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today, i hate:

Started by VA $l!m, May 16, 2005, 06:56:13 PM

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VA $l!m

--the fact that i haven't seen my girl in 6 mon. as of today.
-I'm still walkin', so i'm sure that I can dance-


the fact that my fiance's bank account has "mysteriously" slipped WAY into the negative, and when I find out today about it--HE LIES TO ME--then calls back apologizes and says he didn't want to make me mad????!!!!! :? :? :x

what it comes down to is I HATE MONEY.



Quote from: gimmetela on May 22, 2006, 02:56:54 PM
the fact that my fiance's bank account has "mysteriously" slipped WAY into the negative, and when I find out today about it--HE LIES TO ME--then calls back apologizes and says he didn't want to make me mad????!!!!! :? :? :x

what it comes down to is I HATE MONEY.

wanna talk about it?



jesus.  don't get me started. 
i'm not a scary person.  i am a woman that tells it straight up, no bullshit.  so maybe that makes me scary, but FUCK, he needs to lemme know if he's in financial straits, I can help.  I asked at least 10 times, do you need extra money for your account, can I help, blahblahblahblah.  All I get is this defensive dickhead attitude of "I'll fix it myself." 

i'm just pissed.  and get this, he tells ME I've ruined his whole day.  So I guess that means not only am I super scary and intimidating, but I have the raw power to ruin an entire 24 hour time span of his life.  I wish the superpower cape I ordered from would get here already.  Then I can destroy everyone's day. :evil:


My fiancé handles all that stuff now. I suck at money, and freely admit it. Closed my old account and got one that she baby sits (basically, my "allowance" goes into it, that's it). So now, I'd have to really F somthing up for us to have bank/money issues.

It doesn't make it right, but I can identify with the "I'll fix it myself" attitude, i have a little myself. Everything is fixed to my satisfaction now, and she's got the handle on the rest. I didn't fix it all, just enough where I felt like i did do something.


we had it worked out that way, but then he got all squirrely when one of his boys called him out for it, and now we're back to this shit?

it's dumb, and i shouldn't really be complaining to people i have never even "formally" met...thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


oh man, that's crap.
should never change something you decided with your life's partner cuz what some lame ass friends had to say.

(I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a Dr. Phil thing, I hate that guy).


no dr. phil--i can't stand him either--i have a theory that his texas accent is fake.
and you're someone should just tell scottie that.  I think he wiggs out knowing that 1.  he's turning 30 very soon 2.  he's not going able to party like he used to.  3.  he's got a serious relationship with a pretty kick ass lady (i don't mean to toot my own horn...)

i can't blame him really, I wig out too sometimes.  I guess all I can do is be there for him, so when his boys give him shit, he knows where the real love is.  Now we just have to get this money thing dealt with...

thanks for letting me rant.


No prob, rant away.
He'll grow up, some day.

As for Dr. Phil, what cracker jack school did he get his degree anyway?


I think he just read all of the books in Oprah book club and submitted a 2,763 page thesis, not only summarizing the books, but also showing how the self-help info contained within those books have helped millions of "lost" Americans...then received an honorary psychology degree from Kmart, as a bluelight special.

I bet he cheats on his wife.


You can bet he does.
He's too Holier Than Thou not to.

Oprah has smited us ALL.


i hope Dr Phil gets caught in the act with a 10 yr old Taiwanese hooker (boy or girl), that's about the only career move of his i would approve.  other than suicide. 
"We want you to be happy"


Trouble with suicide, he can only do it the ONE time.
gotta be like 5 or 6 just to break even.


I hate:

waiting in line for over an hour at city hall, only to have some $4.50 an hour clerk tell me i'm missing one piece of paper and have to come back later because she's heading out to lunch.

catching a good movie on cable, five minutes after it has started and not getting the jokes or plot that refer back to something that happened at the very beginning.

m. night. shyamalanalamadingdong

oh, and i give you some props for standing up to your fiance about the $$, tela, because if you don't get this money sh*t straightened out now it's never gonna get any better. the only thing a woman can change about a man is his wardrobe, and that takes years. and a large garbage can.
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