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The real question is:  what do you do with Santorum*, once you decide to get rid of it?


* Definition: http://www.spreadingsantorum.com/

Santorum is among the top scumbags to get dumped, glad my friends in PA helped vote that dickbag out...  as for the sweep, way to go USA!!    i voted absentee so i was glad to see this election produce such turnout.  in the UK, the midterms were THE top story the last 3 days... amazing!!  the rest of the world is apparently pretty happy about this, but now they want to see results, which won't come with the "bipartisan" Bush in office. 


--- Quote from: mattstick on November 09, 2006, 04:57:16 PM ---Rick Santorum's family looks CRAZY!

--- End quote ---

anywhere i stand that kid keeps on staring at me...


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