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SHN/FLAC playback on Mac OS X

Started by tross, April 03, 2007, 11:00:22 AM

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The following will introduce a step by step guide on how to convert SHN to any other audio formats with the help of the powerful SHN Converter at

This guide applies to:

Directly convert SHN to FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple lossless ALAC and more lossless audio format
Directly convert SHN to MP3, WMA, AC3, MP2, OGG, AU, RA and etc lossy audio format
Straight convert all kinds of albums, concerts or shows in SHN to any other audio formats
Besides converting SHN, it also applies to convert more recent lossless audio codecs such as FLAC, Monkey's Audio (APE), TTA, and WavPack (WV) to MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, AC3, OGG, FLAC, MP2, RA, AIFF, AU and etc.


Found an awesome app today: Enqueue.  Since iTunes won't play FLAC natively, I needed something else so I went to the App Store.  It's worth every cent of the $9.99 cost.  It's lightweight & simple to use.
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I've been running VOX to play FLACs last few days, it plays to airplay speakers which is nice.

They have an iOS app too but I haven't really bothered.


And if El Capitain broke your SHN playback, this guy re-wrote Cog, included some new features and made it super light and awesome.


Nice. Will have to check this out. I used to use songbird, but that has been discontiuned pretty much.


Vox is great. I use it on the Mac and on my iPhone. I load music directly into Vox via iTunes and no longer need to bother with the iTunes library (which was failing under the volume of data).


I used FLAC Player+ on my iPhone for a few days, then noticed that Vox was free on the App Store, so I grabbed it.

It's better than Flac Player+ , but I would like to be able to sort albums/shows by folder and not meta data...


I use Audirvana at on my macbook pro on my home stereo. It's great. Still using the old interface – version 1.5.1. They integrate it with iTunes, so you can play FLACs through iTunes basically – but I prefer to just drag and drop album folders since my metadata isn't all perfect and I like to keep my 16/44+ separate from my mp3s.


Thought I was going to have to start a thread but this sticky is right at the top.

From macrumors, regarding phone7/appletv4k and later, looks like support is coming for flac playback. Just a small rumor now but hopefully it goes system-wide to iTunes and music.
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OK, some good news - I've been hounding the developer of Phonix, who took over Cog's source code about a year ago, and he FINALLY this week added SHN support!!  FLAC has always worked well, and it's a nice, low-resource player - check it out: 

The auto-update doesn't usually work, so just bookmark that site and check every so often, he's been updating a lot lately. 
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Just noticed you can now use Preview to play FLAC in OSX High Sierra