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Get back to where you once belonged...
« on: February 02, 2008, 08:27:55 PM »
Hi all,

I first saw Phish in '93, and from there, I managed to stalked them back and forth across the country for the next 5 yrs. These, my friends, were some of the best and formative years of my then young life. I went through great times, and sometimes, I really hit rock bottom. But one thing is for sure: I saw some great music.

For various reasons, I stopped going to shows, as well as collecting them, at the end of summer '98. No one sentence could sum up what was going on at the time...but, we'll just say that a confluence of reasons led to my Phish hiatus, not the least of which was extreme road fatigue.

Anyways, it's now been close to ten years since I've seen Phish, and I've only recently began to revisit this great music and time of my life. WOW! ~ I remember why I was so hooked. Now, I am in need...So how can I possibly satiate this thirst? I NEED SHOWS!!!

Not that I intend this to be a one way street.  I have about 350 hrs. of High Quality Grateful Dead in SHN format on my external drive. About 90% of these are soundboards, and an even greater percentage are almost flawless. They are all DAO, not mp3's, or burdened by any of the other flaws that would turn a discerning trader such as yourself off. I am very particular about my *music*, and I am looking for someone on that kind of level. And, if not on that level, someone who can at least appreciate it.

So it boils down to this: a good old fashioned CD-R trade. I will send you my list, you can pick 10-15 shows (or whatever you can handle). You will send me your list, and I will pick 10-15 shows. We send, receive, and enjoy.

The work from this end will consist of: pulling the SHN's off my external drive, converting them to WAV, and putting them down on whatever quality CD you desire; as long as you reciprocate. What I am looking for from your end is some HQ Phish, circa 92-96. Those are some bread and butter years. Specifically, although I'm open to other suggestions, I am looking for 12-30-93 and 6-18-94.

Anyone game?