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« on: February 02, 2005, 03:47:36 PM »
The Slip-Stitch show...

I downloaded it, downloaded the fixed files, then re-mixed those with the tracks from the album.  It's funny that on the album you can hear the first note of Reba after a Jesus Left Chicago.  There were some gaps in the downloaded version that were apparent.  Most notably, the speaking before Weigh was cut out.  The only transition that I feel turned out less than good was between weigh and bomd.  I couldn't get it much better even using the weigh from the album.  I had to double the levels of the downloaded stuff to match it up with the album.  I haven't listened yet, but I'll report on it when I do.  If you own this album, I'd be willing to share this with you through other avenues (ftp etc).  I guess that is how it has to be done since it's not kosher to share commercially released stuff even if it is among the other tracks.  So you must own this album!...  If you are interested in my work...  It's good.  I spent a good 4 hours on it.

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