Author Topic: 100's of Phish/Disco Biscuits/MMW/other audio cds for free! please take em  (Read 1515 times)

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I have boxes full of audio cds burned from sources on db.etree that I now have no use for.  I'm not expecting anything in trade for them, but the shipping charges anywhere would be quite expensive.

Anyone in the Charlotte, NC area wan these?  Or anyone want to cover the shipping costs for me to send these to you? 

I've already given away the shn/flac discs, so these are the next thing to go.

Most are phish shows, then bisco 99-02, then a heaping spoonful of MMW and other bands.  Not sure of the exact amount of discs but probably in the 3-400 range.  here's my out of date list


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k+ for the offer....its funny how hard it can be to give away discs now that most of us have gone completely digital. I've been pretty lucky as most of my friends don't even know what a torrent they have all my old cds   :-D
did you get all your bisco from the archive? If there are any that we found else where and are not on the archive I'd be happy to cover postage for those. Thx

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big thanks to king of prusa for hooking me up with a huge collection of new music!!!!  :-D

Its exciting to think i've got something fresh and new to listen to everyday for the next year or so on my 45 minute commute to and from work!  :clap:

THANKS AGAIN!!!!  :banana:
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