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Anyone going to pick one up tomorrow?

I don't have to go into the office so I'll be hitting my Rogers store some time before 10am when they open, hopefully there won't be any big lines or stupid Rogers problems...

yup, likely going to head on down to the Apple Cube at some point tomorrow afternoon.  i have NO need to be there first thing in the morning, and i figure the line will have worked its way down by then.  i may also just walk into a smaller Apple Store in NJ on Saturday morning and grab one without the hassle of a first day launch! 

there's a small chance i wake up early tomorrow morning and go to the AT&T Store a few blocks away, but:

a) i don't think AT&T employees are as well trained or prepared as Apple employees
b) my guess is that Apple Stores will get more stock, and a place as huge as the Cube will probably have a few thousand of these in stock, if not more, so i can't imagine there will be a shortage of them any time soon.
c) i'd rather have the purchase done at an Apple Store.  they can easily look shit up, it's all on my same Apple account... fewer hassles for the future

good luck with Rogers, they really tried to fuck you guys over with that awful data plan, but at least they've reached some sort of compromise now. 

i'm anxiously awaiting the official OS 2.0 download (didn't grab the leaked link earlier today), which i've read has already been jailbroken and UNLOCKED!!  that was my only hesitation to upgrading my current iPhone, but as long as i can have 1 legit iPhone 3G and 1 unlocked iPhone EDGE for my international travel, i'm in. 


Do you have any idea how much data you use a month?

People wanted unlimited, but I think the data plans were pretty good.  Certainly better than what I've got with my Blackberry right now.

well, i've owned my iPhone for just over 12 months now, and have around 1.7 GB of total data transferred over EDGE (it doesn't track Wifi anyway).  so not a lot.  i have 3 mail account that it checks every 30 minutes, and 2 of them get over 100 messages a day - and of course, all my internet browsing and maps/weather/stocks usage fits into there, of which i'd say the web is 10% of my overall bandwidth if i had to guess, the rest is minimal.


so there ya go - these plans with several hundred MB a month aren't that unrealistic...


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