recipe for the longest time. 


Here's a great breakfast one.  They are a cross between crepes and swedish pancakes as they were concocted by me from a combination of my grandma's recipes.

for a family (half of this for 1-2 people)

4 eggs - beat
1C flour, add to eggs and use whisk.  It will get thick, but you have to use this order or stuff will get lumpy.
2C milk (I'd go with 1 or 2%) add slowly while whisking.
3T melted butter (no fake shit, Land O Lakes preferred.  Jedi can hook us up) Mix that in.

9" skillet
use a 1/4C measuring cup and fill it about 80% (you can experiment with this number).  For the first one, have the pan heated to medium and add a little bit of butter(just enought to coat the bottom very lightly when spread with the spatula).  Add your 80% of 1/4C of batter and hold and move the pan in a way that the batter will spread thin, covering most of the bottom of the pan.  The trick is to try to get it the same thickness near the edges of the thing.  Let it sit on the heat.  flip it when there are golden spots on the bottom (first one may stick at spots so scraping may be required, with a calphalon pan, it's good by the next one).  That side should take like a minute.

There are a few ways to eat these, each enjoyable.

1.  Sprinkle with table sugar, roll up, sprinkle with more sugar. - Old skool, my dad taught me this one and it's my current favorite.
2.  Syrup (maple or fruit flavored) - I just never got into this one
3.  Jelly (my son's favorite, till I turned him on to straight sugar)
4.  Stack them with jelly between each layer (spread thin) - my childhood favorite
5.  Make a mixture of diced fruit with the same fruit flavored syrup (strawberries work best) and roll that up in there with some whipped cream - my HS favorite.

I am sure you could do a blintz type thing or whatever, but since these are not exactly crepes, I'll just mention the types I do.  I usually make these every weekend.

I have one for german pancakes that I'll post sometime soon, I haven't made them in a while so I can't remember the recipe, but they are stellar too.


ps...  Looking for good Indian food recipes.  Chicken Marsala (Or any other North Indian chicken/lamb dish) and Gulab Jamun (dessert). 


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