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Another Check my Proceduresque thread.

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I ask of you kind sirs to bless me with your knowledge...
didn't want to thread jack, and have some specifics that i can't sort out.

My goal is to obtain, archive(in the backup sense) and share lossless music. Maybe this could help others as well.

I use Azureus to torrent. Files are going to my external HD.(300gigs almost full now)

I never delete any of the files(MD5, checksums, text documents, etc.)

i typically convert flac files to wav using Traders Little Helper.

Question 1) I didn't have my Itunes set to Apple Lossless until i had maybe 20gigs on my Itunes. If i played the wav. file from the folder i torrented and converted, is this lossy? Should i start over? :?

I have a lot of studio albums as well. these are all in mp4 format. does it matter if they were lossless? are they ll? is mp4 ll? if i didn't import a file just played it through itunes and uploaded to ipod it will take up much more room right? i'm confused.

Question 2) My itunes folders are saved in F:/ drive. Torrented files in my G:/drive.  The itunes 25%full, the external HD is 85% full. Is this how i should have it set up?

I know this is a lot to ask/read. Ultimately i'd like to contribute back with seeding help, etc.

This is part 1 of a 4 question series.  :mrgreen: :lol: :?

Wav is not lossy.  If it's in iTunes, you can see what format the song is in by showing the "kind" column.  if you were importing as AAC, that's mp4.  Apple lossless is also mp4 because they're both based on the same codec, one's just lossless.  So you should find out what you have in iTunes.  If it's wav or apple lossless, that's great.  Now, if you want a lossless copy and also a lossy copy, you can do that, but until you delete or move one they should both be shown in itunes.  But all this also depends on if you let iTunes manage your library or if it just keys off of a fileset of wavs in a folder somewhere.  What's your final goal, and what's your current situation(more exactly as it relates to iTunes)?

+k for the 'kind' hint!

I don't want a lossy copy. I only have a Ipod Nano, and i want to be able to put as much music as i can on it. I've noticed if i put a show on my ipod that is not imported(converted i guess) it takes up a lot of memory. Now that i have it set to Apple Lossless i thing i should convert a show to AL and then put it on the ipod.

Thanks Jephrey!

Ok, a good majority of my music files are AAC. So this is lossy, right? Converting now in itunes is not going to better the quality i assume?

correct.  once it has been made lossy, that information is, for better lack of a word, lost.  a lossless conversion of them would be a perfect reproduction... of the lossy file...


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