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R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« on: May 27, 2008, 08:16:31 AM »
Back in the day Phish NYE shows got the biggest hype but as we all know, the shows leading up to the big finale were often more transcendent.  Not to say this particular show is transcendent, it has its moments, I thought it would be cool to analyze this one for the show-club. 

Aug. will provide links(thanks Aug.!).

12-28-96 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

1: Runaway Jim, NICU, Wolfman's Brother, It's Ice, Billy Breathes, Ginseng Sullivan, Split Open and Melt, The Mango Song, Frankenstein

2: Makisupa Policeman-> Maze, Bouncing Around The Room*-> TMWSIY-> Avenu Malkenu, Mike's Song-> Strange Design-> Weekapaug Groove, The Star Spangled Banner (1:14)

E: Johnny B. Goode (5:50)

*With Digital Delay Loop Jam before "TMWSIY".

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2008, 09:59:43 AM »

Aug. will provide links(thanks Aug.!).

I thought you only needed the lossless (which I can get up tomorrow).

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2008, 09:56:59 AM »

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2008, 12:51:00 PM »
I downloaded this show about a year ago, listened to it once and then shelved it.  Haven't heard it since.  Here goes...

Jim: Good opener.  Decent jam.


Wolfman's Brother: The short, concise, pre-funk version.

Ice: Faster than usual and pretty tight for the most part.

Billy Breathes: Bathroom break.

Ginseng: Sullivan.

SOaM: Good stuff.  Exactly what the set needed.  Nice, hot jam.

Mango: I've realized that everytime I hear this, after the first couple notes, I think, "Ugh..not the f'in Mango song again."  But by the time it's over, I think, "Hey that wasn't so bad."   Same here.

Frankenstein: Nice boost to the set.  Great cover.

I give the set a solid B.  Decent setlist.  Pretty much played well throughout, but nothing really stands out for me.  Everything's pretty much an average version.

Makisupa: Not a fan.  Cow Reggae.

Maze: The real start to the second set.  Good energy.  Quite long, with a lot of tension and a great release at the end.

Bouncing: So much for that energy.  I like the song, though.  Just don't like it in the second set of a New Years run.

Delay Loop> TMWSIY > Avenu: I'll always think of the Providence Bowie when I hear that delay loop jam.  Love hearing the TMWSIY/Avenu Malkenu combo.  One of only 3 Avenu Malkenus from '96.

Mike's: Kicks right into it.  Great start with Trey adding some nice fills.  This feels like it's gonna be a monster.  Starts out pretty funky/groovy.  Starts to get fierce for a bit and backs off a bit.  Page hitting the organ pretty heavy.  Good jamming.  Then it goes into a Bb Major/F Maj jam reminiscent of a Simple jam but without the Simple.  Pretty cool.  Mellows out a bit for a while.  Kind of loses itself.  Goes into:

Strange Design?: Once again, not my top song pick for late second set, New Years run, middle of Mike's groove.  Not a bad song, just not what I wanted to hear here.

Weekapaug: Here we go.  Fantastic playing by Page ~6:00.  The jam picks back up around 9:00.  Page takes over again.  This 'paug is all Page, which is a nice change.

Star Spangled Banner: I f'in hate the Flyers.  Otherwise, a good arrangement/version.  They hit the harmonies well.

Johnny B. Goode:  Not much of a fan of this one, although Trey has some good fun with it.

This set was certainly better than the first with a nice treat with Avenu and a different Weekapaug, although it wasn't a great one.  I'd give the set a B+.  While these New Years runs were certainly about as overhyped as you can get, this one was pretty much an average show, I thought. 

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2008, 08:16:56 AM »
i have 20,30, and 31 shows, but not this one.  Cant wait to hear it.

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2008, 09:01:32 AM »
I think this is the first show that I went to without a ticket.
This second set is still one of my all time favorites.

Jim - Standard opener but pretty freakin' ripping. Crowd is pumped.

NicU/Wolf - Both very solid. The Wolfman's is extra driving and funky.

Ice - Here you can hear Page's voice beginning to strain which eventually became a problem during the Bohemian Rhapsody encore in Boston. Extra trippy middle section with Trey throwing out HUGE looops.

Billy - Solo was going really well for a bit. Then Trey gets pretty lost...

Ginseng/Split - Here comes some Meat! SER Badass version right here.

Mango - Yup. I like the out-of-nowhere slam into >

Frank - Good way to close.

Makisupa - StiNkSt4nKstUnk. Extra psychedelic and kinda lengthy, for the time >

MAZE -  :-o My all time favorite. All I remember is STROBES X 1,000. SER tension on this one.

Bouncing - Nice breather >

DDLJ - Keeping with the NYE Run tradition. I like how this one ends on a major key and segues into >

MWS/Avenu/MWS - Played well.

MIKE'S - Another one of my top versions (Top 10). Total beefball right here with Chris PWNING the crowd. They get really locked into this one.

Design - Didn't mind it here.

Week - Poppin' up and down your block, son.

SSB - Philly rep! The next one wasn't until 12-03-1997 in Philly...

JBG - Gunny Sack.

Great show.
I give it a solid A.

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #6 on: June 01, 2008, 09:16:36 AM »
wow- great show and pic.  i had not heard this one yet.

runaway jim-great opener, well paced, with all four taking turns sharing the lead
nicu-keeps things moving, made me want to dance
wolfman's-i actually really liked this wolfmans, fairly tight, short and sweet and good
its ice-really good.  interesting playing during the slow down part, leads to a good jam, before returning to finish
billy breathes-i didnt really need to slow down yet, but the song is well played. page and trey sound good together
ginseng sullivan-gets things back up and moving
Split Open-wow! smoking hot version.  you know in most shows there is the song in the middle of the first set where everyone is using their lighters? i can "see" that happening at the beginning of this melt.  everything takes off in this jam, and its as if trey has been holding back.  he builds and builds before exploding near the end
mango song-love it!
frankenstein-cranks things back up and a good a send off for our "15 mins" intermission

makisupa policeman-funky version with stink stank stunk
maze-right back into the heat of things. the early sections are well done but it is clear that all want to get lost.  this maze is one of the better versions i have heard
bouncing-we all needed to catch our breathes
delay loop-really liked this and the smooth segue into
tmwsiy>avenu-as much as i like avenu i wish this one had been a little longer
mike's- i didnt see this one coming and my face is melting.  rocking version of mikes, again with solid building by all.  i also really liked the jam that happens about 8 mins in, as it reminds me of some of the more tasteful atmospheric jams of 98. 
strange design-oddly placed but well played
groove-damn, any more heat and this place will be on fire! page is in control of this one
star spangled banner- phishy phun

johnny be goode-good send off in the night with trey cutting lose

man this show is red hot.  what is funny is that i remember "joing" the PALM (People for A Louder Mike) around this time.  When I listened to the first set at home and could tweak the bass, Mike was clear and loud.  However in the car stereo, he was totally lost in the mix.  Top notch show.

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #7 on: June 01, 2008, 06:47:47 PM »
12-28-96 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

1: Runaway Jim: great high energy opener.  The band sounds on from the start. sweet version.
NICU- this is an ok version.  Hard to review this song, as it seldom varies, but this is a good one.
Wolfman's Brother- pretty good. Starts ok, the jam needs a little more oomph for me.
It's Ice- it's nice
Billy Breathes- it's nice too.
Ginseng Sullivan- decent version
 Split Open and Melt- the set really takes off here and doesn't look back.  This is a killer split!!
 The Mango Song- great placement on this one.  They take the energy from the split and make this a great version.  Both the jam and outro section are sweet.  I prefer this one in the first set, but I'll take it anywhere.
Frankenstein- perfect choice here for a high energy closer- good stuff.

Makisupa Policeman- nice way to open the set.  one of the few things I actually remember about this show is this being the second set opener. Maze- SICK!  This is a blazing version, with Trey just killing it.  One of the best Maze's I've heard in a while.
 Bouncing Around The Room- standard, and weak placement, but all is forgiven when they start the loop jam.  Cool way to end it.
TMWSIY-> Avenu Malkenu,- OK versions, well played.
 Mike's Song- This is a the shit- pretty good, then after the three-chord progression that usually goes into Simple, they really start to stretch out.  Some really cool places get explored on this Mike's Song, and I really dug it.  Why didn;t I like this show before?
Strange Design-> better than Simple
 Weekapaug Groove- The Dopeness continues- this is a really great version, and the piano solo is off the chains.  Can't beilieve i forgot about that!
 The Star Spangled Banner- the crowd seems to dig it.

E: Johnny B. Goode- ripping version.  Not NYE '95, but a great version.  Trey TEARS into the opening lick.

This was a great pick.  I had a broken leg and watched this show (and all of the NYE 96 run) from the handi-section, which was great for my friends, cause they had a lot of room to dance.  Plus the tickets were easy to get.  I don;t remember much from this show, but I don;t know why.  It is a great show.  I remember more from the next night for some reason (my last Caravan, or the rotation jam maybe?) This night is better IMO...anyway, good pick, A- fo, what show am I going to pick for tomorrow?
You're just lucky I can't quote you in the WAP version of this site.

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #8 on: June 01, 2008, 11:41:34 PM »
Way to mix it up a little Susep!  I really need to broaden my '96 horizons.

Set I:

Runaway Jim - Great choice to open.  They sound tight early.  Trey & Page are locked in when the jam kicks off.    Short but powerful jam featuring pure shredding by Trey

NICU - I've run the full gamut of emotions with this tune, hate it>like it>hate it>now I love it...this one's sorta slower paced but decent

Wolfman's Brother - not one of my favorite songs but such a huge jam vehicle.  This is '96 though so let's see what they do with it.  Page is all over this (Trey too)   short little jam stuck on the end.

It's Ice - YES!  love this.  the middle features Page playing piano over some crazy effects & I love how Fish and everybody kick in at just the right time and they nail the re-entry!

Billy Breathes - nice tune.

Ginseng Sullivan - one of my favorite bluegrass numbers (one I was never able to catch :|)

Split - here we go.  This could be the set highlight right here.  They rock out the main section...Trey playing some short funky chords to start out the jam.  I love Split jams!  it really breaks down ~7 min in, then the glorious journey that is the outro begins...sick Split

Mango - another song I once hated but now love.  they don't always nail it so we'll see how this goes...a little off on the choruses but it's all good.  Sweet outro..

>Frankenstein - way to close the set right out of Mango..perfect version!!!

I don't know if this is one of those sets people say 'lacks cohesion' or is 'just a bunch of random songs', but I loved it.  It had great variety and energy and everything sounded great!

Set II:

Makisupa Policeman - nice..."Stink, Stank, Stunk!" :-D  great stuff from Page in the jam.  a sick little jam tacked on after the last vocal refrain.. Cool version gets bonus points as the set-opener

>Maze - sweet segue.  this one sounds sick right outta the gate...nice solo from Page with Trey laying down it on thick...Trey's section gets freaky, definitely different.  fantastic Maze!

Bouncin - short, sweet.

jam - digital delay loop!  Was this the last time?  awesome little jam fades effortlessly into

>TMWSIY - gotta love this.  beautiful piece of music exhibiting Trey's genius..

>Avenu Malkenu - you know it.  hot shit.  sweet little bass solo by Mike.

>Mike's Song - they forgo TMWSIY and head straight into Mikes.  the jam starts off with some sick guitar from Trey.  holy shit the band locks into a serious freak-out moment.  After the big chords they head into a wonderful melodic jam that's the best thing they've played all night.

>Strange Design - wow, this just emerges suddenly out of that jam, very cool.  nice version

>Weekapaug Groove - more sweet strumming by Trey when this one starts, Page with some fantastic sounds ~6 min in, this is turning out to be a sick-ass Weekapaug.  It keeps getting better!  sweet break-down followed by Page all by himself..for a while!  and that's how it ends.  I can now add this to the list of my fave Weekapaugs.
Trey speaks afterwards about the Flyers & John Leclair.

Star Spangled Banner - awesome.  people need to shut up during.


Johnny B. Goode - nice Tickle-me-Elmo thank you before.  They rock the hell out of this.  I've come around on Phish's rendering of this tune.

Wow.  I really wasn't expecting to love this show this much.  The first set was so well-played with a bunch of songs I like, the Split being the best of them.  But the second set made me totally forget what came before.  The Makisupa>Maze to open was huge, then this sequence: jam>TMWSIY>Avenu>Mike's>Strange Design>Weekapaug killed!  I know '96 is underrated and here's some proof.  Thanks for sharing this one Susep!!  A

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Re: R3/W04: 12-28-1996 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
« Reply #9 on: June 14, 2008, 03:10:07 PM »

Really an interesting time in the band's evolution.


Jim - gotta love the history of the venue, both in sports and music.  Definitely a mecca for Trey on both aspects.  Nice clarity, quiet yet very effective.  Fish impressive as always...Trey adding nice lines, Page comping well beside.  I really love Trey's tone from this period, nice sustain like edge.  This may have been near the beginning of the koa?  Visualizing a sea of lights and waves, interesting variation by Trey.       
Trey ripping it up, howling leads.  Nice finish.

NICU - keeping the energy up, nice color transition from Brown to Green/Tropical.  Nice placement, executed well.  Interesting mix on this recording, certainly more noticeable with this tune. 
A promotion of tanks from band to fans, directly and non-directly.

Wolfman's - hints of funk in Trey's playing, great placement in the sense of semi-inspired playing.  Trey lighting up his solo while accentuating the Wolf theme.  Nice high energy jamming, interesting in that in just a short while, this section would morph into the band's embryonic funk.

Its Ice - Page coming out of the jam Mule style, Trey adding.  Nice wintery themes by Page, trippy loops by Trey back into Ice.

Billy Breathes - great tune, next to FEFY, a fav. slow tune.  Poignant lullaby, Trey writing it next to his sleeping daughter.  Nice release from the hithero selections.

Ginseng - hmm, ok choice, like the variety.  Verses are slightly gay but the chorus is sweet.  Phish experts in delivering variety.

Melt - More hints of funk(see 9July1997).  Interesting jam out of gate.  Scatting by Fish, strong rythymic Trey and Page.  Above average energy.  Trey taking his solo outside, nice leadership. 
Almost Its Ice modulation at times, Trey dominating.  Trey continuing to push his rythym playing creatively, trippy/extended ending, always a good sign.

Mango - nice placement.

Frankenstein - bringing it back to close.  Page always sound sweet, certainly on this version, at times this version sounding like Peaches.  "We'' be back in about 15 minutes, thanks."


Makisupa – heady set break.  Trippy version.  A definite throw in the face towards the local Johnny’s who are working the show.  I remember at Cumberland County Civic in Dec’99, hitting huge bowls and looking directly
at the 5-0’s.  Literally the whole place was lighting up or tripping.  Those guys were more blown away.  Nice spacey segue into…

Maze – active intro, Trey reminding of Hendrix in his attack.  Great Page section with more purposeful intent from Trey in support.  Trey and Fishman cranking, Nice sustain here by Trey, almost Stash like.  Atonal Trey, very slight Buried Alive tease, here is what makes this version good:  near 10:40 Trey begins a solo riff that he played a lot during Fall ’94 as heard specifically in the jam out of My Sweet One from 30Nov. and the next night’s Melt from 1Dec.1994.

Bouncin – yes.

Digital Delay – interesting transition, nice ambient preview here, into…

TMWSIY – a segue into a complete Gamehendge would have been sweet…

Alvenu – interesting choice, festive. 

Mike’s – a definite highlight of the Fall ’96 Tour, many outstanding versions abound.  Trey leading behind reminding of Garcia style.  Solid version into

Simple-esque Jam – many jams like this ruled Fall ’96.

SD – strange design/ lost in a maze theme.

Paug – nice extended jamming, good version.


Johnny B. Goode – time to go.

All around good show, 1st has nice energy with great flow.  Melt particularly a stand-out version.  Set 2 lifted off w/ a great Maze followed by mellowness into an decent Mike’s Groove.  Overall I rate this one a B+/A-