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CD burning issues, any ideas??



I just grabbed this show off the archive using filezilla. When I listened to the show (only parts here and there so far) I sounds fine. But when I try to burn the show to disc it gives an error automatically. I click burn, then boom, burn failed. I have no idea why, currently I'm redownloading the whole show hopefully that will help. I use Nero 6.0 for burning, using the flac plugin I burn the flac files and it converts for me. I haven't tried converting to wav then burning so that will be my next effort tomorrow if the new fileset presents problems. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them, thanks

I dl'd the first track and it appears to be 48k sample rate instead of 44.1k.  That would do it.

yeah, I just downloaded a track to check it out.  it's definitely 48 kHz instead of the required 44.1 kHz for CDs.
to resample to 44.1, I would suggest using r8brain.  its free, and you can download it here:
run a batch process on the decoded WAV files, convert to 44.1 kHz (with 16 bit output) at the highest quality setting, and you'll be good to go.


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