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Pick 3 and only 3

Started by Itsnotanexperience, April 26, 2005, 08:34:25 AM

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1996>because in the Fall the funk began to reveal itself
1997>comparable to the Dead's '72(their absolute peak).
2003>Amazing Feb. and Summer tours(this is why I was so shocked to hear that they were done because these 2 tours were so amazing).


ouch susep73 - you know we'll get shot for this........but how
can you place '72 over May '1977?    Just curious - '72 was great,
but doesn't do jack for me compared to '77..........but hey - to each
his own:)

VA $l!m

gotta chime in here...(quickly, once)
72.(end of story)i like77 just as much as the next guy,but...72.
if you want the full arguement pm me ...
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


i may do that, but i have one word for both of you:  Q-tron:)

truth be told, i'm not a big enoug head to argue one way of the other,
but i definitely love the may '77s i have, and could care less about the
'72s.........but again, i don't really feel qualified to argue my point....i just
always loved jerry's sound w/ the envelope magic of the Q-tron.........

and jedifunk will kill us if we continue down this path - please PM me though,
i'd love to hear your argument!!!

take care

VA $l!m

give me 5 hrs w/ this jedi character and a few 79 funky brent shows
and if i can't turn him to the good side of the force...well maybe then we're all doomed :wink:
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-



95, 97, 98 and i'd convienently mislable Big Cypress to smuggle it along like a good wook.


are u guys afraid of the dark lord of the sith???  lol ;)

no worries, feel free to discuss in the open.  its really when people try to compare the 2 bands that i have a problem.  (like i said its apples to oranges)
Much Respect
(the other resident mac guy) [macbook air]
"Good Funk, real funk is not played by four white guys from Vermont.. If anything, you could call what we're doing cow funk or something.."
- Trey Anastasio


00 (this includes everything after midnight on NYE :wink:)

If I got sent back for more

Gotta have some post hiatus in there
There are 10 types of people in this world.  Those who understand binary, and those who don't.


BTW comparing 72 Dead to 77 is like trying to size up 95 vs. 97 Phish...apples and oranges people, but Ill take 72 anyday...what can I say I like apples


nope - it's the same fruit..........'95 phish and '97 phish are comparable
b/c they're the same's like saying i can't compare the born
again christian to the axe murderer........they're the same person, therefore,
comparable...........comparing phish to the dead - THAT's apples to oranges.

having said that - i appreciate the true heads' opinions........but '77 dead
does it for me, and '72 does not usually do it for me..........but that's me.