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ABB 69-70 vine
« on: February 13, 2008, 09:15:00 PM »
From LL
ABB SHN Extravaganza Vine #4 1969-71 (4 shows)

A music trader/collector who has become a friend
generously allowed me to collect the following
ABB shows. This person wanted to remain annonymous
and I will honor their request. But this person's
sharing is WHY you get to enjoy this great music.

I saw the ABB before Duane died and man do
those guys jam hard. It was a 5 hour show of
non-stop jamming. Having duane allman and
dicky on the same stage is SURE something
special. Then there are Barry Oakly and the great 2 ABB
drummers. Unbelievable interplay between
these great musicians.

Anyway these are the shows.


This is on one TY DVD+r.

Allman Brothers Band
"Capricorn Demos '69"

01 Don't Want You No More
02 It's Not My Cross To Bear
03 Trouble No More
04 Dreams
05 Radio Ad

* Demo produced by Twiggs Lyndon. 
great sound, must have for ABB fans.
corrected set list



The Allman Brothers Band
March 20, 1971
The Warehouse
New Orleans, LA

Source: SBD > ? > DATs

Source: SBD > ? > DATs
Transfer: DAT 60ES > M-Audio Audiophile USB > WAV > Flac

Disc 1
01.  Statesboro Blues 
02.  Trouble No More 
03.  Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 
04.  Done Somebody Wrong 
05.  One Way Out 
06.  In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 
07.  Midnight Rider 
08.  Hoochie Coochie Man 
09.  Hot 'Lanta 

Disc 2
01.  You Don't Love Me
02.  Whipping Post (40 mins!)

Disc 3
01.  Revival 
02.  Stormy Monday 
03.  Don't Want You No More  >
04.  It's Not My Cross To Bear 

05.  Mountain Jam (45 mins!)
06.  Stage Annoucement

This is likely a compliation from different sources:  1st source goes through Stormy Monday. 
There is a mild-moderate amount of hiss, but not terribly distracting. 
This part of the recording sounds a bit compressed and overdriven at times (A-). 
There is a tape change before Revival and the very beginning has low levels and lots of hiss
but improves rapidly and sounds like the beginning part of the show. 
Finally, Don't Want You No More through Mountain jam has a slightly more distorted, muffled sound to it (B+ sound quality). 
Reading through the comments on suggests that part of this show may actually be from 12/31/70. 
Overall, extremely listenable and a typical smoking performance from 71.

There were a number of tenth-of-a-second analog type dropouts which were removed.  Most were relatively imperceptible. 

d2t01 tape change in middle of jam removed, not much missing
d3t05 1 second do removed from drum solo

This will probably fit on 2 discs if You don't love me is moved to the 1st disc and Whipping post to the third disc.  There is very little time in the transition between these two and disrupts the flow of the music.


Allman Brothers Band
Georgia Tech Coliseum

cdr>eac>wav>mkw>shn.  no md5 in etree database to verify shns.

Disc One

1.Statsboro Blues
2.Trouble No More
3.Dreams // 
4.Hoochie Coochie Man
5.I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
6.Every Hungry Woman
7.Oh Pretty Woman
8.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

Disc Two

1.Stormy Monday
3.Whipping Post
4.Mountain Jam>Hot Lanta'

*Great sounding early show for the Brothers, few tape cuts,
hiss and scratches, but overall sounds good considering
the age of the show. The saxophone and harmonica make an
interesting addition to  Liz Reed and Stormy Monday....
Nontheless a fantastic performance. 
Can't quite make out the names of the sax player and
harmonica player, any info on this please contact 


Allman Brothers Band
Stoneybrook, NY

Disc 1
1 Don't keep me wandering
2 Stormy Monday
3 Liz Reed
4 You don' love me
5 Dreams

Disc 2
1 Mt Jam
2 Whipping post

PM me here or at LL, then put your name at the end of the list at LL

It's an LL vine, so please register there if your not a member already.
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Re: ABB 69-70 vine
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2008, 01:59:35 AM »
how did I miss this.....since it appears there's no takers I'd be down with tossing a bunch of audio into the video vine. I'll get my ABB list in here soon. That way you can just toss the one's I need in the mailer and I can add mine when it gets to me....thoughts?

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