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R6/W07: 02-22-2003 US Bank Arena, Cincinnatti, OH

Started by alcoholandcoffeebeans, February 01, 2009, 04:18:43 PM

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make sure you check your pm's and your mail box this week!!!! :)

February 22, 2003
US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, OH

(FOB) Schoeps mk4v > kcy > vms5u > Apogee AD-1000 -> Tascam DA-P1 (@ 48 kHz)

Tascam DA-20MKII > Tascam HD-P2 > CF card > usb 2.0 > pc > r8brain v1.9 (resample to 44.1 kHz) > WaveLab 5.01b (fades) > CD Wave v1.95.1 > FLAC v1.1.4 (Level 8)

FLAC tags added with metaflac v1.1.4

recorded by Jim Charna
transferred by Jason Sobel (
seeded July 24, 2007

the 48kHz files from the DAT transfer have been archived, and are available upon request.
Big thanks to Dave Flaschner for letting me borrow his DATs!

Disc 1 - [78:13]
Set I
01 - [04:38] - The Sloth
02 - [04:33] - Dogs Stole Things
03 - [12:37] - Piper ->
04 - [08:20] - Weekapaug Groove
05 - [05:00] - Dirt
06 - [09:29] - Scent of a Mule
07 - [20:48] - Walls of the Cave
08 - [07:13] - Mist
09 - [05:35] - Sample In a Jar

Disc 2 - [74:49]
Set II
01 - [01:16] - intro
02 - [11:02] - Tube
03 - [26:43] - Bathtub Gin
04 - [08:23] - Friday
05 - [18:30] - David Bowie
06 - [08:54] - Bug

Disc 3 - [11:53]
Set II continued
01 - [03:34] - encore break
02 - [08:19] - Suzy Greenberg

yes, i went PH.... my second and last show to date..
  i think this one's a little under rated and shadowed because of night one in Cincy....

all i know is i had a blast... ENJOY!

Submitted Reviews

Mr. Minor
honest to the point of recklessness...                     ♫ ♪ ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılı ♪ ♫


I was there as well, and this is my personal favorite between the two.  thanks lady  8-)


Never heard this one before.  Looking forward to it.


Quote from: rowjimmy on November 17, 2005, 10:00:20 AM

I've been racking my brains, running through my record collection in my mind to tell you what records are my secret shame and I've decided i have none. I love everything I own and am proud of it. Music should bring joy, not guilt.


Overlooked show really, as the Tube, Gin and Bowie all rip and the first set is a unique one.


honest to the point of recklessness...                     ♫ ♪ ılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılı ♪ ♫


This show is all about the Gin, and a sick Gin it is indeed.
Quote from: Trey Anastasio
But, I don't think our fans do happily lap it up, I think they go online and talk about how it was a bad show.


Quote from: Hicks on February 02, 2009, 09:12:44 PM
This show is all about the Gin, and a sick Gin it is indeed.

there's some quality jamming this tour, but virtually all the composed stuff is painful to listen to for one reason or another (mostly Trey related)


thanks, got the video yesterday.  Sounds great and fun to see!

sloth nice- as an opener as it shifts through different tones/keys with a bit of a rocking edge.  Plus its a nod to Gamehenge which is slowly fading from memory like a childhood dream
dogs stole things- bluesy rock number
piper- Great to watch trey really get into it, a little dancing here and there.  He is ready before everyone else and goes there and makes the others catch up.  However once there, piper gets nasty- almost a bitches brew style with page  :-o getting into it.  Somehow it morphs into
Weekapaug- which is fast and adds great energy, almost like a tease.  Was this unfinished the night before or just a stand alone (I am reviewing before reading others)?
Dirt- why? sounds good, but major slow down
scent- solid version, funny antics on stage during the duel, but i dont think i would have "heard" them
walls- great.  best of the set, and yet i think walls needs to spend a couple of years on the shelf ala guyute, and maybe that HAS happened.  The early sections are really interesting but the connecting pieces are clunky and not easy to wield so the transitions are strained.  However the happy place near the end is fantastic, and should this one flesh out, I see potential as a Reba-like rollercoaster
mtns in mist-
sample- rocking.

This is a good first set and yet the flow of it is off.  I was not at this show but I remember others from 03-04 where I simply stopped and watched, or even worse, sat and watched.  To me this was mortifing yet the Dogs-Dirt-Mtns combo just kills momentum and what the hell do you do during those songs? Piper>Weekapaug is tasty and Walls ends a lot better than it starts.  low B for the show, but A+++ for ACB for hooking it up


Quote from: pnchundi on February 04, 2009, 10:45:41 AM
Weekapaug- which is fast and adds great energy, almost like a tease.  Was this unfinished the night before or just a stand alone (I am reviewing before reading others)?

Mike's was played the night before.
If I'm not mistaken this is the only Mike's-less Weekapaug since the first one



second set-

tube- wow really funky like opening a mystery dated yogurt
gin- fantastic.  slower paced than normal but this allows for lots of wiggle room.  trey and glowstick stuff is funny and then things get nutz and i am lost and oh wow oh wow.
friday- is what it is
bowie- major bowie, again with a slower pace but nazty
bug- me, leaving show early

suzy- again with a slower take, real bluesy feel, and a good closer

I have to give this show a c+/b-.  The playing is good throughout but the slower songs out weigh and negatively influence my opinion.  Highlights are piper, gin and bowie.  But thank you cause it made me listen

Mr Minor

Alright, post-hiatus Phish, here we go.  Great vid and sound, btw! Thanks mandi!

Set I
The Sloth- seemed slower, but an interesting opener.  Trey fucked up a little here and there but I really liked being able to hear the intricacies of the song because of the slowed down tempo.
Dogs- ok, keeping the tempo kind of slow, and they Stole Things.
Piper- ok, here we go.  I like how it starts out and the jam is pretty mellowish for a Piper.  I like it and I like the way it blends into>>
Week4paug- I like to see Trey laughing and looking back at Fishman like they are really having fun on this segue.  Good version, finishes the Mike's from the night before.
Dirt- slows it down again, but a very nice version. I was thinking this would be my bathroom break song, but I didn't end up leaving.
Scent- fun back and forth between Page and Trey.  Again, like they are really having a good time.  Mike's voice cracking a bit when he brings it back after the jam made me laugh.  Solid version of a song many don't seem to like too much...
Walls- this is the song I was anxious to hear live when they released it on RR.  It has so much potential!!  I like Page at the beginning, and a quick tape flip on the vid too!.  The vocals are iffy, but the rest is pretty solid.  The jam gets a little down and dirty, kind of evilish groovin'.
Mist- I like this song, regardless of all those haters.   :-P  It's a nice song and I like the opening riff.  That's it.
Sample- fun closer.  Good energy.

More to come...

Set II:
Tube- nice and funky, slowish tempo but I like where it gets going around 3:30.  Wow, this one really takes off and it does it's job as an opener!
Gin- great Page funkiness at the beginning, piano sounds great!  A little off on the beginning of the composed jam.  Mike's the only one keeping it together.  At about 8min the jam is dirty and gritty and I really like where this is going.  It sounds like it is getting ready to lift off into a phenomenal rise to a peak.  AND IT DOES!!  What a triumphant rise to glory.  I remember being at the show and thinking this is exactly what I have been missing since they went on hiatus.  And then my face melted.  This Gin is the epitome of what the jams were like PH.  I like how they bring it back down, but keeping the tempo going, just chill it out a bit and bring it back to Gin, playing on them melody for a while.  Highlight of the show!
Friday- i guess they needed something to get their sh*t back together.  Bathroom break anyone??
Bowie- if the Gin wasn't enough, here we go!  Cool Mike and Page playing around during intro high hats, maybe Trey too?  Solid version. They get it going again and bring it with this Bowie.
Bug- I like this song, good feeling to it.  Love the way they bust into the chorus.

Suzy- fun closer.  Good energy to end the slower tempo'd show.

Overall, the show was decent.  It was PH.  Slower tempo, highlights were the Gin and...well that was the highlight.  I would give it a B, but I liked it more than that b/c I was there, which always adds to it.  Good pick though.  Always like the picks when it was a show I was at!!


my 15th show if my math is right.  had a much better time at this one vs. the previous night so that sorta colors my opinion of it..

Set I

The Sloth - first PH performance (same goes for Dogs Stole Things, Dirt, Scent, Tube, and Suzy).  Trey especially looks to be in better shape tonight.  this is a good version marred only by Trey's sound and playing a bit.  still a great way to kick things off.

Dogs Stole Things - and right here is actually my favorite Trey solo for this song.  Page sets him up nicely also.  this version converted my opinion of Dogs Stole Things

Piper - PH bread and butter.  Vocals are pretty rough but it's a got that typical PH quality jam in it which is to say it's really good.  Do I detect a hint of Guy Forget?  so many Pipers possess it.

>Weekapaug Groove - historic!!  Mike's-less Weekapaug's don't happen.  I knew it was coming so it wasn't really a shock, but the dude standing next to me went apeshit when it started so that was cool.  I remember wondering if they just spaced on it the night before  :roll:  ...this is a rocker to be sure.

Dirt - Dirt is my favorite ballad not named FEFY or Silent if you count Silent.  I never don't wanna listen to Dirt.  Trey sounds decent and this one peaks very nicely.

Scent - I was happy to hear this and had fun with it (as did the band) so this is a winner in my book.  I like how Trey has to untangle himself from Mike's chord.  but damn does Trey gets lost when they pick it back up.

Walls - I was so stoked to hear this because I love the album version and had great hopes for this song.  But they sorta deflated me with the main section which I thought sucked.  I couldn't get into the jam either at the time..but having watched the DVD a couple times now it's actually not half bad once they really get going.  I still have yet to hear a Walls that I believe lives up to RR.

Mountains - don't know how necessary this was since Dirt was just played.  no flow at this point.

Sample - I managed to avoid Sample for 14 shows :-D   PH Samples sorta rock actually but this one is rough from the start.  Mike has some serious bass trouble. 

the setlist sorta looks blah I must admit and Trey's playing is spotty.  the Piper>Weekapaug in the middle is quality though.  like I said I was having a great time and that's what matters most I suppose./

I was gonna do the whole thing but I gotta be up early tomorrow so I'll hold off on set II...


This second set is the heat.  Probably the only post hiatus show I regularly played after I heard it a few times.

That Bathtub Gin is sickness squared.