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R6/W09: 10-24-95 Dane County Colseum, Madison, WI

Started by mbw, February 15, 2009, 06:00:53 PM

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my second show and favorite attended (besides the festi's)

to quote myself from the comment section the first time i grabbed this show:
QuoteKick ass! I was at this show and it was amazing. My Friend set the tone for an exceptionally creepy show. The YEM is pure evil...vocal jam include 'lucifer' chants. Antelope smokes, Sleeping Monkey was awe inspiring...and a rare Demand. A most memorable night in Mad Town!


Dane County Colseum
Madison, WI

Source: Neumann KM140 > Beyer MV100 > D7

Seed: DAT > Seagate Archive Python 01931 > dat2wav 1.2 >
Sound Forge 4.5 (to 44.1k @ highest accuracy; anti-alias filter) > CDWav
> shnXP (updated shn2k) by Paul Hofferkamp (

--No DAE--

Show as received was 48kHz for the first set, d1t1 to d2t4 (verified with etree
listed md5s). Set 1 resample: SHN > MKW > 48kHz WAV > Cooledit 2000 (44.1kHz WAV
at 999 setting w pre/post filter) > shntool > MKW > SHN. New files labeled 'fixed'.
Bill Mitchell

Disc I:

-Set I-
01. My Friend, My Friend
02. Paul and Silas
03. Taste
04. Fee ->
05. Llama
06. The Horse ->
07. Silent in the Morning
08. Demand->
09. Maze

Disc II:

01. Wolfman's Brother
02. Acoustic Army
03. Prince Caspian
04. Split Open and Melt
-Set II-
05. Julius
06. Theme From the Bottom
07. Bouncing Around the Room

Disc III:

01. You Enjoy Myself ->
02. Sleeping Monkey
03. Run Like an Antelope
04. Contact
05. Cavern
06. A Day in the Life




i hope everyone enjoys this one as much as i do!

Submitted Reviews

Mr. Minor



Mr Minor

Great pick!  Can't wait to listen to this beauty again.  I used to rock this show when I only had tapes.


I've only heard this once or twice and that was about a year ago, so this should be almost like a first listen.

My Friend: I love this as an opener.  A little trouble in the intro, but nothing too bad.  I love it at ~5:50 when Trey comes back in.  Great energy.

Paul & Silas: Good choice for a bluegrass tune, and a bustout taboot.  Only time played in '95 and not to be seen again till '97.

Taste that Surrounds: First time played, apparently, where Taste and Fog that Surrounds were meshed together.  Anyway, the jam starts out with a bit of a stutter, but gets pretty hot after a while.

Fee: With the bullhorn.  Works good here.  Standard, except for the loop jam that finishes it off.  Quite spacy.  Right into:

Llama: Nice mid-set energy lifter.  Nice, fiery jam.

Horse/Silent: A short breather.

Demand: Another rarity.  Short and well played.  Quickly into:

Maze: I'm a sucker for a good Maze.  This one is solid.

Wolfman's Brah: Strange opening.  Was that botched?  Anyway, I like these early versions.  Short and to the point.

Acoustic Army: Fall 95 ensues.

Prince Caspian: Short and to the point.

Split Open and Melt: Organized chaos.  This is a great jam where everyone's doing their own thing, playing in their own time signature, downbeat, and with their own melody.  The result is very dissonant and full of tension.  Granted this is the case with most SOaM's, but this one exemplifies it more so.  Great jam and a great way to finish off the set.

Solid first set packed with 13 songs.  The only real extended jamming comes during Maze and Split Open, but even those are barely 10 minutes.  Jam packed with song selection and had nice flow, I thought.

Julius: Love this one as a set opener.  This version is totally smokin'.  Complete with Fishman hootin and hollerin.  Great Julius and great way to kick off the second.

Theme: Trey does a good job with the run.  The jam goes on for a couple minutes pretty subtly(is that a word?) and eventually climaxes without getting too crazy.  Pretty standard.

Bouncing: Silent and Bouncing in the same show, huh?  At least they're different sets.

YEM: The goods.  Decent composed section.  The jam section starts with Mike doing lots of downward slides (via a pedal), then with Trey singing the notes he's playing through some sort of octaver effect.  Much like a Mule Duel.  Then gets going with a more driving jam.  ~17:30 a spacy, underwatery effect comes in and Trey goes to the mini-kit.  Then it's all Page for a while.  Great stuff.  Then onto a B&D segment that's pretty much all bass, with Fishman just staying in time.  The vocal jam starts catching Fishman by surprise.  Complete with diabolical laughter, which then strangely melds into:

Sleeping Monkey: Certainly notable for how it opens, but other than that, pretty standard.

Antelope: A little early for a set closer.  Creating some nice tension.  Dark and driving.  WOW!!  This one's a nail biter!  Was getting really good, real tense, then backed off a bit and started again.  Then Fishman speeds it up a bit.  I can picture the light show in my head.  Sounds like they're going into the Rye, Rye, Rocco section, but they leave it behind and start ragin' again.  Fiery!  Holy shit, Fishman's possessed!  Drum solo, anyone?  I'm exhausted after that.  Definite show highlight.

Contact: Great funk/jam section with Mike and Page hittin' it nicely.

Cavern: To close it out.

ADitL: No frills encore.  In pretty heavy rotation at this point in time.

Great show.  It had pretty much everything.  I'll say A-.  Great to hear it again.  Nice pick.

G. Augusto

My Friend - Always a nice way to get it going.

Silas - Pretty neat kickdown.

Fog - Really, a very focused jam. I liked it despite not being a Taste/Fog fan.

Fee - Nice space out of it...

Llama - Page DESTROYS his intro solo! Very riptastic version (which is how the entire show is)

Horse/Silent/Demand - All nicely placed.

Maze - Again, severe rippage ensues. They're on a mission tonight....

Wolfman's - Love the older version. A heavy, driving sound.

Army - Yeah, it's '95...

Caspian - Prefer the older ones, but it is what it is.

Split - All the "big" songs this night are just HI energy. SER hecticity! NEW WORDS ABOUND! 13 songs will do that to you.

Julius - Fish is all over the china for this (and pretty much is the star of the jam.) A SUPER version!

Theme - Jam rocks out toward the end in unusual fashion (not quite 11-27-1996, but different, none-the-less.)

Bouncing - Sets up for the...

YEM - The "other" highlight. I like how Trey keeps throwing on his loop during the WUDMTF parts. The jam starts with Trey mimicking his lines with an odd octave to his guitar. The jam them proceeds to gets Meaty & Rocking. Trey shows off his mini-kit for those wondering what it sounded like. There is a very brief Ha Ha Ha "tease" during the vocal jam. Segues into >>>

Monkey - Fish trying to harmonize...YoUcH! Fish just singing...yOuCh!

Antelope - Arguably, THE best version ever played by the band. I rank it just below 12-29-1997, but it is much different. This one encapsulates ALL of the energy from throughout the night and just builds and builds and builds...Münster version!

Contact/Cavern/ADITL - All played well to cap off the night.

A fantastic show that deserves a SOLID A.


mfmf- love it as an opener, really sets the tone for this fall show

paul & silas - fun tune, played well, had no idea what the f it was at the time though

fog/taste - wish they stayed with this arrangement, love hearing fish belt out the whole verse, nice high energy peaking jam

fee - ahh the days of the megaphone, fish is really hitting the drums hard, as he does the whole show, page sprinkling in a lot of great extra notes, great mind f'ing outro into...

llama - this one flys off the handle from the get go.  page and trey shred their respective solos.  this one belongs in the llama hall of fame

horse/silent - played well

demand - nice.  fish gets to show off a little and thats a good thing

maze - first lick of treys first solo at 2:41 is extra nice.  page tears up his solo proceeded by some yelping from fish.  trey kills the rest of the song which is 100% pure energy

wolfmans - nice and straight forward rock. rocked

army - fun live, on tape ok.

soam - this one jams hard, heavy and in yo face

julius - great, high energy, swinging opener here!  nice unforced peaks.  exhausted just listening to it.

theme - super tight and climactic

bouncin - played well. dont hate its inclusion.  in fact, i dont hate it at all

yem - ominous evil undertone pre-nirvana, sets the tone. bmgs is good. the tramps is where this one gets sick.  some great rising and falling.    treys vocal accompaniment of himself at 12:06 is the balm, the band is sooo hooked up at this point its scary, knowing where trey is going every step of the way.  the note at 14:40 to start the meat of this jam is great.  some of the heaviest, darkest phish around.  trey is throwing in some crazy effects, and the whole room starts to vibrate.  page creeping in at 18:02 is intense.  mike comes in with some deep underwater sounds while trey actually adds to the jam on the minikit.  it ends with what i best describe as the sound of a plane landing.  the vocal jam is extra creepy, and they kill the vocal segue into....

monkey - the boomers were really kicking in at this point, seeing fish triumphantly stand up and sing this shit blew me away

lope - doesnt.stop.raging.ever

contact - mike owns this one

cavern - thank god

aditl - second show, second aditl encore, no complaints

as stated, this was my second show, first lot scene, and it crushed my head...
this night is one of my first stops once i get this time machine working
i give it an A+


Set I:

MFMF - great opener, standard awesomeness

Silas - and then there was page.  Trey hits his solo nicely

Fog - fun hearing the pre Taste fog intro, having said that it seems Trey doesn't quite know what to do with the solo yet.   Strong finish but fallsa little flat 

Fee - fun and >

Llama - picks the energy up, fish is all over this one and treys tone very representative of the era
Horse/silent - I was looking for something else here but a breather nonetheless

Demand - rarity but shelved for a reason >

maze - solid, everyone on fire

Wolfmans - nice and funky, can finally hear Mike, page having fun texturing with the clav.   Still young in the rotation this version has a nice pop to it, starts getting dirty then ends all too soon

Acoustic Army - purdy

Caspian -  Short and quickly followed by

Split - concise but goes where other splits have gone before

Set II:

Julius - Rawk

Theme - Trey hits the ascending riff and clearly having fun with the solo from the start.  Page layers nicely on top, easily show highlight thus far for me, locked in and hopefully fastening seatbelt for remainder of show

Bouncin - break

YEM - great and strange version I'm pretty familiar with.   The droning tone makes it unique.    early vocal jam and funk'd mid section add to the weirdness.
Jam picks up again around 15 min followed by edgy power chord riffs following the YEM theme, page breakdown and darkness to follow. vocal jam>

Monkey - nice intro from YEM, dig the placement

Antelope - dark and psychedelic, more insanity. Wow this lope is nuts, more like this please.  really good stuff, could end the set

Contact - feels like a bonus, tight funk breakdown so what more do you want

Cavern - another bonus

E: ADITL - sure

We are all and we are all we are
Far flung bits of Sun and bits of Stars
From the  ocean from the land from the
beginning to end
Backwards forwards back toward
we belong



Fucking great show. My 2nd favorite Antelope.

First brought to my attention by the ADD thread, btw. Thanks Aug!
I'd rather dwell in some dark holler where the sun refuses to shine, where the wild birds of heaven can't hear me when I whine.


i've heard a lot about this show, but never heard it...and after reading reviews, i need to hear this YEM.  that rip through the midwest in october of 95 is one of the best.  can anyone reup this one?


We are all and we are all we are
Far flung bits of Sun and bits of Stars
From the  ocean from the land from the
beginning to end
Backwards forwards back toward
we belong